The mystically enchanted the people of this present generation with some astounding features which have made our quotidian life activity very more facile and simple for us. with the avail of a great project called Conference coin, this project is executed by the Block chain platform. Blockchain Smart Technologies is a startup innovation and showcasing organization working on block chain and ICO ventures. they help organizations fabricating their effective ICO battles what’s more, survey block chain ventures, making successful methodologies. They are likewise in charge of the Conference Coin and Coin Co Platform ventures

Blockchain smart transactions is a platform that wants to revolutionize the process of conference organizing by creating an innovative platform which will combine block chain technology and its own token for the benefit of the whole industry.” Not only that they want to create a CoinCo Platform which will encourage the correspondence of blockchain gathering partners all around and lessen the expenses of exchanges between parties inspired by sorting out and taking an interest in such occasions by presenting a dependable, modest . Conference coin will likely coalesce blockchain amassing markets from everywhere throughout the world. The phrenic conception is to make a solitary stage interfacing every one of the partners of such occasions – participants,- verbalizers, coordinators, speculators, startuppers and so forth. Conference Coin will fill in as a cash emboldening, in one place, every one of the exchanges occurring in connection to such occasions.

What is Conference coin all about?
Conference Coin is a utility token designed to support the transactions connected to the block chain conferences market. It works like a currency, facilitating all the transactions happening in relation to an event organized by Block chain Smart Technologies and/or registered in our system. The Coin Co Platform is designed to connect all the block chain events participants on a single platform built on block chain technology. All the conference attendees, business speakers, event organizers, investors, start uppers and other stakeholders will be registered on CoinCo to offer services or to purchase them.

This Platform will enable all partners to exchange Conference Coin for amaziing cognate administrations or then again ingress tickets to meetings. The CoinCo Platform will focus all benefits in a single place making sorting out, taking an interest or fortifying a meeting more expeditious, less extravagant and less authoritatively mandating than it is today. The CoinCo will enable each bidder to unreservedly decide and transmute the costs of their administration perpetually. This arrangement gives each specialist organization the chance to build their wage in connection to current request and in deference to the opposition.

Features of conference coin

All services and information in one place:
Real time price adjustments:
Facilitation of the registration process:
Safe information
Cheaper transactions:
One place for everyone:
Model specification model
During the first ICO, the initial price of ConferenceCoin will increase every second in a linear manner, until it reaches its maximum value of 1 euro cent (that is 0.000023 Ethereum).
ConferenceCoin first ICO initial value – 0.000015 ETH (35% discount).
Purchasing our token in the very beginning of presale discount guarantees over 50% return on
investment per one token after the ICO. Claim the discount and get your profit
with ConferenceCoin!
ConferenceCoin first ICO maximum value – 0.000023 ETH (1 euro cent)
Token features:
 Tokens for sale: 75%
 ICO start date: July 16
 Unsold tokens: burn
 Token distribution: 5 weeks
 Hard cap: 1 million EUR
 Token type: ERC-20
 Total token supply: 150 million
 Token type: Utility

Coincoc plaform intent to enter the largest exchange markets with ConferenceCoin such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, HitBTC or Coinbase.

Conference Coin development and maintenance, a second ICO will be performed, which will be significantly larger than the first one. CONFERENCE COIN SECURITY In order to ensure full security of ConferenceCoin, we have been audited by a cyber security company and implemented DDoS attack security protection, in addition to secure smartcontracts.


75% of total ConferenceCoin amount will be distributed for Public Sale. Remaining 25% will
be transferred to team members and founders.

Below show the successful route map for conference coin

The experts’s behind the success of this project were outline show below:

contact conference coin for more details :
Contact conference coin Team
Sandra Waśkowska, CEO: | +48504925002 | LINKEDIN
Mateusz Stefaniak, Supervisory Board: | LINKEDIN
Jaromir Taras, Business Relations: | +48504861101 | LINKEDIN

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