It is spring time , I was at the café setting alone thinking of my next holiday , the countries I will visit ,my budget for my tour , exchanges and how & with what currency I will pay . suddenly one of my friends put his hand on my shoulder and said “why you are so upset “

I told him about what I was thinking of ,the he offered to help me and started to explain to me how the new revolution of blockchain changed many aspects related to every day use.

I said to my friend , I know that the tourism industryis experiencingrapid growth every year,but there is a lot of problems in this industry such as

1-intermediaries and service providers represents a negative external effect since both intermediaries and service providers strive to maximize profits, making tourism an expensive way for out border holidays .

2- depreciation of currencies due to exchanges greed .

3) International money transfers.

4) Privacy and security of my private information that I will provide . travel companies with.

My friend said all these problems are gone forever thanks to the new technology and CoinTour !!.

I said what is CoinTour ?

He said, CoinTour platform is a decentralized platform, created on the basis of Ethereum, for the implementation of innovations in the field of tourism. This platform is a universal means not only for travelers, but also for all participants in the tourism industry. This can be both an ordinary customer looking for a vacation spot and a travel agency that can provide a full range of services. The CoinTour platform will be created as an Internet reservation system for homes, cars, tickets, etc.. in a database that will contain tens of thousands of ads from around the world for every taste and purse. It will be available in several languages, with 24/7 customer support. It will provide opportunities for hotel, hostel or small landlords’ reviews from travelers, and based on which relevant ratings will be formed according to different criteria.

I said how this will impact on tourism ?

He said , In the near future, all travel agencies will have to become software developers to adapt to the rapid changes in the technological landscape of the industry. Both providers and sellers of travel services must accept the new reality based on technology.

New World with its new installation requires a change in the system and resources that we use. That is why we would like to present to you a universal platform for tourism CoinTour.

This project can help you plan your trips in advance as soon as possible and without difficulty. Byconnecting the tourism industry to the blockchain, we will simplify the trip, reduce its price and make it safer. We provide services to our customers, so we always focus on the particular attitude to the service.

The benefits of this project include:

– Anonymity and security — there is no central authority and record personal information..

– Speed — CoinTour works on the basis of Ethereum platform. The average duration of the confirmation is about 16 seconds.

low fees — the average fee per transaction

– limited offer — the total offer is limited — the maximum possible amount of 100million coins

– innovation is a new type of payment using popular services.

– lightness — your payments have not been so simple

– mobility

I said what is Token CoinTour ?

He said , Here is the token specification:

Name: CoinTour

Symbol: COT

Total amount: 100000000

Decimals: 8

I said how can I buy Token CoinTour ?

He said you can get Token CoinTour through the ICO

I said what is the details of Token CoinTour ICO ?

He said the stages are

Token Presale ICO

Dates 26.03.18–09.04.18 Round 1

14800000 COT available Price 1 COT= 0.0000625 ETH Presale Bonus 40%

Dates 30.04.18–10.05.18

18500000 COT available Price 1 COT= 0.0001 ETH Round 1 Bonus 25%

Round 2

Dates 10.05.18–20.05.18

18500000 COT available Price 1 COT= 0.0001 ETH Round 2 Bonus 15%

Round 3

Dates 20.05.18–30.05.18

22220000 COT available

Price 1 COT= 0.0001 ETH

I gave to my friend my drink and stood up

He said “where are you going “?

I said “ preparing my self to a good tourism tour around the world thanks to CoinTour

for more information about the token please visit:

whitepaper :

facebook :

telegram :

twitter :;u=1764091


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