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Colletrix uses Blockchain technology and smart contracts to create new market value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Blockchain innovation with low cost, high security, decentralization, increase confidence among the customers. The NFT information and transfer records are immutable and transparent in the Blockchain, where anyone can easily track the data and be sure that they will not be changed.

Ethereum Blockchain includes smart contracts that store important data about a digital asset and also perform automatic execution based on the conditions laid down in the contract itself. Through the use of smart contracts, we will be able to set limits on the number of times an IP NFT can be turned into a commodity, and give a guarantee that the owner of the original IP address will receive licensing fees from each transaction.

Nfts are tokens with unique attributes, so each NFT is different and not interchangeable. Colletrix uses the ERC-721 Protocol for its NFT, the most common standard for NFT based on the Ethereum Blockchain.
NFT ERC-721 are digital assets representing intellectual property (IP) projects of brands and individuals that are to be paired with goods as well as sold as digital collectibles on the platform. Colletrix service tokens (CIPX), which will be offered through the IEO and can be used for purchases of goods, NFT trading and other payments on the platform.


How can I trade Colletrix NFT?
In the second half of 2019, a marketplace will be offered to meet the needs of NFT buyers and sellers. Nfts can be sold using Colletrix tokens (CIPX). NFT can be sold as digital collectibles to unlock more benefits in the future, or used to create more branded merchandise.

As a service token of Colletrix, CIPX will be mainly used for goods purchases, NFT trading, including trading and licensing fees. As the variety of NFT models and collectibles will be increased in the future, the CIPX can also be used to pay for priority NFT purchases (for popular nfts), as well as for pay-per-play gamification elements.
Initially, undone watches will be offered in combination with a special corporate design from partners on ahhh! And in the future, the company will present additional types of collectible goods from the world of fashion, sports, entertainment and games through partnerships with a large number of owners and sellers. The product can be bought for CIPX or for major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Purchases made with CIPX may have discounts compared to other digital currencies.

The company has partnered with Animoca Brands and Future Arena to potentially offer all of their branded IP addresses as Colletrix and NFT products for sale. Animoca has license agreements with IP owners such as Ultraman, Formula 1, Garfield, Snoopy and Doraemon. The portfolio of future Arena sports affiliate programs includes UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga, Manchester city, Milan, real Madrid, Filippo Inzaghi, Claudio Marchisio and others.
Road map

May 2019

  1. Initial exchange offer
  2. Team selection
    June 2019 Launch of beta platform and products (UNDONE watch related to NFT, IP tokenization)

3rd quarter 2019

  1. The first development of products IPx NET Marketplace
  2. More UNDONE of goods plus the collection of NFT

Q4 2019 – Q1
Two thousand twenty

  1. The element of gamification to encourage collection of NFT
  2. Open the platform to create a clean IP (goods interchange)
    from creating an IP that will lead to more created and tokenized IP)

2nd quarter 2020

  1. Apply IP-merchandising with other products – users have to
    spend CIPX to make NFT with your goods

The project team is quite strong, as are their partners. The fact that the CEO of Bitsdaq is present in the advizers, the exchange has recently opened, but has great support, so they are holding the IEO of their token in the near future, who knows. perhaps Colletrix will appear there on the IEO, but this is only my personal assumptions.


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