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This time I want to introduce Contractvault a new breakthrough in the business world.
On the Contractvault platform, you can create mail content with your own preferences but use a legal framework for business use. In addition to business issues, we can also make arrangements when lending money to friends and also make arrangements to buy goods.

About Contractvault
Contractvault is a promising platform for using intelligent contracts that are completely legally reliable. The contract can be extended and it is said to be future encryption and locking technology.

They are built at the center of cryptocurrencyency centers in Switzerland. To use Contractvault, users need little experience or technical knowledge to create and customize their contracts. They can manage it, manage it and use legally binding contracts and law enforcement through smart contracts within the system. Make physical property trades more manageable when writing on a block chain.

This platform is a virtual marketplace that gives users a realistic ecosystem full of powerful templates, and will provide suggestions for blocking legitimate users and users. You can subscribe to the system now on the company website

How does Contract Vault work?
The platform is designed to be a bridge that will obscure the space that separates legal contracts and intellectual contracts. Thanks to the process, the aspects of creating, managing and integrating contracts, every process on the block chain can remain simple. This is the final decision that will attract everyone involved in a new world full of smart contracts, and for the first time they will be truly intelligent and legally worthy.

The whole process brings together the Ricardian Contract, with a more original contractual style to create smart contracts. Together they will provide a legal force that guarantees the transfer of material rights from goods held in detachment.

The ecosystem platform is rich and diverse and ready for legal counsel, chain blocking experts and cryptography, and users will eventually be able to get expert advice on arbitration and mediation.

Vault contract in short
Vault contracts are platforms that bridge the gap between legal contracts and smart contracts that create the creation, management and integration of contract processes on simple blockchains.

This is a solution to get everyone ready for a smart new world of smart contracts – and make it really Smart.

The contract is difficult. Smart contract is not really smart.

The legal services industry is currently entering a phase of deep transformation and smart contracting and blockchain technology takes over the world by storm – but how can lawyers, consumers, developers and companies benefit from this new technology?

There are 4 issues with contracts and smart contracts that the Contract Vault platform wants to solve:

Contract templates are often poorly arranged, outdated, unclear, not really customizable or expandable and require too much legal knowledge to be used for the average consumer.

Contract making is difficult, inefficient and boring, even for legal professionals. Collaboration with clients is inefficient and usually consists of sending documents via email back and forth.

Smart contracts are complicated and expensive to implement, inaccessible to non-technical people, can be insecure and often not legally appropriate. They are developed for specific use cases and can not be reused.

Access to legal and technical advice for conventional and smart contracts is expensive and difficult to obtain quickly.

The solution
Vault contract is the place where it will change.
Users can build their own reusable and customizable SmartTemplates or access a range of legally verifiable and legally verifiable SmartTemplates that can be used to generate any conventional or smart contracts. Lawyers can advise, gain access to secure smart contracts and use our tools like SmartDossiers to collaborate with their clients more efficiently. Blockchain experts can offer their expertise and services directly in the Vault Contract Market. Businesses can quickly and efficiently implement (smart) contracts tailored to their needs.

Sales Token
Links to tokens sale website and registration form will be published shortly.

Token sales will enable business and product development, recruit new talent, build enterprise integration, and pay for content.

December 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018

The stage is over
May 1, 2018 – May 15, 2018

June 1, 2018 – June 15, 2018

Supply and Allocation
Maximum Token Amount: The maximum aggregate amount for all VLT allocations (including Pre-Crowdsale Personal for certain entities and individuals, Phase I and Phase II Sales, as well as contributions from private entities and individuals from strategic value to Project Vault Contract) will become defined as hard cap and equivalent to CHF 45,000,000 (excluding costs arising from contributions to the contribution process (Maximum Purpose)
.Vault Token LTD may, at its sole discretion, determine that the Maximum Goal is reached when the aggregate funds are transferred to the Intelligent Contract System close to its Maximum of Purpose, even though the actual purchase amount received by the Smart Contract System is less than the Maximum Goal (for example if the total number of purchases is not added with the Maximum).

Total Token VLT Supply: The aggregate maximum VLT supply will be 900’000’000 VLT. The aggregate amount of VLT will depend on the inventory made effectively during the private PraCrowdsale, toll Stage II inventory and VLT Phase II (Total VLT Token Supply).

Vault Token
VLT (VAULT) is a digital utility that can be transferred for ERC-20 compliance propagated on the Ethereum network. VLT enables consumers, law firms and companies to capitalize on the Vault Contract market and market while providing incentives to content creators to create and maintain high quality contracts in the Vault Contract market

Who is behind Contract Vault?
There is a large group of investors, lawyers, and technical specialists who advance the project forward. Each of them tests LinkedIn profiles and can be checked by checking their background on their social networking profiles. The fact that Vault Contract fully discloses all the information about the people who work in the team and the location of the headquarters is a very good sign. To be credible, companies must have full disclosure about who they are and where they come from. And Contract Vault does that, they do not try to be shady or hide personal information. As far as we know, they work with honesty and full transparency.

For those of you who are looking for a quality company that invests in it, it is trustworthy, then you will be provided with the Agreement on the contract.

For more information visit the website below
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