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Peace be with my brother all. This time I will provide information about a project that is very interesting for you to know in a new cryptocurrency called Colletrix. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

When an intellectual property is sold, the original maker usually loses. Consumers still need to verify the collections they buy using traditional methods. Now here Colletrix uses blockchain technology to protect the creators of intellectual property (IP) and verify the authenticity of collections of merchandise.
Colletrix  gives artists the ability to convert their IPs into digital assets, enabling them to better protect their IPs whenever a token is traded. Consumers can verify the authenticity of their collections through token information stored on the blockchain.

Colletrix gives artists the ability to convert their IP addresses into digital assets, which enables them to better protect their IP addresses every time a token is sold. Consumers can verify the authenticity of their collections using token information stored on the blockchain.

Colletrix is ​​supported by talented teams from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena, and Bitwork Accelerator. UNDONE will share its trading experience to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology for products, Animoca Brands will introduce a broad network of IP owners, as well as blockchain technology and gamification, while Future Arena will use a strong portfolio of sports and entertainment services in the IP field – all to create IP ecosystems, commerce dynamic and physical trading using blockchain technology.


When intellectual property is sold in a free market, the original creator usually loses both legally and economically. Buyers and collectors must always verify the authenticity and history of the goods or intellectual property they buy before making a purchase. Unfortunately, the practice of law knows many negative examples when buyers fail to get complete information about the rights obtained. Following are the main problems faced by participants in the market for trade in intellectual property and property rights:

1 Lack of an effective verification method. Traditional methods do not provide a complete guarantee of authenticity, therefore, many market participants pay attention to new digital technologies and try to develop a system of verification of their own rights.

2 Reducing the value of intellectual property rights and reducing the income of the owner. Modern business models cause gradual decline in value and a decrease in income. The legal object is depreciated due to forgery and other serious vulnerabilities.

3 Counterfeit and counterfeit goods. Luxury items or limited editions are often marketed with high collection value. Nonetheless, many dishonest intermediaries negatively affect their value, because the costs fall quickly.


Colletrix allows intellectual property writers and collectors to turn their properties into digital assets, which enables them to improve their rights to have distributed distribution in blockchain, the reliability that everyone knows. In this way, ownership is protected safely and the owner can always prove ownership. Buyers can check information about assets obtained on the open public registry blockchain and get all the information and history about items purchased. It should be noted all categories of users who can use the Colletrix ecosystem and receive benefits and advantages:

1 For intellectual property owners. They receive a prize in the form of a fixed percentage of the price of the NFT trade made by the owner. Trading prices are generated as a result of trading on the NFT special stock exchange

2 for sellers. They can sell their unique assets through licensed ownership, registered in the NFT token. Each NFT token can be used several times and cannot be copied or faked.

3 For collectors. Because NFT tokens and physical goods will be limited in number, limited supply will cause high competitive demand in the market.

4 For CIPX token owners. Owners of these virtual currencies can freely participate in the intellectual property market economy. The more users involved in the ecosystem, the more items and NFT tokens will be generated through the platform, attracting all new users.

Colletrix developers have begun to take advantage of current technological advancements. The Blockchain-registry is a reliable solution for recording all operations on the platform. He also protects the content rights of intellectual writers, owners of rare items and collectibles and unique luxury items. Every user is always free to check the information needed in an open and transparent network.

Benefits and features

If we talk about the other side of the project, it is also rich in other compounds, because groups like collectors, traders, IP owners, crypto fans and many other network users can unite in one space. For all of them, the Colletrix system   has prepared a number of attractive functions and advantages, with which they can not only receive decent original items, but also other gifts for their positive actions. As such,  Colletrix  will form a truly new, mutually beneficial business model that will expand the possibilities of traditional, outdated economic systems.


In addition, the Colletrix ecosystem  will  greatly expand the values ​​and possible benefits for all IP owners, and provide them with additional features that allow them to keep license fees in their hands. For merchandisers, chances are  Colletrix  will open access to all types of goods and other digital assets, so they will be able to fully let go of all their talents and skills in managing goods. As for collectors, they will find truly unique tools where they can expand the range of their products for every taste and color.


Consider the second internal token of the CIPX system   , which was developed based on the ERC-20 standard. It is safe to say that his role is also very important, because he is the one who has the special honor of acting as a means of buying and selling for all domestic goods available under  Colletrix  . And also to participate in transactions for NFT purchases   . It is important to note that the number of CIPX tokens   will be limited, a total of 10 billion coins will be issued. Of these, only 700 million will be available for public sales. The initial cost of  1CIPX  is $ 0.01 US.

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