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Recently, more information is spreading about the crypto currency, the rate of which is not directly tied to the economy of any country. Every day the crypto currency becomes more popular, as it has a huge number of advantages and more investors appear. But not everyone has an idea about this currency as a whole.
All investors want stability and confidence in the future. But, nevertheless, they depend on the market price, which they can not predict. The impossibility of predicting, with any probability, a financial future has led to the creation of some kind of insurance, that is, hedging. The Countinghouse project is working on this.

Information about the project
Countinghouse is a direct hedge fund, based on Blockchain technology. Hedging is a measure aimed at insurance of risks in financial markets. That is, hedging is an agreement to buy or sell currency or goods at a certain price in the future, in order to minimize the risk of unforeseen fluctuations in the market price for this hedging facility in the future. Knowing at what price a deal will occur in the future, both subjects insure themselves against sudden price fluctuations. This fund uses encryption technology to verify every exchange and authentication of property that combines traditional fund methodology with new digital market opportunities. This allows you to safely manage funds with a great speed of modern encrypted currency exchange.
The goal of the Countinghouse Fund project is to involve a large number of investors, launching its new crypto fund to contribute to the further legitimization of the crypto currency as the currency of the future, as many countries do not recognize the crypto currency.
Countinghouse is the world’s first algorithmic crypto currency fund. The project uses encoded algorithms and mathematical methods to derive profit from the pricing of price volatility and movement in the foreign exchange market, while preserving the confidentiality and anonymity of investors. Also, the investor can independently check his tokens on the exchange. Investors can create their own and come up with their own algorithms. Countinghouse
Foundationsuggests that file sharing algorithms will increase the fund by 70-120% per year, and their updated crypto-algorithms will be able to give over the last little more than 600%.
Also participants in the sale of tokens are required to perform KYC.
Positive is that the project does not have Soft Sap.


  • Use of algorithmic methodology.
  • Permanent income from market fluctuations in foreign exchange markets.
  • Remuneration of early investors.
  • Legitimization of the crypto currency.
  • Complete confidentiality and anonymity of investors.
  • High profitability of investors.
  • The ability to check tokens on the exchange.
  • Financial flexibility.
  • Use of new trading principles.
  • Stability of investments.

    Tokens Countinghouse – ERC20 are standard markers, which are publicly available.
    The minimum purchase requirement is 0.001 ETH for both pre-sale and for the sale of the primary token.
    Name: CHT
    Price: 1 ETH = 1000CHT
    Tokens allocated for ICO: 14,585,000 CHT
    Hard Cap: 20,000,000 CHT
    Dates of Token Sale: 05/15/2018 – 12/06/2018
    Crypto currency for investment: ETH

    Since Countinghouselooking for more investors to join them in the transition to the crypto-currency markets, the high profitability of these exchanges will add many investors. The project will help minimize the risk, insure against losses. A huge advantage that will make it promising is the desire to legitimize the crypto currency. So Countinghouse is a global fund that uses new methods to profit from unstable markets.

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