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Everything you read about Blockchain promises disruption on a massive scale. It’s going to change the world, and the idea of decentralisation is going to rip apart existing business models and remove intermediaries from commercial relationships.

We think that’s over-ambitious — and the proof is everywhere. If decentralisation is going to spell the end for banks, lawyers, arbitrators and other intermediaries, why are all these sectors investing so heavily in private Blockchains?

We’ve been here before. Disruption is indeed coming. But it’s not going to be ‘the end of the expert advisor’. The first internet boom of the early 2000s connected us in entirely new ways — but eBay and Amazon haven’t completely emptied the high street. The social media revolution has brought us Facebook and Twitter — but bars aren’t a thing of the past. Similarly, Blockchain will revolutionise agreements, but we’re not so idealistic as to think lawyers are doomed.

Here’s why:

· Blockchain and legally-enforceable smart contracts won’t render lawyers useless, just as they won’t render the law itself useless. We believe it will mean lawyers spend less time on admin tasks and churning through template documents; and they will spend more time on cutting edge law.

· As hinted at above, we’re not idealistic. We don’t want to break a system which is working perfectly well (if you don’t think that law is useful, check out how lawlessness and a lack of access to law contributes to poverty).

· And that’s because, rather than replacing the current legal infrastructure, we think Blockchain technologies will massively expand it. They will create new opportunities for agreements to be verified, witnessed, questioned and arbitrated; bringing fairness and trust to millions of new transactions.

About ContractVault

Contract Vault is a Blockchain-powered platform that enables anyone to develop, use, resell, customise and repurpose legal agreements, Smart Contracts as well as entirely new categories of agreements without legal or technical knowledge on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Contract Vault bridges the gulf between legal contracts and Smart Contracts enabling the tokenisation and transfer of physical assets and rights on the Blockchain opening a whole new world of possibilities for the usage and adoption of Smart Contracts. Contract Vault aims to build a vibrant ecosystem for individuals, businesses, legal professionals and Blockchain developers centred around an open marketplace. Contract Vault is the new world of trust.

Who is Contract Vault for?

● Consumers

Use professional traditional contracts and smart contracts effortlessly without legal or technical knowledge. Access legal experts and technical advice quickly and easily. Benefit from special offers from our rich ecosystem.

● Law firms

Expand your reach and range of services in the world of legally-enforceable smart contracts. Simplify your existing workflows and optimize conventional contract creation. Bring your services and expertise closer to potential customers by empowering them with easily-accessible content and on-demand advice.

● Small business customers

Optimize your business processes by easily connecting smart contracts to your applications. Reduce administrative costs by managing your contractual agreements on the Contract Vault Platform. Bundle our services as an additional benefit to your customers.

● Enterprise customers

Create new or enhance your current applications by integrating smart contracts with your existing business processes. Offer targeted services to Contract Vault users based on the type and contents of their agreements.

Sell your contract creations, provide arbitration and mediation services and offer your legal expertise directly to consumers and businesses on the Contract Vault marketplace. Bridge the gap between traditional and smart contracts.

● Smart contract developers

Meet exactly the people who need your technical knowledge. Offer smart contract creation, auditing and advice to consumers and businesses on our marketplace. Benefit from our visual and validation tools while deploying and managing smart contracts.

Token Sale


December 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018

Phase completed


May 1, 2018 – May 15, 2018


June 1, 2018 – June 15, 2018

Token Details

Token: VLT

Publisher Token: Token Vault LTD

Received: Ethereum ERC-20

Total supply: 900,000,000 VLT

Minimum Target: 1,000,000 CHF

Maximum Target: 45.000.000 CHF

How to Contribute to the VLT Token Sale

Step 1. Create your Ethereum wallet (ERC20 compatible)

The Vault token (VLT) is a standard ERC20 token. This means that in order to receive VLT after making your contribution, you will need a wallet that supports the ERC20.

