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How many sheets of clean energy seminar investment strategy, to power, totally group, built on intelligent Ethereum Blockchain agreement, aims to give incentives to approved platforms to adopt encryption as a new payment method. This incentive is achieved by rewarding newly printed tokens on this approved platform. This token is generated at the variable level when currency is used.

Currently there are serious problems with digital currency. They are rarely used as currencies. This problem is accompanied by short-term excessive price fluctuation, which is a major risk that many companies accept encryption currencies
We imagine a world where smart contracts overcome the problem of excessive price change and help change the business of cryptographic approaches.
By bridging the gap between business and customers, I would like to support the introduction of major digital currencies. is a cryptography and platform that provides additional revenue sources to traders who accept cards as payment methods.
We have introduced an incentive payment solution to promote the mainstreaming of Smart Contracts and Copy Conversion Contracts and are striving to show short term fluctuations over the short term through transaction testing.
Sales of tokens – (HORN)

Novasi platform provides a generous incentive scheme to companies that accept it as payment.

After receiving the token, each company receives a bonus similar to an incentive to use a credit card.
Once the chip is received from the customer it will be completed automatically.

Immediate liquidity through the relevant commercial transaction API
Withdrawal of fee refund and exchange
Additional protection against strong short-term price fluctuations
Reverse trading costs We pay, it’s not the opposite

Risk reductionStable assets for trading, speculative investment assets, Bitcoin itself, as well as current and past gold functions, can act as a scavenge of universal equity.

Bitcoin itself has Schelling’s point, but the relative stability of encryption is the key, and companies can gain profits to accept payment.
The compensation system is designed so that the token enters the economy at different levels and we are striving to ensure that demand does not cause price changes in a short period of time.
As shown below, when using and instructing at the beginning, companies that integrate with companies at the start and require future consolidation need strict security checks such as prevention of money laundering and prevention of counterfeiting.
Guess, currency fraud, drug market, cryptic general negative advertising has a significant impact on partner platform.
Token has utilities that exceed the speculative value to represent effective value targets between platforms, clients, agencies, contractors, suppliers, creators and others.
User BenefitsIf the customer pays using the token, the company will be more flexible to offer discounts. This is because the platform becomes a bonus token when each transaction is approved, not paying a transaction fee.
Users can purchase chips from the exchange market or market and transfer them to one of the ERC 20 compatible portfolios and use them on the platform.
When you join you will have a decent merit and will not be disappointed. This is because is full of professionals and can trust in your own field
Team ICO Project

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