COOPEX-The Coperative Exchange – $50k in rewards – 4 weeks

Did you know that The current state of cryptocurrency exchanges in the blockchain ecosystem is improper, opaque, and one-sided at best. Furthermore, it’s downright detrimental to the expansion of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as a whole, as new projects struggle with being listed on a reputable exchanges – regardless of their merit or userbase. A high percentage of cryptocurrency exchanges charge ludicrous and exorbitant fees to list a new token and take grudgingly long to do so, even after receiving payment. This ruins the credibility and permeability of a project as a result, while bankrupting investors at the same time. Many cryptocurrency exchange users are frequently charged high fees for every action they take and transaction they make. Deposit fees, maker fees, taker fees, and withdrawal fees all go to the exchange, never to be seen by the user again. This has been a major problems for users to make good sales and benefits of their trading in the market.

Everyman believe changes is the solution to every problem, to inculcate this issues brings about a Jointed solution platform know as COOPEX. Coopex is a decentralized blockchain technology for easier chargeless exchange. At coopex they will create a rewarding loyal exchange users in solving these serious issues by allowing them to reap rewards for activity and trading, where every users will be giving a voice in voting and listing of project processes.

Importance of Coopex over all other exchange
COOPEX, exchange users and investors will have a say in what tokens we list and what protocol decisions we make.

The success of the exchange lies, in part, with their investors and thus they will make their investors experience the best they can.

The Cooperative Exchange will be transparent with its users about all of its policies and processes. We have a zero tolerance policy for insider trading.

Fee Structure
At COOPEX, we understand that ludicrous fees and listing policies ruin user experience and project success. Thus, we have decided to create an exchange that gives the majority of its trading fees back to its users and investors
Customer Service
Many exchanges have poor customer service. We understand how aggravating it is for a user to wait months to have their account unlocked or a support ticket responded to. Projects, additionally, often have to wait months to get listed.

Margin Trading
COOPEX plans to open margin and leverage trading at the end of August. We are developing a separate backend application to handle margin orders.

Liquidity Provision
Liquidity is an incredibly important part of a market – without liquidity, traders cannot trade. Illiquid markets plague many cryptocurrency exchanges today, and we intend to help solve the problem through a market making and liquidity program.

Future importance of coopex
COOPEX will be partnering with ChainRock (, a global advisory and investment firm, for the market making and liquidity program. In the future, they intend to open a liquidity desk to assist other clients (exchanges, in particular) with liquidity and market making.


COOPEX founded

April 2018
The idea for the Cooperative Exchange is created and a team is assembled. Backend development completes
End of

May 2018
Development for the backend of the exchange completes. The exchange is in a closed alpha mode. Pre-ICO begins

June 18, 2018
The front end is completed, the Whitepaper is written, and COOPEX opens in beta mode. A pre-ICO for the COOP token begins. Pre-ICO ends

July 1, 2018
The pre-ICO ends and preparation for the full ICO begins. ICO begins

July 3, 2018
The full ICO begins with several currency pairs. Some active markets may also open during this period. The exchange is still in its ‘beta’ version. Marketing campaign begins. Complete COOPEX API Development

End of July 2018
The COOPEX API will allow other developers to build tools on top of our exchange. The API is currently under development and we expect to finish by the end of July. ICO ends, COOPEX officially opens

On or before August 3, 2018
The ICO will be completed either on this date or when 9,000,000 COOP tokens are sold. At this time or soon after, the exchange will officially open in ‘production’ mode, with bug fixes. Marketing campaign is ongoing. Front-end UI improvements

August 2018
The exchange UI will be updated to feel more modern and responsive. We intend to introduce an easy-to-use yet intuitive trading UI. The first token buyback will also occur during this period. Introduce market-making solutions

August 2018
We aim to partner with a market-maker and liquidity provider for our customers. We understand how important liquidity is in a market and we plan to use ICO funds to provide these services free of charge. Introduce margin trading

End of August 2018
We are currently working on a margin trading solution for COOPEX and we are planning to finish by the end of August 2018. Our margin trading platform will feature shorting and longing on a selection of our markets. Leverage trading will be available as well. COOPDEX Development Completes

September 2018
Development for COOPDEX, the Cooperative Decentralized Exchange, will begin in late June 2018 and we aim to complete it by September 2018. This will take time as we will be rebuilding a large portion of the exchange. Open OTC trading and liquidity desk

Q4 2018
We aim to provide liquidity solutions for other exchanges via market-making, as well as an OTC desk for institutional customers.


For any needed information you can email coopex platform at support@coopex.mar

For any needed information you can email coopex platform at and also the social media link is shown below:

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