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people understand perfectly that their savings must be damp. Where is it only here? Where is it safer to invest? Today I will answer this question, because of the new CoTrader project.

CoTrader is not only an investment fund, but a transparent and safe investment fund market based on blocking technology. All your investments will be fully secure and CoTrader guarantees this. This project offers complete liquidity, control and security of your assets, providing proven confidentiality and profitability for all your investments. This platform supports almost all types of investments. Now you can safely invest your money in ICOs, crypto currencies, assets of several companies and more, using CoTrader’s domestic currency, get their dividends later. In this platform there is a “Smart contract” technology, which allows you to invest your money only in successful companies, which in turn will prove to you, the profitability of investments in projects, stocks, currencies, etc. It also guarantees you that your savings are only yours and no one can delete them except yourself. There is a SmartTrader CoTrader technology that supports every “smart contract” that runs on the following platforms: Ethereum, EOS, NEO, WanChain, Hashgraph and many others

PROBLEM: Many cryptos and ICOs have 1000x returns in 2 years or less, with more cryptos producing 10 to 100x in just a few weeks. The problem is that investing in cryptos and ICO can be very complicated and time-consuming. Most people don’t lose money on the bull market on bad projects with emotional trading or rush. Investors are overwhelmed by thousands of ongoing cryptos and ICO projects. Even spending 24 hours per day will not be enough time for experienced investors with deep technical, investment and other skills to appropriately assess the entire crypto market.

SOLUTION: CoTrader solves complicated problems in investing. CoTrader supports cryptos and aims to support all assets such as stocks, options, and other derivatives. CoTrader is building the first platform that is truly decentralized and reliable that allows users to invest and manage onchain funds. This fund, known as the Smart Fund, is managed by fund managers who trade asset funds in a decentralized exchange (DEXs). Successful fund managers receive a percentage of the profits they make for their investors. Investors still control their money and can save and withdraw any funds at any time.

Our mission
Our goal is to help people realize the financial freedom by maximizing investment returns in a minimum of time. We connect investors from both sides of the spectrum of expertise for their mutual benefits. We democratize investment funds for the creative world with fewer limits.

Problems with the investment platform at the moment:

Some people save their savings at the bank, considering this method is the safest. But don’t forget that banks can easily go bankrupt and your savings won’t go anywhere. Even if this does not happen, people’s interest in saving their money in the bank leaves much to be desired. There is also an unlimited amount of investment funds. Each of them offers them or another perspective for their depositors. Some people trust their money for professional investors. Some of them follow time and invest in cryptocurrencies. But in these areas, there are many problems that are not pleasant enough and therefore you can lose your money. I will tell you in more detail about some of the investment methods and their problems:

1. Independent investment:
With independent investment, you can lose some or all of your assets, because you are not a professional and do not know where and how to invest better. This concerns investment funds and investments in ICO projects. Given that not every project can succeed, you cannot choose a truly promising project, without having experience and knowledge.

2. To entrust your money to professionals:
Of course, you can entrust your savings to professionals who can profitably invest your money in projects that are needed. But don’t forget that in this area there are scammers who can only steal you. Likewise, basically, nothing will give you a guarantee that your money not only makes money but remains intact.

3. Invest in cryptocurrencies:
Each cryptocurrency, like other currencies, has the ability to go up and down prices. You can burn in the field. Also, in this investment field, fraud is huge. Enough, you can steal your money if you don’t know all the nuances of storing cryptocurrency and have not taken the necessary security measures.

Tasks of the platform:

CoTrader places itself as the main task, to provide maximum returns on their investments to people, for minimum time, to provide security and financial freedom. CoTrader also provides investors with expertise data from certain companies, which allows them to make decisions about their investments quickly and competently. CoTrader provides a huge spectrum of investment opportunities. You can invest your money, practically, anywhere. This only includes the most successful ICO projects, assets, cryptocurrencies, options, and more. Another important factor is the decentralized CoTrader platform, which allows you to perform certain operations quickly, almost anywhere in the world. The platform also plans to support crypto tices from mobile devices.

ICO Details:
Token name: COT
Platform: Ethereum
standard sign: ERC20
the number of tokens issued: 100,000,000,000 COT
Price per sign: 1 ETH = 1,000,000 COT
Payment: ETH, The BTC, LTC, a BCH
soft stamp: –
close Hard: 10,000,000 USD
Hasil gambar untuk cotrader bounty

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