Common ERC20 compatible wallets include: MetaMaskParityTrust, and MyEtherWallet.

Step 2. Enter the Vault Token Sale Dashboard

Now you are ready to “Enter the Vault!”

Go to the following URL:

You will be asked to create an account using your email and password in order to log in. Again — DO NOT forget your log-in information!

After logging in for the first time, you will need to confirm your email address. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the confirmation email in your inbox.

Verify your email address before proceeding to any further steps!

Step 3. Fill out basic personal data (name, domicile and address etc.)

Once you have created an account on the Vault Token Sale dashboard, you will be prompted to complete some basic profile information. This will include your full name, your domicile and address.

Provide some basic personal information.

Note that this is NOT the KYC process. This is simply the account which will be used to register your interest in participating in the Vault Token Sale and to collect the basic information for the transaction.

KYC will be done in a separate step!

Step 4. Choose your contribution method (currency).

Now you will need to choose the way you want to contribute to the Vault Token Sale — in other words, using Ether or using a fiat currency. (At this point if you have a friend that referred you, enter their referral code.)

This can not be done at a later stage.

Step 5. Enter contribution amount

The Vault Token Sale allows contributions in both fiat and crypto currencies. There are slightly different processes and requirements for both methods.

See below for details.

Steps to contribute in fiat:

  • Select the fiat currency you wish to use (Swiss Franc, Euro, US Dollar or British Pound)
  • Enter the amount you INTEND to contribute (this is not a binding decision — you can actually contribute a different amount later.)
  • Submit the form.
  • You will be taken to the KYC page to complete the KYC process. AFTER completing KYC, you will receive an email with information about completing your bank transfer or contributing by credit card.

Steps to contribute in cryptocurrency (Contributors may contribute using Ether):

  1. Find the displayed smart contract address where you will send Ether. This is a unique Ether address specific to your user profile. DO NOT SEND ETHER TO ANY OTHER ADDRESS THAN THE ONE DISPLAYED ON THE DASHBOARD. Each contributor sending Ether will receive their OWN address.

DO NOT SHARE your personal contribution address with anyone else.

2. Use this contribution address to send a transaction from the Ethereum wallet where you hold funds. (DO NOT send funds from an exchange wallet.) We recommend using a gas limit of ~45’000 for the transaction.

3. Complete KYC (Contributors using crypto may complete the KYC after sending funds — at any time up until the time of token distribution.)

VERY IMPORTANT — do not forget to include your Ethereum wallet address where you will receive your tokens once they are distributed after the Vault Token Sale. (See field marked in red above.)

Step 7. Watch for your contributed funds to be displayed in your dashboard profile

After you have sent funds (either by bank transfer, card transaction or from your cryptocurrency wallet), you should see the funds displayed in your dashboard profile as soon as they arrive. (This may take a few minutes…don’t worry!)

By completing the KYC process successfully you will be assured of receiving your token allotment upon completion of the sale.

Step 8. Receive tokens

After the completion of Phase II of the Vault Token Sale, you will receive your token allotment to the Ethereum-compatible wallet address which you entered when setting up your profile.

To get your tokens, you should open the wallet you used to contribute to the Vault Token Sale (you entered the public key address in Step 4.)

You will need to “Add a Custom Token”

In the Token Contract Address you should enter:

  • 0x4b850297b316724b9e9223A59820B3cA0eb5Af50

In the Token Symbol you should enter:

  • VLT

In the Decimals field, you should enter:

  • 18

If for some reason you did not pass KYC — your contribution will be denied and any funds transferred (crypto contributions) will be returned.

And there you have it!

With this short process — your participation in the Vault Token Sale will be complete.

Welcome to the Vault!

RIGHT NOW, PHASE I OF THE TOKEN SALE HAS STARTED. WITH 25% BONUS. YOU CAN JOIN CONTRACT VAULT ICO ON , you can always read their whitepaper on or join their Telegram for more information details



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