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We all know that the future is behind “advanced technology”. But what is this? Most of us mean IT by this name. Of course, information technology occupies a significant part, but there are many other important areas. Therefore, “advanced technology” will be more accurately defined as technology that forms new industrial structures with the help of higher quality, more precise production, with less waste and better energy efficiency.

I present you today an interesting and different project from another, a non-profit organization in Australia and officially established to finance, develop, and implement technologies that benefit humanity and the planet. This time I will explain a new platform that has a smart contract that runs on a very good technology, ethereum blockchain technology. This platform is very useful for our future so that we can keep every will list and many more that I will discuss, this platform is called Contractium.

What is a contractium?
Contractium is a decentralized platform based on smart contract, the contractium platform is very good because it is based on ethereum technology which has a block-chain system. the platform is integrated so that it can transact or keep a record of debt, (notes of debt that are intended as wills) are very safe on this contractium platform, intelligent contract generated by ethereum and used by this platform to run according to the program produce so as not to make downtime, censorship, fraud or interference by third parties and many more that have not been found on this platform. What is the purpose of this platform?

The purpose of this decentralized platform is to facilitate the agreement system and make it easier for users to be able to run a very secure storage in the past such as a will and be able to run according to smart contracts and others. Problem problems that will be faced

Technical problems: traders who do not have the technical need to make smart contracts very easily based on blockchain technology
Commercial Problems : Cash-back is needed so that users get additional income this method is referred to as the traditional waySolution to solve problems that will be faced

Technical solutions : The team will provide intelligent, software-based software to help users who lack technical expertise.
Commercial Solutions: Internet service software that helps internet consumers earn extra money with gifts and rewards through their use of consumption and / or services.Features The contractium wallet application of the decentralized blockchain ethereum system will be the gateway to holding and securing the CTU you have • Security: the security used is like ethereum chains. no one can dismantle insecurities to even take up to a year to be able to dismantle many different security that is in use by this contractium • Display simple : the simplicity of the look created by contraktium is very simple but has a uniqueness all hidden inside. This uniqueness is made so that users can easily run an application made by Conyractium. •

Application access speed : this unparalleled speed will be embedded in this wallet application. The wallet will be very easy to transfer and receive CTU very quickly.

Contractium and blockchain industries • Peer to peer : electronic money transfers made from one person to another through an intermediary, usually referred to as a P2P payment application. P2P payments can be sent and received via mobile devices or home computers with access to the Internet, offering a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods. • Smartcontract : to make your daily life more efficient and cost-effective by automating the processes that you live every day and removing intermediaries from the system we use; including legal systems, financial systems, computer systems or more. • Currency Exchange and Remittance

: so as to make it easier for you to easily send and receive money or CTU • Digitalization of Documments and Contracts • Token money issuents Why does the team develop contarctium? the reason the team chose to plan to transfer the ethereum Pow (Proo-of-Work) technology to PoS (Proof-of-contact) in order to make contracktium based on ethereum with the algorithm that will be used is Proof-of-Contarct (PoC)

“the team’s decision to develop a contractium is very appropriate in my opinion, because the team is developing the next generation smart contract. The team also builds intelligent ethereum-based contracts because this is the way that can secure commercial agreements between contracter and contractors on the internet with the Proof-of-Contract protocol ”

Contractium Function

Smart Contrak
Smart agreement is a computer protocol intended to facilitate digital, provide or enforce difficulties or performance of contracts


Payment Gate
The function of this is to buy and sell goods and services very safely.

Gift System
Users can get very large prizes. We will not join the project. buy tokens with a huge bonus

Using middle and industrial cases

Help contracter & contractee sign commercial smart contracts easily & reliably.
Make commercial smart contracts easy & safe.
Help users get extra money with their online consumption.

Smart contract application for internet users.
Eliminate print contracts.
Change the traditional online bonus / bonus system.

Contractium Wallet

Wallet contractium allows you to hold and secure your CTU Token. Wallet is available on a variety of platforms.

CTU’s total supply and level of issuance will be decided by the presale gathering. The result will be approximately:

900 million CTU will be made for presale contributors.
200 Million CTU will be made for development funding, most of which will be given to the original contributors and the Founding and Development team.
200 Million CTUS will be made for teams and partners around the world.
200 Million CTUS will be made for business business platforms around the world.
Token Details

Name: Contractium
Token Symbol: CTU
Platform: Ethereum ERC20
Number of tokens: 3,000,000,000 CTU
For sale: 1,500,000,000 CTU
Token Price: 0.1ETH = 15,000 CTU
Pre-Sales and ICO: 900,000,000 CTU
CTU and CTU Team: 200,000,000 CTU
Reserve Foundation: 100,000,000 CTU
Business Platform: 100,000,000 CTU
Marketing and Bounty: 200,000,000 CTU
Whitelist / KYC: KYC
Forbidden Territory: Ethiopia, Iraq, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen, China, USA

Personal salesStarting from 07/07/2018

Launch of the first MVP
Launch of the first MVP: Smart-Contract-App [close-alpha-testing-version] Help end users to use (commercially) smart contracts easily, safely, cannot be trusted to work together for example in a freelance industry) without technical knowledge or skills.

Second MVP launch
Second MVP launch: Tokenize application [alpha-testing version] Help business users to implement smart contracts, issue tokens on Ethereum and on other blockchain …

Pre-sale starts
Pre sales begin on 08/08/2018

General sales begin
Public sales begin on 09/09/2018

Sales of ICO tokens begin
The sale of the ICO token starts at 10/10/2018

ICO is closed.
ICO finished & closed on 11/11/2018

Confirmation is registered on the exchange from December 2018



Complete information visit the link below:

ANN Thread
Bounty Thread



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