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The advent of Internet technologies to the masses gave the society essentially endless opportunities for self-realization, training and earning, which often exceeds the size of the main one by a factor of ten.

Generally, the types of earnings can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Performing tasks for reward (copywriting exchanges, website development, program development, etc.).
  2. Blogs and advertising. Here, of course, everything depends on the volume of your audience, the more – the higher your revenue from views and advertising on the channel
  3. Trading and investment. This way of earning is able to bring easy money, but it involves a lot of risk, knowledge and understanding of how it all functions are important here.

In today’s article I   would like to talk about the third method in more detail, or rather about those solutions that make it less risky and popular.


The most effective investments now are investments in the crypto currency.There is already a sufficient number of platforms that allow “to merge into this topic,” but they do not offer high enough increments, and they do not really solve the basic problems of the industry, such as:

– a wide variety of tokens and crypto-currencies do not give you the opportunity to understand how best to invest your money now, which currencies start to grow, and which ones are not at all;

– the lack of initial knowledge of how to safely store tokens leads to the fact that people are being cheated and lose their money, disappointed in the phenomenon of crypto currency in general;

– Unfortunately, not all information from open sources about projects that use blocking is true, not to mention the paid advertising companies of obviously passing platforms, which eventually close before the end of sales

Forewarned – means armed ⚔ ️ I suggest that you get acquainted with theCoTrader project , which is able to solve all these existing problems.

about the project

CoTrader  positions itself as an open source crypto-investment fund, developed on the basis of blocking technology and using smart contracts in its work, which makes all information about transactions open and protected from theft and fraud.

The platform provides an opportunity to invest in many areas of our lives and into the future, through the  ICO  and the crypto currency. Everything depends only on the decision of the trader. The platform will give an accurate and complete picture of each project, helping to choose the best and most promising.   At the same time,  CoTrader  agrees to even pay dividends from your assets.

The main advantages of the platform are:

– Blocking technology, which in principle does not involve the intervention of anyone in the information, its modification or removal, ensuring the honesty and truthfulness of the data;

– together with the blockbuster comes transparency and openness to viewing all information about transactions

–  SmartTrader technology that supports all smart contracts that operate onEtherium ,  NEO ,  WanChain ,  EOS platforms  and some others;

– availability on the platform of only up-to-date and truthful information conducive to the correct investment of funds;

– decentralization and technical stability, as well as the lack of analogues

– the presence of an experienced team of developers who are knowledgeable in their field and ready to provide support to those in need

– support of cold wallets

– speed

The platform is so innovative in its niche that this list can be continued for a very, very long time.

About Token and  ICO

💰 The  CoTrader  also passes the  ICO , and here are its main points:

Token: COT

Platform: Ethereum ERC20

Issue of tokens: 100,000,000,000 COT

Price for token: 1 ETH = 1,000,000 COT

We accept: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH

Maximum sales target (HardCap): 10,000,000 USD

CoTrader is a potentially successful innovation project in the field of investment, using a block system that only enhances its advantages. You can, without doubting, say that the platform at the moment – one of the most haypovyh and knowingly successful!


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