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Hello Friend.., I will dedicate today’s brief overview to CoTrader project.

What is CoTrader project about…..
CoTrader enables the best investors to manage your funds. Unlike competing platforms, CoTrader offers cryptographically proven ROIs, privacy, and full control over your assets.

What is exactly special for CoTrader…
There is no other platform that has your privacy and security at heart. In technical terms: CoTrader’s patent-pending technology involves a custom zk-SNARKs protocol that extends privacy-preserving co-trading to cross-blockchain decentralized exchange mechanisms.
Because of CoTrader’s powerful network effects, loyalty rewards, real working demonstrated MVP, and first-mover-advantage with the solution to a widespread problem, it’s positioned to be a dominant protocol and novel ledger technology upon which all decentralized trading dApps could offer private trading and cotrading.

With CoTrader, when top-traders win, we all win…

Can you identify the differences between other algorithmic crypto trading platforms (cryptto ico, xtrd …) and CoTrader
CoTrader is different to those mentioned as CoTrader is a decentralized fund management platform. That means users can invest and manage others funds on CoTrader platform. The platforms listed in the question don’t offer this functionality.

Is there any major differences between CoTrader and Covesting
On the differences – one difference being that with Covesting you need to keep all your copy trading funds on centralized exchanges forever and ever until they get hacked.

If everybody would use cotrader then still there has to be someone who looses money, coz of one is not loosing one another and actually nobody (besides maybe CoTrader only) can win
This is an interesting philosophical point, but I think to get even 1% management of the altcoin market would be tremendous. I don’t think people are projecting 100% market capture. Even at 100% market capture, Traders can trade against each other.

CoTrader is a software designed for the crypto market, good; but for what reason are the tokens for..

 Do we get the software when buying these tokens, do I need tokens To use cotrader software, What are those tokens for…

The CoTrader software can be used for free. You use CoTrader via the Ethereum blockchain, which you can do through the site, another site using the cotrader protocol for free, or even directly through their wallets. The tokens are needed to use the full functionality of the system, especially to build up loyalty-rewards which can be very significant.
Anyone that long holds tokens can lease out their loyalty rewards to top traders and charge e.g 10% of what traders make, meaning believers can earn 100s of millions or more per year just for long holding tokens! Loyalty rewards also give up to 99% discount on cotrading and using advanced trading tools sold on our open platform

Does CoTrader have any direct competitors
Yes, but none that we know of are decentralized where you don’t need to send all your assets to 3rd party, especially not while maintaining trade privacy while being open on blockchain. The competitors are all basically copy-cats of each other, proving the market demand for this kind of cotrading idea – very intuitive.

CoTrader tokens and ICO
CoTrader Token (COT) is an Ethereum based token that can be stored in any electronic wallet supporting ERC20 tokens.

Ticker name: COT
Token standard: ERC20
Total Cap: 100 Billion
Hard Cap: $10M or 20B (20%) of tokens
Main sale price: 1 ETH = 700,000 COT
Public pre sale: July 1
Public main sale: August 1

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