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The quantity of cryptographic forms of money and trade stages are expanding every year. Right now, there are 190 trades, contrasted with 70 trades three years prior, on 15 March, 2015. Request to purchase and sell is likewise developing as the quantity of digital forms of money and exchanging stages increment.

There are as of now 1,568 distinctive cryptographic forms of money accessible, as at 21 March, 2018. This separates to 654 tokens and 914 coins. Everything began with bitcoin, which was first discharged on January 9, 2009, and different renditions propelled in the next years. The primary tests in altcoins began occurring in 2011 with Namecoin, iXcoin, SolidCoin and others being created and discharged. Litecoin pursued not long after around the same time.”


Coinxes flaunts more highlights that connect the holes experienced by clients enrolled in different trades. For example, Coinxes is completely decentralized, enabling clients to purchase and offer digital forms of money shared (P2P) in an increasingly secure condition.

Coinxes stage is an advanced trade that enables clients to purchase and sell digital currencies from anyplace on the planet. In contrast to your normal trade, it flaunts more highlights that connect the holes experienced by clients enrolled in different trades. For example, Coinxes is completely decentralized, enabling clients to purchase and offer cryptographic forms of money distributed (P2P) in an increasingly secure condition. It isn’t powerless to hackings and inevitable loss of assets since customer reserves are not hung on the stage.

Basically, Coinxes interfaces purchasers to digital money venders through its escrow. The stage enables dealers to set a cost and select a favored installment technique. Additionally, the stage’s escrow administration gives much greater security to clients. The escrow framework applies to each exchange serving clients that resolve to purchase crypto from enrolled merchants. It keeps the purchaser’s assets, discharging them simply after the purchaser has gotten coins in the digital currency address the person gives.


The vision of Coinxes is to make a stage where crypto merchants can purchase and sell cryptographic forms of money with no limitation dependent on area, language, method of installment and not being charged on different occasions for stores, exchanging and withdrawals.

To help ICO distributers to accomplish their hard-top and to contact a more extensive group of onlookers.

For ICO financial specialists to have the capacity to contribute on any venture they need without confinements because of area, method of installment and language.

To permit blockchain tasks to have the capacity to list their tokens or coins in a trade where their tokens or coins can be traded into fiat legitimately or some other digital money.

The Features of Coinxes P2P Exchange

Purchase and Sell Digital Currency

The P2P trade site offers high protection from exchange oversight and is private, secure and shoddy to utilize. Coinxes gives the quickest and simplest approach to purchase and sell cryptographic money locally, with a notoriety based framework and assertion.

Secure exchange

Decentralized cryptographic money P2P site, with secure exchanges as all installment are confirmed before being discharged from escrow. Coinxes does not store digital money. Thus, there is no dread of hacking.

Make your Own Trade

Make your own exchange dependent on the measure of cryptographic money you need to purchase or sell, your nation or district and installment strategy.

Multi Currency

Exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo and Litecoin on this stage.

Moment Payment

Need your cash speedy? Coinxes P2P Exchange makes the installment procedure robotized, presently you don’t need to trust that days will get your Crypto Currency or Money from your purchaser. Make the exchange through Coinxes and it will be finished in minutes.


As you are utilizing P2P, just restricted data should be gone through our site with the goal that your cash can be exchanged safely.


Since you are associating with someone else by means of P2P on the Coinxes site, your exchanges are made in a private and secure way that gives you genuine feelings of serenity.


Can utilize Cash or any installment strategy the dealer/purchaser is eager to acknowledge Online exchanges are quick and sheltered as cypto money are ensured retained records You get your cash in a flash endless supply of installment.


P2P exchanges mean you are associating legitimately with other advanced money or money proprietors to share computerized content. There is no focal server, simply circulated “hubs” sharing data and records. In the event that one server goes down, at that point your exchange is secure as it doesn’t live on one server, fairly dispersed over the system.

How does Coinxes P2P Exchange work?

Coinxes P2P trade interface Buyers with Digital Currency Sellers. The venders set their own cost and what kinds of installments they will acknowledge. Many acknowledge PayPal, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards or money. Coinxes P2P Exchange matches individuals keen on exchanging digital currency.

Make your Own Trade

Make your own exchange straightforwardly with someone else dependent on the measure of digital currency you need to purchase or sell, your nation or locale and installment strategy.

Secure exchanges

With the decentralized cryptographic money P2P secure exchanges, all installment is confirmed before being discharged from escrow. They don’t store digital currency. Thus, there is no dread of hacking, bringing about a protected situation for your advanced resources.

Exchange  Management

Purchasers and dealers concur on terms of exchange by setting their own value, the volume of exchange and the kinds of installments they need to acknowledge. Cryptographic money is kept bonded accounts and discharged when installment is checked. At Coinxes P2P Exchange, they don’t charge withdrawals expenses.

About The Coinxes ICO

The Coinxes platform will perform ICO during Q1 2019. During the practice of making these tokens, the platform will produce a total of 180,000,000 CXG. Coinxes will order 19% (34,200,000 tokens) with the remainder approved to the public during pre-sales, private sales sessions and three phases of public sales.

Token Name: Coinxes Gold

Token Symbol: CXG

Platform: ETH

Type: ERC20

Total Offer: 180,000,000 million

Token Price: $ 0.20

Amount to be sold: 100,000,000 million

Pre-sale – 24,480,000

13.6% Tokens

Value – $4,320,000

Private Sale – 15,570,000

8.65% Tokens

Value – $2,160,000

Public Sale – 76,950,000

42.75% Tokens

Value – $15,120,000

Token Distribution

ICO Coinxes Token Distribution will set aside 10% of tokens, which must be shared among core founders (6%) and advisors (4%). The marketing campaign will consume another 6% (10.800,000 tokens). These tokens will be spent on aviation and prize campaigns. The table below presents detailed diagrams of the token distribution. During Pre-sale, Coinxes determined to distribute 18,900,000 tokens, which is 13.6% of the total available tokens. Private sales will provide 15,570,000 tokens. That is 8.65% of available tokens.

Coinxes Utility Token

Referral Payment

Users will receive referral tokens when they introduce new users to any of the coinxes platform or signup for coinxes services.

Community Development

In a way of giving back to the community, Coinxes will from time to time award tokens to selected communities for usage of services like Exchange, Property sites, Project review sites etc.

ICO investors will be able to use Coinxes Gold (CXG) to buy any ICO listed On

ICO investors will be able to use CXG to buy any ICO listed on

Coinxes Gold (CXG) can be exchanged for Fiat Currency within 30 days after the ICO and will be on the Exchange.

Global Payment

Coinxes Gold (CXG) will be a global payment for any crypto trading on the Coinxes platform, this means that you can use your coinxes Gold to trade against any coin listed on the coinxes Exchange.

Coinxes Gold (CXG) Holders can use it to invest in Real Estate on

Pay for ICO listing services on COINXES is developing a site that provides balanced reviews of active and future ICOs



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