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Start-up investment becomes increasingly popular; as well as operating costs in a low and light access to global markets, as well as the emergence of new technologies associated with a lack of innovation among traditional operators, the number of small, fast-growing companies is bigger than ever. With the inflow of these rapidly growing companies, the need for adequate financing is essential to fostering expansion and innovation. However, the funds were not able to follow the innovation curve. The current financing market is centralized, fragmented, and inadequate to small investors and lacking the capital needed to support the development of the ecosystem of technology. Around the world, this has led to early capital growth, which continues to grow every year. In order to resolve this capital, investors and entrepreneurs re-examine how capital is being raised today.

Traditionally, investment in companies is structured through venture capital through Venture Capitalist (VC) and Angels, or for companies in the later stages, through the debt instrument offered. However, these options are unsuitable for both entrepreneurs and investors due to their long funding requirements, high eligibility criteria, inadequate investment costs, inconsistencies between investor and entrepreneur incentives, lack of investor liquidity, the dismissal of influence and the founder’s control. , major barriers to capital, long-term liabilities, unstable investment flows or business flow to diversify management and restrictive regulatory requirements.

CORL is the world’s first sign of capital ownership in a company that secures funding by dividing revenue with high potential companies with increasing revenues. Unlike the traditional signs in the market, it relies on the profit sharing model, where investors receive quarterly dividends in the form of Ether (ETH), based on future earnings. Is token uses block technology to issue symbolic dividends to its investors and provide a transparent real estate model that complies with KYC rules? The tokens will be implemented in Ethereum public blockchain and adhere to the ERC20 protocol.

Corl offers investment in revenue sharing to developing companies to increase capital growth, engage employees, develop products, expand the market, and more. The platform serves both sides of the market; companies, and investors. For companies, the Platform is an application fundraising application, payment management, and payout tracking. For investors, the platform provides information on the value of their assets, dividend payments, portfolio analysis, legal information and audited financial statements.

Our vision is to solve traditional investment problems by combining three devastating concepts: Revenue Sharing, Crowdfunding, and Blockchain. We will achieve this vision by providing joint ventures to companies that are not supervised by traditional finance and allowing investors to leverage the benefits of these revenue sources by holding our company shares.


Paying an Investor is a portal through which investors can buy, manage and analyze their investments. As an investor, registration on the platform is a simple process that begins provide personal information, Ethereum address, and necessary identity verification documentation, such as a copy of the issued identification mark and physical address test. In addition, each investor must carry out an assessment of relevance that helps set up the appetite for risk, tolerance and investor status. This information is encrypted and sent to an authorized third-party vendor for the purposes of checking and keeping a formal identity.

Investors are rewarded with 10% of net quarterly profits. This quarterly earnings will be divided equally between the hold queues and will be sent to the public registry keys where the chips are kept. Since the dividend rate will be equivalent to all label holders, multiple tokens will receive a higher return share. All dividends will be paid in the equivalent amount of CAD (ETH) at the time of dividend payment.

Unlike most financial companies, Corl does not allocate debt or equity securities, but “divinities”. Companies that meet our stringent financing requirements are funded by a revenue-sharing agreement whereby companies receive the seed money in exchange for the percentage of future monthly income to reach a pre-determined amount of repayment. , This type of funding structure is mutually beneficial to Corl and the company receiving funds, as the goal of both parties is to increase revenue.

Corl Financial Technologies: aims to empower entrepreneurs and investors through innovative technologies and revenue-based financing strategies. By bringing in insufficient and innovative investment structures to the market, Corl provides capital growth that is suitable for founders to help entrepreneurs and investors achieve their strategic and financial goals. Our philosophy is simple: Entrepreneurs need access to the capital they need to successfully develop their business at their own pace, under their own terms, through what we call Capital-as-a-Service. We know that when the interests of entrepreneurs and investors are aligned, real growth begins.


The CORL token is legally equivalent to class B, which is the first company in the world to issue 100% of fixed assets as a digital stream. The company’s structure is designed so that the team can effectively manage everyday jobs, while token owners have the right to ownership and dividends.

CORL will be developed using Ethereum Protocol (ERC20) and Polymath (ST20). The Ethereum protocol provides a number of desirable properties that block property, such as decentralized consensus, censorship resistance, operational execution, and universal storage standard, while the Polymath protocol provides a mechanism that ensures compliance. regulatory. Securities Act, such as Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC).

This is the world’s first signal to use the power of block-technology to support and accelerate the growth of new businesses through investment in revenue allocation; they seek to obtain regulatory approval as a stock market sign; represent 100% of the company’s capital, and issue dividends to the ETH.


Corl has teamed up with some of the leading world leaders and experts. Consultants have been selected based on their industry experience in the following 8 areas: Blockchain, Capital Markets, Compliance, FinTech, royalties, startups, treasury and venture capital.

It is led by a highly experienced team of crypto motive specialists who have been doing business for several years now. Team Corl has the highest standards of safety, reliability, and accountability. It seeks to overcome the disadvantages of competing for cryptographic exchanges that have caused serious losses to issuers and card owners. To achieve this goal, the team relies on profound knowledge of technology, a deep understanding of the cryptographic world and a strong corporate culture of security and compliance.

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