COINXES… A Blockchain Based Peer To Peer Cryptocurrency Trading And Exchange Platform

Dear Readers…. today’s article is going to be interesting, entertaining and knowledge driven and without iota of doubt, i believe that after this article, you will key into this great project called COINXES.

About Coinxes

Coinxes is a Crypto Currency Peer to Peer Platform that links Buyers with Digital Currency Sellers, the sellers set their own price and types of payments they will accept, while we provide escrow service. Trade can be done from any country and can be done locally and internationally.

How does Coinxes P2P Exchange work?

Coinxes P2P exchange link Buyers with Digital Currency Sellers. The sellers set their own price and what types of payments they will accept. Many accept PayPal, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards or cash. Coinxes P2P Exchange matches people interested in trading cryptocurrency.

Create your Own Trade

Create your own trade directly with another person based on the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell, your country or region and payment method.

Secure transactions

With our decentralized cryptocurrency P2P secure transactions, all payment is verified before being released from escrow. We do not store cryptocurrency. As a result, there is no fear of hacking, resulting in a safe environment for your digital assets.

Trading Management

Buyers and sellers agree on terms of trade by setting their own price, the volume of trade and the types of payments they want to accept. Cryptocurrency is kept in escrow accounts and released when payment is verified. At Coinxes P2P Exchange, we do not charge withdrawals fees.

Features of Coinxes P2P Exchange

Buy and Sell Digital Currency

Our P2P exchange site offers high resistance to transaction censorship and is private, secure and cheap to use. We provide the fastest and easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency locally, with a reputation-based system and arbitration.

Secure transaction

Decentralized cryptocurrency P2P site, with secure transactions as all payment are verified before being released from escrow. We do not store cryptocurrency. As a result, there is no fear of hacking.

Create your Own Trade

Create your own trade based on the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell, your country or region and payment method.

Multi Currency

Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo and Litecoin on this platform.

Instant Payment

Want your money quick? Coinxes P2P Exchange makes the payment process automated, now you don’t have to wait for days to receive your Crypto Currency or Money from your buyer. Make the transaction through Coinxes and it will be completed in minutes.


As you are using P2P, only limited information will need to be passed through our site so that your money can be transferred securely.


Because you are connecting to another person via P2P on our site, your transactions are made in a private and secure way that gives you peace of mind.

Ease of Use

Can use Cash or any payment method the seller / buyer is willing to accept Online transactions are fast and safe as cypto currency are protected in escrow accounts You receive your currency instantly -upon receipt of payment.


P2P transactions mean you are connecting directly with other digital currency or cash owners to share digital content. There is no central server, just distributed “nodes” sharing information and files. If one server goes down then your transaction is secure as it does not reside on one server, rather distributed over the network.

How to get Started

Follow these three steps to easily setup an account, then start trading with others.


The Coinxes platform will conduct an ICO during the Q1 of 2019. During this token generation exercise, the platform shall produce a total of 180,000,000 CXG. Of these, Coinxes shall reserve 19% (34,200,000 tokens) with the remaining distributed to the public during a presale, private sale session and three phases of the public sale.

Token Distribution The Coinxes ICO will set aside 10% of the tokens, which it shall divide amongst its core founders (6%) and advisors (4%). Marketing campaigns shall consume another 6% (10,800,000 tokens). These tokens shall be spent on the airdrop and bounty campaigns. The table below presents a diagrammatic breakdown of the token distribution. During the Pre-sale, Coinxes sets to distribute 18,900,000 tokens, which is 13.6% of the total tokens available. The private sale will make available 15,570,000 tokens. Which is 8.65% of the available tokens.

The public sale where Coinxes plans to distribute 42.75% of the total tokens, shall be in three phases. During the first two phases, the platform shall offer various bonuses and discounts targeting early bird buyers. The tokens sold during the pre-sale and private sale sessions shall also be discounted. The table below is a representation of the token distribution during the public sale.


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