What is Cornucopia?

Acquiring shares in private companies before an anticipated IPO has always provided an exclusive set of accredited investors with the potential for large returns in a speculative asset class that has minimal correlation to overall market sentiment. As with any investment, evaluation and selection of the opportunities present are paramount to the success, or otherwise, of an investment. When the Cornucopia Index closes a profitable position, its trading gains are shared with those members of the Cornucopia community that provided the analysis which contributed to the trade.
When the Cornucopia Index closes a profitable position, its trading gains are shared with those members of the Cornucopia community that provided the analysis which contributed to the trade.
The result is an opportunity for all Cornucopia token holders to benefit from the profitability and growth of promising ventures which lie outside of the often volatile crypto ecosystem…a benefit normally reserved exclusively for accredited investors.


Gain access to investment products normally reserved only for accredited investors.
Protect your assets from crypto volatility, Cornucopia operates in USD and only invests in traditional companies.
Exclusive information on the hottest pre-IPO opportunities, access to our exclusive share offers for qualified investors.
Earn income simply by sharing with us your opinion on upcoming IPO opportunities, Cornucopia shares 50% of each trading gain with our active users.
30% of every trading gain is re-invested into the Cornucopia index, growing the investable assets.


  1. Pre-IPO opportunities are loaded into Cornucopia.
  2. Using the Ignite RATINGS system token holders rate assets and the quality of the rating itself.
  3. The Cornucopia index invests in the highest rated assets, as determined by the community.
  4. When an asset is sold, 50% of trading gains are issued to token holders which participated in the ratings process, 30% of gains are distributed back to the index.


The Cornucopia “HORN” token provides access to, and acts as proof of membership in, the Cornucopia ecosystem.
HORN tokens permit the holder to participate in the rating and review process for pre-IPO opportunities that the Cornucopia ecosystem might be considering, and the number of HORN tokens held impacts the level of potential financial rewards one might be entitled to in return.


  • Tokens available: 200,000,000 – Unsold tokens are burned
  • Hardcap: $15,000,000 USD
  • Price per token: $0.10 USD per token
  • Use of proceeds: Minimum of 80% raised to be deployed in the Cornucopia Index. A maximum of $3,000,000 USD or 20% of funds raised will be used for operations (whichever is less)
  • Type of token: ERC20
  • Currency accepted: Fiat / ETH / Others (via CoinPayments)
  • Exchanges: Yes
  • Token Symbol: HORN
  • Team / Advisor Lockup: 24 months


Cornucopia has established a partnership with Ignite RATINGS to help its community evaluate, rate and receive rewards from a variety of pre-IPO opportunities.
The Ignite RATINGS platform is a decentralized asset ratings platform, which was launched primarily for rating new ICOs and existing crypto assets. Ignite operates an index which makes investments into the highest-rated assets, and shares revenue derived from the gains with its community.
Cornucopia leverages the Ignite platform to provide the same function for a traditional asset class. Ownership of HORN tokens allows one to access the Cornucopia cell within the Ignite ratings platform, and to receive rewards for reviewing and rating a variety of pre-IPO opportunities.
By partnering with Ignite, Cornucopia can launch instantly without the typical development costs. Therefore, more capital will be available to seed the Cornucopia Index itself, allowing HORN token holders the opportunity to benefit more directly from contributed funds.
For more technical information on how the Ignite platform enables the generation of decentralized ratings and deployment of index capital, please read the Ignite white paper or visit

Use of Crowdsale proceeds:

The Cornucopia crowdsale has been launched primarily to raise capital for the Cornucopia Index and provide sufficient initial capital for the ongoing operations of the business.
Unlike the typical ICO, which requires funding for the product and platform build out, Cornucopia does not require funds for this purpose, as it leverages existing software and thus the majority of capital raised can be used to seed the Index.
80% of the crowd sale proceeds will be allocated to the Cornucopia Index. These funds will be converted to USD Tether at the end of the crowdsale in order to be ready to be deployed in the highest-rated preIPOs.
20% of the crowdsale proceeds will be allocated towards operational costs as follows:
50% – Operational and development
20% – Marketing
10% – Business administration
10% – Infrastructure
10% – Legal / Licensing fees

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