Cornucopia: The only cryptocurrency exposure to an exhilarating companies powered by block chain tec

After the formation of blockchain innovation by Satoshi in 2009, the world as appreciate the profit of advancement and web, this has makes the road for various undertaking to come in as an advantages for all clients and financial specialists which in demonstration of this turn numerous individuals to business head honcho and icoon. The universe of block chain venture brought a decentralized stage where all members will have the opportunity to act uninhibitedly individually with no focal body.

One of the square chain innovation venture known as Cornucopia is bringing a biological community devoted in securing partakes in privately owned businesses, in front of the foreseen Initial Public Offering (IPO). this stage is remarkable in with the end goal that its speculation methodology is directed, and fueled, totally by swarm hypothesis and the wisdom of the group and disseminated affability of the innovation that is being produced by Ignite RATINGS.

Cornucopia is using the intelligence of their group to rate and survey the best open doors in the pre-IPO field and, in principle, beat any individual entrusted with settling on similar choices, accordingly inciting a higher return. Once the group has identified an enrapturing speculation, the Cornucopia Index conveys capital by acquiring shares/choices/warrants in the winnowed pre-IPO organization. At the point when the Cornucopia Index shuts a profitable position, its exchanging picks up are imparted to those individuals from the Cornucopia people group that gave the investigation which added to the exchange. The outcome is an open door for all Cornucopia token holders to benefit from the profitability and amplification of promising endeavors which equivocation outside of the frequently unstable crypto biological system, a benefit usually saved solely for authorize financial specialists.


  1. Give a constant appraisals review for non-recorded, high development potential pre-IPO organizations, in light of group sourced supposition
  2. Exchange and produce profits from the buy and consequent offer of pre-IPO shares, choices, warrants and so on
  3. Furnish the commercial center with a wellspring of unprejudiced sentiments on pre-IPO organizations
  4. Upset the conventional evaluations industry by utilizing and adding an advantage class to the Ignite RATINGS stage
  5. Give introduction to a customary resource class inside the block chain biological community

Reason of holding their Token
The Cornucopia “HORN” token gives access to, and goes about as evidence of enrollment in, the Cornucopia biological system. HORN tokens allow the holder to take an interest in the rating and audit process for pre-IPO openings that the Cornucopia biological system may consider, and the quantity of HORN tokens held effects the level of potential financial rewards one may be qualified for consequently. Cornucopia is based on the Ignite stage, which gives an undeniable record all things considered and exchanges occurring inside the system. This gives a domain that counteracts client control, accordingly saving the trustworthiness of the appraisals issued in the framework.

Token Specification
‣ Tokens accessible: 200,000,000

  • Unsold tokens are singed
    ‣ Hard cap: $15,000,000 USD
    ‣ Price per token: $0.10 USD per token
    ‣ Use of continues: Minimum of 80% brought to be conveyed up in the Cornucopia Index.
    A most extreme of $3,000,000 USD or 20% of assets raised will be utilized for activities (whichever is less)
    ‣ Type of token: ERC20
    ‣ Currency acknowledged: Fiat/ETH/Others (by means of Coin Payments)
    ‣ Exchanges: Yes ‣ Token Symbol: HORN
    ‣ Team/Advisor Lockup: two years.

Rating process

The Cornucopia framework joins a basic 2-step process which creates a continuous rating of all pre-IPO openings recorded in the database.

Stage 1: Opportunity sourcing – utilizing settled connections in the funding and licensed speculation networks, Cornucopia approaches a plenitude of pre-IPO openings. Point by point data for each pre-IPO organization is stacked into the Cornucopia stage for survey.

Stage 2: Review of chances – HORN token holders who wish to take an interest in the appraisals procedure would then be able to audit and grade as meager, or to such an extent, of the data accessible with respect to a potential pre-IPO open door as they wish.

Token allocation
50% – Operational and development
20% – Marketing
10% – Business administration
10% – Infrastructure
10% – Legal / Licensing fees

How to invest
Investors in their crowd sale may choose to purchase HORN tokens by one of the following methods:
ETH – ETH sent to our smart contract results in the issuance of HORN tokens directly to the contributor’s wallet address.
FIAT- we accept EUROS, USD and GBP to our bank account which is listed on the website. Please note: for FIAT transfers, we require a full Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. Participants are issued HORN tokens once once KYC is passed and funds have cleared our account. Coin Payments – We accept over 60 currencies via Coin Payments. HORN tokens are manually issued to the ETH address specified when you register your interest in the Cornucopia crowd sale.


this platform is driven by a group who continually inquiries, tinkers and moves forward to understand the maximum capacity of Cornucopia.

Believing is soul of business, I want you to know with cornucopia your future is certain. INVEST AND JOIN THE MOVING TOKEN PROJECT TRAIN.

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