In this era, I’m pretty sure that agreements become such an important part of our business. When we are making a partnership with other people, we need the agreements in order to process out transactions further. In crypto world, blockchain technology has created such a contractual believe. With a smart contract, all stakeholders can easily be tracking their transaction.
But, Contract Vault platform is created with a next level mission. The company of Contract Vault think bigger than the existing startups that already promising to improve the contracts by blockchain technology.
IntroducingEach crypto-fan realizes that Blockchain innovation makes authoritative trust. It is a significant record of truth. That is the reason there are a lot of other new businesses officially encouraging to enhance shrinks by utilizing Blockchain.

Be that as it may, we are thinking greater. Contract Vault is a Blockchain-controlled stage on which anybody can create, utilize, exchange, alter and repurpose legitimately stable contracts. We are working with world-class legitimate accomplices to make making contracts something that anybody can do, and as basic as intuitive.

4 Smart Contract issue that will solve Contract Vault
The legitimate administrations industry is as of now entering a period of profound change and keen contracts and blockchain innovation are surprising the world – yet by what method can legal advisors, purchasers, engineers and companies receive the rewards of these new advances? There are 4 issues with contracts and keen gets that the Contract Vault stage means to tackle:
ISSUE #1 CONTRACT USAGE: Contract layouts are regularly inadequately drafted, obsolete, indistinct, not really customisable or extensible and require excessively lawful information to use for normal shoppers.
ISSUE #2 CONTRACT CREATION: Contract creation is hard, wasteful and repetitive, notwithstanding for legitimate experts. Coordinated effort with customers is wasteful and for the most part comprises of messaging reports forward and backward.
ISSUE #3 SMART CONTRACTS: Smart contracts are complicated and expensive to implement, inaccessible to non-technical people, can be insecure and are often not legally compliant. They are developed for specific use-cases and are not reusable.
                    ISSUE #4 ACCESS: Access to legal and technical advice for conventional and smart contracts is expensive and hard to obtain quickly.

SmartShares is a joint wander which plans to make the primary finish end-to-end answer for the tokenisation and exchange of exclusive organization shares on the Ethereum Blockchain. It will give a full-stack arrangement which incorporates the lawful system, fuse benefits and additionally a decentralized stock trade, empowering simple access to capital for SMEs.

The Solution

Contract Vault is the place where this will change

Clients can develop their own particular reusable, customisable SmartTemplates or access an extensive variety of instant checked, legitimately enforceable SmartTemplates which can be utilized to produce any sort of ordinary or shrewd contract. Legal counselors can give exhortation, gain admittance to secure keen contracts and utilize our apparatuses, for example, SmartDossiers to team up with their customers all the more proficiently. Blockchain specialists can offer their skill and administrations straightforwardly on the Contract Vault Marketplace. Organizations can rapidly and proficiently actualize (brilliant) contracts custom fitted to their necessities.

The Contract Vault Platform

The Contract Vault stage consolidates a large number of instruments and administrations to make the creation, circulation and execution of conventional and cutting edge savvy legitimate understandings basic.
As we have effectively noticed, the coming of Smart Contracts won’t prompt customary understandings or administrations winding up less important, and in that capacity it is our objective to be “contract-skeptic”. Our stage forgoes the limit amongst lawful and shrewd assentions and not just gives devices that reform how Smart Contracts and Ricardian Contracts are manufactured, yet additionally intends to make strides regular lawful procedures and assentions as they exist today !


The marketplace is a core part of the Contract Vault vision to provide anyone with easy access to contract templates, whether it is templates for employment agreements under Swiss or Chinese law, Smart Contracts for supply management, Ricardian Contracts for the selling of fine art, or services provided by legal and Blockchain professionals.


There are no restrictions with regards to the utilization instances of the Contract Vault stage. As officially noted, understandings can be displayed as customary contracts, Savvy Contracts or a blend of both. In any case, past that, the Contract Vault Programming interface and Platform-as-a-Service usefulness empower the production of finish Blockchain applications. To additionally represent the advantages of our SmartTemplates and PaaS highlights and the immense scope of potential utilizations we are posting some highlighted utilize cases and applications right now being developed or being arranged that utilization or use the Contract Vault stage.

Token details

Jurisdiction: Malta
Publisher Token: Token Vault LTD
Symbol: VLT
Receiving: Ethereum ERC-20
Total supply: 900,000,000 VLT
Minimum Target: 1,000,000 CHF
Maximum Target: 45,000,000 CHF

Token Sales

Pre-crowdsale: 1st Dec 2017 – 31st jan 2018
Phase I: May 01, 2018 – 15 May 2018
Phase II: June 1, 2018 – June 15, 2018
It’s not an easy thing to make such a great project that expected to help many people all over the world, and if we want to do that definitely we need the super team to executing the mission of our project. The Team of Contract Vault is led by Gordon Mickel as the founder and managing director of Contract Vault team.
Gordon Mickel is already known for his outstanding experience in 20 years delivering production-grade software. Since 2013 also, he has been involved in blockchain technology and has a high passion for Ethereum project and decentralized app. For the past, for years Gordon has been working in some companies like RUAG defence, Kaba Schewelz, Post Finance, and etc as Lead Developer.
Gordon also led the other member of Contract Vault, and they have different expertise and experience in blockchain technology. He is been advised by Perica Grasarevic that also has outstanding experience in blockchain technology.

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