As progressive as it sounds, Blockchain really is a system to convey everybody to the most noteworthy level of responsibility. Not any more missed exchanges, human or machine blunders, or even a trade that was not finished with the assent of the gatherings included. Above whatever else, the most basic territory where Blockchain causes is to ensure the legitimacy of an exchange by recording it on a principle enroll as well as an associated dispersed arrangement of registers, which are all associated through a safe approval component.

The blockchain is a morally sound computerized record of monetary exchanges that can be customized to record not simply money related exchanges but rather for all intents and purposes everything of esteem. Blockchain innovation resembles the web in that it has a worked in power. By putting away squares of data that are indistinguishable over its system, the blockchain can’t be controlled by any single substance and has no single purpose of disappointment. The web itself has turned out to be tough for just about 30 years. It’s a reputation that looks good for blockchain innovation as it keeps on being produced.


ConvertVR is an organization that has the first blockchain cross-stage showcase for great VR content from the music and diversion segment. You can appreciate genuine shows in Virtual Reality and you can pick on interest at your preferred season. After you find what you like and pick what you need, all that you pick can be appreciated on all stages including: on your cell phone, VR glasses, program, or your SmartTV. Decisions from various camera points of view, you can feel shows from various classes and can locate your most loved specialists and activities. that is great would it say it isn’t?

Not just that you can Buy singular melodies or all shows with just in-application buys Enter the coupon code and appreciate the chose substance for nothing. Tell your companions which shows you watch through web based life and feel their responses continuously in the application and than Invite your companions specifically amid shows and visit with them. it’s extremely fun.


Gives the truth experience of the shows continuously or rebroadcast at the time clients need.

Empowers clients to pick their situation to appreciate the show. To do this, ConcertVR will set up 5 cameras to give the best understanding to clients.

Offer the rich classes with the end goal for clients to easily pick.

Enables clients to share the show which they watch through web-based social networking and also continuous connect and speak with their companions.

Clients can make the most of their most loved shows in different gadgets, for example, PDA, TV, programs or VR glasses.

Tokenize the VR content commercial center to effortlessly buy the items and cost-adequately make the installments.

Some one of a kind highlights, for example, the melody of most loved craftsman is only for you, getting a charge out of the fervor with the most loved specialists previously the show starts, voting in favor of youthful abilities.

How It Works?

The organization’s primary objective is to give genuine encounters from shows and celebrations to its clients with the assistance of VR innovation. Other than that they likewise plan to take care of the music business issue too which is chiefly looked by ticket dealers, supervisors, and craftsmen. The organization attempts to give its clients the best show encounter they need. Other than just giving show chronicles straightforwardly to clients, the organization likewise intends to fabricate an online store where clients can purchase tunes, uncommon substance and show occasions.

Plan of action

ConcertVR is a blockchain based, cross-stage commercial center for music and diversion content, made by Goodstuff-Media, situated in Berlin/Germany. ConcertVR will convey top notch VR content like constant or on interest shows and melodies to the music fan. Target bunch comprises of each innovation relative music fan the world over needing to encounter shows from home. The concertVR group will incorporate an accomplished and visionary global gathering of media, innovation and fund specialists. This will ensure a quick and expert usage of the concertVR vision to end up the main constant show supplier in Europe. Rivalry is low. Organizations like Deutsche Telekom or Universal Music are attempting to infiltrate the online show showcase, however they are so far not sufficiently concentrated to convey this undeveloped market to progress.

In this way, concertVR will be the main European commercial center completely committed to the transmission of ongoing and on interest shows to your home. Evaluating model will be membership put together and based with respect to single buys of constant and on interest shows and melodies. Buys can be made either specifically on the concertVR application, the concertVR site or through ticket suppliers and also at the marketing show corner. ConcertVR acknowledges all referred to installment frameworks and digital currencies to buy CVT Tokens. Showcasing and appropriation accomplices will be fundamentally the craftsman himself and ticket suppliers. Furthermore, show VR will work intimately with online life organizations like facebook or Instagram. This should improve concertVRs mark building methodology through viral spreads.

Statistical surveying

In 2017, we led an extensive interior statistical surveying and potential investigation on the future prospects of augmented reality. We searched for applications in which the new innovation has added genuine esteem contrasted with customary types of substance rendering.

