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Welcome my dear friends. Your attention is invited to a unique project, People have always sought to earn more money to save up for a vacation, a new car, etc. Of course with the usual salary is problematic to do. Some people keep deposits in banks at a meager interest, others are looking for ways to earn more. Now there are many ways to increase income, and almost all are associated with investment activities. Someone buys shares of companies, various assets. People who keep up with the time, buy cryptocurrency and invest in ICO. There are methods of earning associated with high risk: these are financial pyramids, various lotteries, matrices for those who have a “talkative language”.

Many people wonder, where is it better to invest? To do this, invented investment funds, where people trust their money to professional investors. But what does this lead to? Now this area is very opaque, a lot of deception. Quite often, a financial pyramid is masked under the investment Fund.
When investing independently, there are also certain risks. For example, investing in ICO is also associated with high risk, no one gives a guarantee in the reliability of the company conducting such a company. Cryptocurrency and stocks are subject to volatility (especially the crypt) and there is a risk of devaluation of both the former and the latter.
In 2017, the project of the new investment Fund was presented for the first time by the crypto-investors team. The project is called CoTrader.

CoTrader is not just an investment Fund, but a whole transparent market of investment funds on the blockchain. Offers complete liquidity, asset control, security, privacy and proven return on investment. Supports cryptocurrency, ICO, stocks, shorts and all tradable assets through its internal cryptocurrency built on the anonymous SmartTrader protocols. The platform introduced a Smart contract technology that allows Fund managers to prove the return on investment in them and trading assets on behalf of the investor, ensuring that only the investor who invests will be able to withdraw them. Intellectual funds support ICO with discounts on group purchases, 1-time global sales of KYC and ICO through CoTrader DEX. SmartTrader CoTrader technology will be able to work on any Smart contract that supports Ethereum, EOS, NEO, WanChain, Hashgraph and other platforms.
The task of the CoTrader platform is to make funds available and figure out how they can be used in the digital world. Our goal is to provide people with the maximum return in minimum time and provide greater financial freedom. We give a detailed examination of the investors and provide them with the tools to quickly and easily make the right financial decisions.
As I said above, the platform will introduce its own HONEYCOMB token for internal turnover. Now, at the ICO stage, you can buy 1 million HONEYCOMB tokens for 1 Ethereum. With this token, you can make transactions on the platform, pay fees, make profits, interact with other platforms, and other features.
What other opportunities will the platform provide:
1 – CoTrader support the trade ICO. The platform will select those ICO, which have the prospect of development.
2-the platform will feature all assets traded on any exchanges using our strategy. Thus CoTrader supports cryptocurrency, shorts, options, etc.
3-Sotrader implements a decentralized Protocol that will be fast and secure with privacy support.
4-Sotrader will be built on its own blockchain, which will be fast and secure with support for Smart contracts
5 – of Course СoTrader this market for investment funds, the structure is built on a super-DEX. Also, there is a technology of Smart funds. This Protocol is designed to enhance anonymity and standardize tokens.
6-the Platform will support crypto-wallet of mobile devices.
Sum up. The CoTrader project team offered an original idea-to create your own investment Fund. This initiative will provide development in the field of investment and will give new opportunities to investors. Now the team has a road map, according to which future prospects are planned. After all, testing will begin in the summer of this year, and in the autumn new trading tools will be introduced.

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