CONTRACT VAULT – New Contract Agreement With Blockchain Technology

At this time, Blockchain technology and smart contracts are being actively introduced in many areas of human activity. We see their undoubted advantages and advantages for business. This is particularly true in the field of legal services, where the use of intellectual contracts is considered the most promising.
Nevertheless, despite all the advantages of Blockchain and smart contracting, there are some issues that hinder the introduction of this technology into the legal services market.

Today we have found the latest innovation of the platform that allows you to access different types of legal documents with different purposes. There you can create mail content with your own preferences but use a legal template for business use.

Contract vault is a platform designed to provide convenience, where anyone can use, develop, customize and even resell legally-valid contracts.

It’s a very simple contract like pulling and dropping. Market to sell with a safe environment and watched by many people.Cractract Vault is also designed as a home for automated smart contracts, where each contract will also lead to money hand shifting and the document is instantly updated.Contact Vault will become a new world for trust in the field of contractual agreements.

Vault Contract Purpose

The main objective of this platform development is to share and deploy simplicity and simple ways to apply advanced people skills especially those who have business to take care of and also have document related work.

From simple thinking and problems when there is a limited amount of access to legal document templates, Contract Vault comes with the idea of ​​creating a bridge for people who need samples and access such documents.

The platform is easy to access and easy to navigate with the full selection of letter or template agreement. Not only can you share legal document templates, this platform also connects with several borrowing companies that will also assist us in accessing the world wide market. Here you can also match your choice to your needs while also looking for a suitable person to communicate.

Why join Contract Vault?

  • Trust
    Sales of VLT tokens are fair, open, the purpose is real and the product also has a proven market.
  • Innovation
    The smart contract platform is the future. Vault contracts see many real-world contract cases that need to be developed. It will come true and we put it all together
  • Revolution
    advances in digital technology at least interfere with the legal industry. Joining the sale of VLT tokens can help shape the future of the legal world itself.
  • Liaison
    Smart Contract Contractors can be associated with traditional contracts with the TrulySmart Application so that both are useful
  • Team
    Your team is included as a supporter of legal innovators, technical pioneers, steadfast in the Vault Contract mission
  • Democracy
    By joining Contract Vault, you’ve been helping solutions for the average user to be able to access legal and technical tools they may never have before.

Prime User of COntract Vault

  • Consumer
  • Corporate customers
  • Law Firm
  • Professional law
  • Small Businessman
  • and Developer

Token Details

Jurisdiction: Malta
Token Publisher: Token Vault LTD
Abbreviation: VLT
Receiving: Ethereum ERC-20
Total supply: 900,000,000 VLT
Minimum Target: 1,000,000 CHF
Maximum Target: 45,000,000 CHF

Sales Token
Pre-crowdsale: 1st Dec 2017 – 31st jan 2018
Phase I: May 01, 2018 – May 15, 2018
Phase II: June 1, 2018 – June 15, 2018

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