As of now, no other stage can give the energy of getting a charge out of live – shows in VR as though you were nearby. Music is a basic piece of our general public. It appreciates a limit of scattering in all age and social structures. It has spearheaded digitization much sooner and quicker than straight TV is doing today. The Internet has a substantial number of extremely effective new businesses from the melodic field, for example, Soundcloud and Spotify. In any case, the novel experience of a live show is portrayed by clients as the most extreme varying media encounter. First cases with live and on-request material demonstrate the potential in the mix of varying media encounters and “computer generated reality”. On 11.01.2017 the Elbphilharmonie communicate their opening show Live in 360 ° VR. Until today, in excess of 850,000 individuals have partaken in this virtual occasion on YouTube. On 09.03.2017 the American organizations “NextVR” and “Live Nation” communicated a first live-VR show of the band “Galactic” for the US showcase. The pattern demonstrates that the expanding selection of VR peripherals can be viewed as the way to future advancement in this portion.

The Main Objectives as Projected By The Team

Allowing the gathering of people the chance to appreciate the show of your most loved craftsman from anyplace on the planet;

Make a boundless number of show tickets;

Allowing the group of onlookers the chance to pick their very own place at the show;

Giving clients data about the tune and craftsman on the web;

Giving the chance to see the show whenever;

Furnishing entertainers and show coordinators with a better than average pay.

The Impending Challenges

Access to shows is extremely constrained. That is the reason the interest for live communicates is expanding quickly;

Fans who can’t go to the show need to get to the program in different ways;

Numerous specialists all through their vocations have never visited a specific district or nation;

Measurements demonstrate that in all nations, 70% of all movement goals are concentrated.


Takes out the limit of room of the shows by making the boundless shows through VR stage.

Enables individuals to appreciate the shows whenever and anyplace and also increment the collaboration among them and their craftsmen.

Enables specialists to expand their income by moving the VR content in application buying store and the boundless tickets for their shows.

Thin the hole among craftsmen and fans and give them the most bona fide encounter and in addition increment association in the music network.

The principle objective set by the organization today is to sign a long haul contract with show coordinators and performers to introduce present day cameras at the show arrange with the following live communicate with high solid quality. All information will keep on being put away in distributed storage. Client information won’t be put away on the ConcertVR server and won’t be sold to outsiders later on. Savvy contracts spare huge time and give the most noteworthy security benchmarks.

Why You Should Choose ConcertVR?

The preservationist stage is essentially simple. What they need to do is bring genuine encounters from celebrations and shows to clients through Virtual Reality innovation. To understand this, this stage is known to utilize sellers, digital money to empower craftsmen and ticket stages to exchange and speak with other individuals in the biological community.

The primary goal of this task is to improve a financial and visual experience for the players in the music business. The best thing about this organization is that all individuals from the undertaking group have been a piece of the media business previously. Every one of them has somewhere around 15 years of involvement in the media field.

A primary aspect concerning this stage is the point of their cameras that they record at each celebration or show. This enables clients to pick where they need amid the show. This has been made conceivable by organizations with the assistance of their eye following innovation.

At long last, the organization additionally uses blockchain innovation that encourages them comprehend the intricacy of the show biological community between ticket dealers, supervisors, specialists, stock, etc. This stage enables craftsmen to move their tickets effortlessly in light of the fact that anybody can watch shows from the solace of their home.

About The Technology

The organization has assembled a model that empowers versatile clients to watch shows utilizing 360 degree cameras, and furthermore advancements like Google Cardboard. The organization has referenced that the present variant of the product additionally empowers the utilization of VR headsets, for example, Occulus Rift, HTC Vibe, and others.

Token and ICO Details

CVT is a standard ERC20 smart contract-based token running on Ethereum network that will be used to purchase contents. CVT tokens can also be bought using Fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. The company is looking to raise about $30M USD through the sale of their own CVT Token at 0.00015ETH each for a total of 60,000 ETH. The token enables users to purchase concert tickets, on-demand events, songs, and more.

Their pre-sale sold out in less than 4 days and raised about 1.1M € through 1,200 ETH. Originally the company was planning on launching their ICO on April 2nd, 2018. But due to Google’s Message regarding ICOs, they have delayed this decision by two weeks. Their main ICO will be now open from April 15th to May 15th, 2018. The company has already won multiple awards, and is currently increasing the roster of artists and partners, with new ones every week.

Token Details

Token – CVT

Price 1 CVT = 0.00015ETH

Platform – Ethereum


Token total supply – 400 million CVT

Pre ICO – 1,200ETH (Sold out)

Soft cap – 2.5 million USD (Reached)

Hard cap – 33,000 ETH

KYC – Yes

ICO end date – 31 December 2018

Token listing date – 7th January 2019

Token Distribution








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