Contract Vault

Contract Vault is a platform that promises to use a reliable deystvitelnosti legally workable smart contracts. According to the developers, these Contracts can be extended and,according to the developers, Will be the future leaders in encryption and blocking technologies.

The birthplace of this project , the cryptocurrency, the center of Switzerland. To be able to use Contract Vault, users do not need any extensive experience or technical education to create and customize their contracts.The platform is a joke virtual market that gives users the ability to use a realistic ecosystem full of powerful templates, and will give users advice both technical and legal. You can subscribe to the system right now on the company’s website. Users have the ability to configure and manage, as well as the ability to configure legally binding and compulsory contracts using smart contracts in the system. And make the process of trading physical properties more manageable when you write to the flowchart.

Contract Builder can be used to create smart contracts or modify new ones to meet the needs of the user and provide them with visual tools that are designed to help the natural language processing system.

The platform is designed to be a bridge that will shield the space separating legal contracts and intellectual contracts. Through the process, the establishment, management and integration of contracts, their respective processes in the blockchain can remain simple. It is the ultimate solution that will engage all who are involved in a new world full of smart contracts, and for the first time they will be really smart and legally feasible.

Contract Vault Purpose

The main purpose of developing this platform is to share and spread the easiness and simple way to apply the advanced skill of people especially those who have business to take care of and also have the work dealing with documents.

Starting from a simple thought and problems when there is a limited number to access the template of legal documents, Contract Vault comes with an idea to create the bridge for people in need of example and access of those kinds of documents.

This platform is easy to access and simple to explore with complete choices of letters or agreement templates. Not only able to share the templates of legal documents, this platform also connected to several lending companies that will also help us in accessing a wide world marketplace. Here you can also match your choices with your needs while also looking for a suitable person to communicate.

Brilliant Concept

The idea of Contract Vault is to make the communication possible without we have to meet and communicate directly. Here the platform will connect between people who need to make legal documents with people with the need of creating a marketplace. Buying things can also lead you to the making of some sort of legal agreement with the letter with some points that need to be done by the people involved in the transaction.


Usually, there will be notifications and also reports when you do a transaction or more. Here the templates can also be edited and we rewrite the content to make it suitable for the activity we are dealing with. However, we need also to take a look at the requirements very carefully when registering because the data you input has to be accurate and complete in detail.

After that you need to verify the account you can start to access your dashboard and look at the templates you need to create. If you are trying to sell items with agreements you can start to make the letter first before opening the sale.

The whole process combines Ricardian Contracts, with more original style contracts to create smart contracts. Together, they will provide legal force to ensure the transfer of tangible rights of items stored on the blockchain.

The ecosystem for the platform will be rich and diverse and ready to host for legal advisers, blockchain and cryptography experts, and users will eventually be able to get expert advice from arbitration and mediation.

It is a fully accessible interface that enables you to create, test and manage your personal smart contracts and use only mobile devices or browser capabilities. And on the market there is an individual organization of various legal and technical templates that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Mengapa harus bergabung dengan Contract Vault ?


Penjualan token VLT adil ,terbuka,tujuannya nyata dan produknya juga memiliki pasar yang sudah terbukti.


Platform kontrak cerdas adalah masa depan.Contract Vault melihat banyak kasus contract di dunia nyata yang perlu dikembangkan.Ini akan menjadi kenyataan dan kita wujudkan bersama


Kemajuan teknologi digital sedikit banyaknya mengganggu industri hukum.Dengan bergabung dengan penjualan token VLT dapat membantu membentuk masa depan dunia hukum itu sendiri.


Kontrak cerdas dapat dihubungkan dengan kontrak tradisional dengan Aplikasi TrulySmart sehingga keduanya benar-benar bermanfaat


Anda sudah termasuk sebagai pendukung para inovator hukum,perintis teknis, yang teguh dalam misi Contract Vault


Dengan bergabung dengan Contract Vault anda sudah membant umembari solusi kepada pengguna biasa untuk dapat mengakses ke alat hukum dan teknisnya yang mungkin belum pernah mereka miliki. Detail Token

Yurisdiksi : Malta

Penerbit Token : Token Vault LTD

Singkatan : VLT

Menerima : Ethereum ERC-20

Total supply : 900.000.000 VLT

Minimum Target : 1.000.000 CHF

Maksimum Target : 45.000.000 CHF

Penjualan Token

Pre-crowdsale : 1st Des 2017 – 31st jan 2018

Phase I : 01 Mei 2018 – 15 mei 2018

Phase II : 01 Juni 2018 – 15 juni 2018

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