Components of the Entry project business model

The protracted crises in the world economy led to the fact that a number of active supporters of changes decided to combine within the framework of one project the methods used in classical capitalism and when working with crypto-currencies. 
This is how the Entry organization emerged, where it is possible to conduct profitable operations with minimal costs, and to increase the overall speed of passable processes. 
The main components of the project 
The project is based on several components at once, which allow achieving the final result. Among them:

  1. Entry.Money. Specialized crypto currency, which is intended for acquiring. Also used here is blocking technology, which allows you to store information. 
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    Thanks to this, users from all over the world can offer services and products in their own crypto currency and do not depend on fluctuations in the exchange rate. The speed and absence of unnecessary commissions are the absolute advantages of this platform.
  2. Entry. Exchange. Here it is possible to conduct a profitable exchange of one crypto-currency for another. At the initial stage, it is planned to interact only with them, but then the creators seek to expand financial diversity. In particular, the possibility of converting to dollars and euros is planned. Activity Entry. Exchange will significantly improve the liquidity of existing exchanges. Ordinary users will receive a reward for sharing such information in their accounts. For this, users will receive tokens, through which payments for goods and services are made. Thanks to this, the project creators hope to attract a new audience and expand the segment of potential users. Also, B2B services are provided here, which allows you to get additional profit.
  3. Entry. Network. Ordinary users will be linked in a single network, which will help to establish communication between the project participants. The lack of centralization is another step that allows us to conclude profitable contracts and trade with partners around the world. Integration of business processes takes place quickly and with minimal losses. Keep the savings participants will be able to in a specialized purse, which is an additional application. Now all the important tools are collected in one place and it will be much easier to manage them. 
    To expand the segment of customers, it is planned to use a chat-bot, which will be able to answer the most popular questions that arise with the clients of the platform. There is a bonus program for clients, which allows you to get even greater benefit from cooperation with professionals.
  4. The conclusion of smart contracts. This will allow for simplification of processes and their easy adjustment. Now the problems with the transparency and availability of the concluded deals are in the past. Settlement operations are performed by means of tokens. The digital currency, which is released on the platform, corresponds to the standard ERC20, which found active use of crypto currency in the world. 
    Legal reinforcement of smart contracts is a chance to achieve even more transparency and prevent further disagreements.
  5. Classic payments. The Entry project is not going to abandon the classic functions of the bank. The financial organization operates on the basis of the block. Now users from all over the world will have access to it.
  6. Entry.Cash. This is the last component of this project. Its advantage is that now customers will be able to store funds and carry out purchase and sale operations in any currency. 
    Anyone can join the professionals. The project is open to new investors and is ready to provide unique conditions for the first depositors: higher profits and lower prices for tokens. The start of the sale of digital currency is expected on June 1, the bids will continue until the end of the summer. Beginning in autumn, the platform’s creators hope to distribute their revenues in such a way as to develop their own activities and popularize the project among the population. 
    Join a unique project to keep your hand on the pulse of events and make profitable trades without the absence of costs.

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