CoVEX is unvailing a hub for all digital trading in cryptocurrency


The best part of trading on the blockchain paradigm is essentially the best place of digital exchange. It is a one stop trading platform. The Covex blockchain technology platform is a one trade digital platform. it includes all the essentials of cryptocurrency exchange, social trading paradigm P2P loan, Margin trading and lending operations plus payment gateways which includes prepaid cards and ICO underwriting services for the users.  The Covex represents the dynamic front of digital currency exchange sequence in general.

•About Us(Covex).

The covex is a platform stance on building the blockchain nexus of starts-ups and medium-large businesses which will depend solely on the Covex for business decision making process. The platform is decentralized and a basic collection of experts in their different fields such as traders, developers, analysts and investors who understand the unique place and feature framework of the blockchain innovative evangelist paradigm shift in technology advancements and structure. Furthermore, the platform uses the ERC223 Ethereum paradigm coupled with Ethereum token and coin paradigm for the users to trade crypto currencies on the coin market. It also enables groupings for coin and crypto trading in general. Thus, Covex establishes the synergy strength for financial decisions and prosperity by users when using the blockchain paradigm.

•The Covex Services.

The Covex team has designed a well functional stable financial crypto currency platform. it establishes it to provide users with the best form of services. These services are embedded into idea sharing and social networking sequence via the using of the blockchain node. Covex provides a combined hybrid security trading system with enormous trading tools, market updates etc for the users.

-The Covex provides “Crypto-currency Exchange services.

-It also provides “Social trading platform” for user trading processes and options.

– Marginal Trading and lending for users

-P2P Loan Service( it is Peer-to-peer loan Service among users)

-Payment Gateway and a

– Covex Prepaid Card services.


-The System Security.

The Covex system is designed to run on a 24/7 days functionality phase. The platform is robust in its system design using the SSL encrypted structure and HTTPS 2-factor authentication and IPs construct for safety of daily user transactions.

-Trading Discount.

The Covex provides users with up to 3000 covex tokens or coins the benefit and entitlement of 50% discount when trading and selling are done or carried out on the platform. This creates the right profit gain and usage-ability of token coinage for users on the investment generally.

-Invitation Bonus and Referrals Commission.

The Covex provides a 10% bonus commission fee added to any user who provides and invites someone on the platform. The user is rewarded handsomely.

-Reward and Loyalty Programs.

The user who uses Covex system and holds coin earns a whopping 50% bonus ratings for all transactions and dealings on the Covex platform. This reward system allows for more earning of tokens by users on the platform.

-Professional Support to Platform Users.

The Covex platform provides a 24/7 response to any user challenge encountered for referrals, dealings and trading in general on the platform.

-Mobile and Desktop Applications.

The Covex offers a sync for both its mobile and desktop applications which makes it easy for the users to access and trade uniquely on the go. This means that no form of hindrances or issues will prevent the trading and operational dealings of the Covex users.


The Covex blockchain technology platform offers its roadmap details for users as to inform them of the Covex team achievements, goals, aims and project timeline-milestones.  The platform can be accessed by users and investors at Furthermore, the figure below depicts the detail outline of the Covex platform roadmap.




Whitepaper: Full Feb 2018.pdf?dl=0





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