CORNUCOPIA: A privately-held index fund for IPOS,


Unlike other platform, Cornucopia is a platform soley responsible in ratting initial public offering, that is, evaluating the system where small companies will formulate their business plan and seek for funds to help them actualize their business plan. It provides financial opportunities to token holders by giving them the prerequisite about what kind of project to sponsor. Knowing fully well that as a private investor, for any business you have to invest, it is expected that you must be profit oriented. From an economic point of view, no man will ever invest in a business that would’nt succeed, therefore CORNUCOPIA is here to give you the best of update you require, watch the video for more insight;

Cornucopia is thusly a secretly held list subsidize, committed to getting partakes in privately owned businesses, in front of their foreseen Initial Public Offering (IPO). In its optimal feeling of clarification, it is capable in purchasing shares from organization and sharing the benefits there after to the association of specialists who contributed their individual thoughts in guaranteeing that they could find a superior organization at which they can purchase their offer with fat money related advantages. Cornucopia tends to use the insight of the group to rate and evaluate the best open doors in the pre-IPO field and, in principle, outflank any individual entrusted with settling on similar choices, accordingly producing a higher return. Acquiring shares in exclusive organizations anteriorly a prevised IPO has reliably given a prohibitive course of action of authorize examiners with the potential for extension,ve returns in a hypothetical asset class that has unimportant association with by and large market opinion.Once the group has recognized an appealing venture, the Cornucopia Index sends capital by buying shares/alternatives/warrants in the chose pre-IPO organization. At the point when the Cornucopia Index shuts a beneficial position, its exchanging picks up are imparted to those individuals from the Cornucopia people group that gave the investigation which added to the exchange. The outcome is an open door for all Cornucopia token holders to profit by the gainfulness and development of promising endeavors which lie outside of the regularly unpredictable crypto biological community… an advantage ordinarily saved solely for authorize financial specialists.


  1. Pre-IPO opportunities are loaded into Cornucopia.
  2. Using the Ignite RATINGS system token holders rate assets and the quality of the rating itself.
  3. The Cornucopia index invests in the highest rated assets, as determined by the community.
  4. When an asset is sold, 50% of trading gains are issued to token holders which participated in the ratings process, 30% of gains are distributed back to the index.

What makes Cornucopia unique is that its investment strategy is dictated, and powered, entirely by swarm theory and the wisdom of the crowd, delivered courtesy of the technology that is being developed by Ignite RATINGS ( The result is an opportunity for all Cornucopia token holders to benefit from the profitability and growth of promising ventures which lie outside of the often volatile crypto ecosystem…a benefit normally reserved exclusively for accredited investors.

Investors in their crowd sale may choose to purchase HORN tokens by one of the following methods:
ETH – ETH sent to our smart contract results in the issuance of HORN tokens directly to the contributor’s wallet address.
FIAT- we accept EUROS, USD and GBP to our bank account which is listed on the website. Please note: for FIAT transfers, we require a full Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. Participants are issued HORN tokens once once KYC is passed and funds have cleared our account. Coin Payments – We accept over 60 currencies via Coin Payments. HORN tokens are manually issued to the ETH address specified when you register your interest in the Cornucopia crowd sale.

Provide a real-time ratings overview for non-listed, high growth potential pre-IPO companies, based on crowd-sourced sentiment , Trade and generate profits from the purchase and subsequent sale of pre-IPO shares, options, warrants etc. Provide the marketplace with a source of unbiased opinions on pre-IPO companies, Disrupt the traditional ratings industry by leveraging and adding an asset class to the Ignite RATINGS platform, Provide exposure to a traditional asset class within the blockchain ecosystem. This cardinal objective gives it the reputation it has over any other platform.


Unlike the typical ICO, which requires funding for the product and platform build out, Cornucopia does not require funds for this purpose, as it leverages existing software and thus the majority of capital raised can be used to seed the Index.

80% of the crowd sale proceeds will be allocated to the Cornucopia Index.
20% of the crowdsale proceeds will be allocated towards operational costs as follows:
50% – Operational and development
20% – Marketing 10% – Business administration
10% – Infrastructure 10% – Legal / Licensing fees

• Tokens available: 200,000,000 – Unsold tokens are burned
• Hardcap: $15,000,000 USD
• Price per token: $0.10 USD per token
• Use of proceeds: Minimum of 80% raised to be deployed in the Cornucopia Index. A maximum of $3,000,000 USD or 20% of funds raised will be used for operations (whichever is less)
• Type of token: ERC20
• Currency accepted: Fiat / ETH / Others (via CoinPayments)
• Exchanges: Yes
• Token Symbol: HORN
• Team / Advisor Lockup: 24 months

Below is a league of professionals who gave away their time energy and resources in bringing this dream into reality;

In other to gain more knowledge about the next plan of action of this project, study the roadmap below;

Official Website:
ANN Thread:
Bitcointalk Profile link:;u=2235232


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