Bridging the Physical and Virtual World

When an intellectual property is sold, the original maker usually loses. Consumers still need to verify the collections they buy using traditional methods. Now here Colletrix uses blockchain technology to protect the creators of intellectual property (IP) and verify the authenticity of collections of merchandise.

Colletrix gives artists the ability to convert their IPs into digital assets, enabling them to better protect their IPs whenever a token is traded. Consumers can verify the authenticity of their collections through token information stored on the blockchain.

Colletrix is ​​supported by talented teams from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena, and Bitwork Accelerator. UNDONE will bring its trade expertise to show the benefits of blockchain technology for merchandise, Animoca Brands will introduce a broad network of IP owners and blockchain and gamification technologies, while Future Arena will use a strong IP sport and entertainment portfolio – all to create IP ecosystem creation, dynamic trading and physical trading using blockchain technology.

How does it work
CIPX Tokenomics
Colletrix will release its own ecosystem token, ERC-20, Colletrix Token (“CIPX”). Usage includes:
  • Crypto-exclusive buys special edition items
  • Market
  • Priority for NFT purchases
  • Payment platform
Colletrix uses the ERC-721 protocol for non-functioning tokens (NFT). Each NFT represents a unique IP. The ERC-721 Token can be seen on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the largest public networks in the world.
chain block
Blockchain is a low-cost cryptographic solution, high security, decentralization, and lack of trust. With NFT information and unchanging and transparent transmission records on the blockchain, everyone can freely monitor the data and ensure that they don’t suffer.
Smart Ethereum Contract
Ethereum Blockchain includes smart contracts that can store important information about digital assets, and allow automatic fulfillment based on conditions if it is coded in the contract. With a smart contract, we can set a limit on how many times the NFT IP can be converted into a product, and also ensure that the owner of the original IP address receives the license fee from each NFT transaction.


imagine a world where new economies and old economies will be integrated to create new economic models that maximize benefits for all
participants Starting with IP and the creative industry, we envision an industrial Revolution where IP owners will be able to maintain their license prizes entitled to receive blockchain technology applications .


Through the Platform, Colletrix strives to create new market value by integrating IP toensization. With the introduction of NFT, we will combine the old economy and the new economy. Therefore, we will do so to expand the possibility for all IP owners and makers around the world to make long-term licenses for their IP6; and for traders, we will offer new market value to their physical commodities through the blockchain application, maximizing the attractiveness and benefits of their products.
NFT inclusion will create a dynamic interest in collectors while giving them easy access to the crypto market, and leading to new business opportunities such as the creation of franchises. Colletrix will be one of the first to inspire mass transformation and world economic integration

 Info Token 
Colletrix will issue its own ecosystem token, Colletrix Token (CIPX). CIPX is a cryptocurrency that is supported by the Ethereum network with the ERC-20 standard. Therefore, all records related to CIPX can be seen using the Ethereum browser.
Token Name: Colletrix
Symbol: CIPX
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC721
May 2019
1. Initial exchange offer
2. Team recruitment
June 2019 Beta platform and merchandise launch (UNDONE watches related to NFT, IP tokensization)
Q3 2019
1. First Development of IP x NFT Marketplace Merchandise
2. More UNDONE merchandise plus the NFT collection
Q4 2019 – Q1
1. Gamification element to provide incentives for the NFT collection
2. Open the platform for making pure IP (decoupling merchandise
from creating IP, leading to more IPs that are made and tokenized)
Q2 2020
1. Apply IP merchandising to other products – users must
spend CIPX to make NFT with their merchandise

Colletrix Team


Based on data and facts, Colletrix is ​​very good for review and investment. At present it is based on reality, many projects are not good, and make everyone ask lots of questions about their beliefs and truths, so if you want to invest in this project, you should read all about the articles that I do, so you can learn more continue about this Colletrix project from them.

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