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The Problem

Music is part of every human life. Music can provide positive energy and even make listeners crazy because music is able to connect those who listen to music emotionally. This makes people inseparable from music in their daily lives. Everyone has their favorite songs, favorite bands, and their favorite music genres and people’s love for their favorites makes them willing to watch their favorites directly, through live concerts.

Concert fans are very high but are limited by a number of things. Many musicians only do concerts in several major countries, making fans have to travel from their domicile, which of course spends a lot of time and money. In addition, the limited capacity of venue makes concert ticket requests is not met, which makes concert ticket prices very expensive and provides space for brokers to sell tickets at prices many times the original price.

The Solution

ConcertVR is a product of media and entertainment companies in Berlin, Goodstuff-Media. ConcertVR is the first cross-platform blockchain market for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector. With ConcertVR, fans can enjoy and watch live concerts as if attending live concerts around the world from home at affordable prices. Sophisticated devices and cameras are installed at the concert venue and will broadcast live concerts with perfect sound and picture quality.

Benefits of ConcertVR

  1. Enjoy and buy concerts around the world in real-time from home.
  2. Unlimited concert ticket sales.
  3. Choose a position in the hall during the concert, even on the stage with your favorite artist.
  4. Real-time information about artists and songs.
  5. Enjoy the concerts you visit again.
  6. Share on social media.

ConcertVR not only supports great artists but also new artists. Fans can search for different categories and find their favorite artists and songs. To be able to enjoy the concert, fans only need to buy a coupon code in the ConcertVR application, the concertVR website, ticket sellers through a standard payment system or cryptocurrency. After the coupon code is purchased, fans can enjoy concerts using VR glasses or other devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets in real time from a different camera perspective, according to the wishes of fans. In addition to enjoying concerts, the ConcertVR application also provides individual song purchases.

Special Features

  • Favorite artists sing songs, especially for you.
  • Choose and vote the newcomer artist you like the most.
  • Last minute experience with the artist before the concert.

Watch prototype of ConcertVR:

ConcertVR Token (CVT)

Token name: CVT

Token standard: ERC-20

Total tokens: 400,000,000

1 CVT = 0.00015 ETH

Softcap: 2.5 M USD

Hardcap: 33,000 ETH

ICO ends: 31 December 2018

Main ICO is LIVE with 40% bonus! For more information, visit ConcertVR website and read the whitepaper.





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