Connecting Fans, Idols and Advertisers using TokenStars TEAM

When someone has a hobby or pleasure, then he has an idol. The person idolized a professional, and always wished to be able to meet and feel his own idol. They will imitate their idols in terms of dress, speech, attitude, behavior and others that are considered are good for them. Generally the fans are willing to spend a lot of money just to buy goods used by his idol. That is what influencer mean. Influencer is someone who when he does something, then many people will imitate what he did. Thus, an influencer must have special charms and advantages to attract attention.

TokenStars TEAM

TokenStars is a platform that builds ecosystems between celebrities or a professional, fans and advertisers. Marketing techniques using influencers or artist media is very effective done by several companies. Because every target that sees, hear and read ads more targeted than we put an ads on the billboards street. Example for this illustration , if we have a football shoe product, it would be nice if we hire services from Cristiano Ronaldo to endorse our products. That way, all the fans of CR7 will be interested in what is worn by CR7, that is our product shoes.
But the differentiates TokenStars from other celebrity management platforms is, TokenStars also trains talented young people into professionals to become a person who can earn a lot of money. And of course all the ecosystems that exist on the TokenStars platform include fans and advertisers have every right to contribute to the platform, such as consideration to hire employees, voting, approvals, new ideas, and anything that can advance the TokenStars platform will be accepted by the platform with some consideration.
Previously, the TokenStars ACE had successfully implemented the ICO with more than $ 4 million raised at a fundraising event by offering the ACE Token. TokenStars ACE is a project that focuses on training young people who have talented but lack the funds to get professional training. Therefore TokenStars ACE will help provide the best training for this talented young man to become a professional. When a person becomes a professional, TokenStars TEAM starts growing athletes to get sponsors and earn more money. Sponsors as well as celebrities or artists or professionals will be linked directly without going through a third party, so the money earned from a professional will be directly from the advertisement. TokenStars TEAM has a more detailed purpose, which you can read in the Whitepaper document.
By using Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies in all circumstances, it enables all data stored on a distributed ledger to be accessible to the public. No more fraudulent actions, because now all transactions on the TokenStars TEAM platform will be decentralized and transparent. Blockchain records all data and stores it without being changed by anyone. The data stored on the blockchain will last forever and can be sure the data is always valid. And Smart Contract from Ethereum is a technology that automatically runs certain commands, if all agreed terms are met. Smart Contracts can be used to vote for each TokenStars ecosystem that has official tokens from TokenStars.

Benefits to the Ecosystem

With the presence of a platform that connects between Professionals, Fans and Advertisers. Then all aspects must get fair benefits, in order to create a balanced ecosystem and can advance the TokenStars platform. Here are the benefits that can be felt by the TokenStars ecosystem

Professionals or Celebrity or Stars

The difficulty of a professional in finding additional income is, they are less clever to do management to meet with the sponsor. As long as they never meet, then the deal will never happen. So, TokenStars platform will be a solution for them a professional, artist, celebrity, athlete and others who want to get additional income from sponsors. TokenStars directly connects an advertiser with an influencer, and Smart Contract is created by a team from the TokenStars platform to ensure transaction security. Then TokenStars will charge a small fee for this service.


Advertisers will benefit, a more effective marketing strategy. Working with influencers is a great way to get targeted markets. All products, have different categories and characteristics with different influencers, so to get the right audience, one just needs to look for influencers who have fans who love the advertiser’s products. Advertisers will get a cheaper cost than usual, because the existence of Smart Contract can replace the existence of third parties. With small funds, advertisers can get targeted audiences

Fans and Token Holders

Any Token Holder or fans joining in the TokenStars ecosystem allows to contribute in advancing TokenStars platform. They can participate in voting, decide a choice, offer a positive idea and so on that according to the platform, it is a good proposal.

TokenStars TEAM ICO

TokenStars holds ICO, the period of sale of coins for fundraising purposes. The token sale proceeds will be used as kick-start project TokenStars TEAM. As I explained above, for all the details about purpose, vision, business model mission and so on, you can read on Whitepaper
Here is a brief breakdown about TokenStars TEAM ICO :
Symbol : TEAM
Token Type : Ethereum ERC20
Price : 1 TEAM Token = 0.0001 BTC
Accept : ETH, BTC, ACE Token
Softcap : 1,000,000 USD
Hardcap : 15,000,000 USD
ICO Period : December, 20 2017 – February, 28 2018
Contribution Page :


There are some things that we consider to contribute to TokenStars TEAM ICO, because TokenStars now has a large community, in connection with the success of TokenStars ACE. Then the second consideration is, TokenStars platform is already running. This will not be SCAM. And the last is a big market

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