Crassula Capital ICO

Crassula Capital is an investment Partnership whose goal is to maximize profits with minimal risks. A partner of Crassula Capital means an investor which becomes the owner of Token(s) named “Crassula Capital Token” (hereinafter referred to as “Crass”) during the initial offering (ICO), as well as in case of purchase of Crass on the secondary market.

Crass gives Partners equal rights during the entire term of ownership of Crass, starting the time of purchase and until the sale (repayment) of Crass.

The Initial Crass Offering (ICO) is carried out in order to attract investors to Crassula Capital.

Investor’s participation in ICO means :

* agreement with the terms and conditions of the offer agreement of Crassula Capital
(hereinafter referred to as, the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”).

* submission of an application for the ICO of Crassula Capital

* payment for Crass.

For participation in the ICO, investors (Partners) receive Bonuses (cashback), which are paid in the Ethereum crypto-currency at the conclusion of the ICO.

In addition to the bonus program, a bounty advertising campaign exists to promote the ICO. It is designed for the participation of third parties, including investors.

No additional emission of Crass is provided.

The assets of Crassula Capital consist of crypto-currencies, tokens, cash and precious metals, as defined in Crassula Capital’s Investment Strategy.

Assets have the market valuation, The market value of assets is public information and can be easily verified by third parties. The Net Assets Value (NAV) of Crassula Capital is determined in US Dollars in accordance with the NAV procedure calculation.

The financial performance of Crassula Capital is determined on NAV as of the end and beginning of the reporting period (quarter).


First. The Partner is entitled to a stake/share in Crassula Capital proportionally to the amount of its Crass and exercises this right during the term of possession of Crass.

Second. Partners are paid the distributed part of the profit from the increase in the NAV of Crassula Capital on a quarterly basis.

Third. Partner can submit an investment proposals to Crassula Capital for its consideration. In the case of an approved investment by the Management team, the funds of Crassula Capital will be invested accordingly.

Fourth. The upon ICO completion and distribution of Crass, the Partner receives a bonus (cashback) for participating in the bonus program

Fifth. The Partner has the right to withdraw from Crassula Capital by selling Crass on the open market or under Crassula Capital’s buy-back program.



  • Crass is distributed on the Ethereum platform in accordance with the ERC20 standard and stored on the Ethereum wallets that support this protocol.
  • A complete list of wallets is available on the website of Crassula Capital, as well as in the personal account of the investor (Partner).
  • Crass is determined up to 6 decimal points. The smallest point is 0.000001 Crass.
  • The Crass smart contract is placed on the official repository of Crassula Capital on GitHub. The publication of Crass smart contract is announced on 17 Jan 2018, one week before the ICO
  • The “nominal” value of Crass on the ICO is fixed to the 100 USD.

” The ICO of Crassula Capital is carried out in accordance with the principles proposed by Jason Teutsch and Vitalik Buterin in September 2017. They are designed to protect the interests of investors during the term of the ICO and in the lifetime of Crassula Capital until its liquidation. In our case, this is market pricing, unlimited emissions and the right to buy back (after the ICO)”.
Crassula Capital carries out the initial sale of Crass to investors at the website of the ICO Crassula Capital )

The ICO proceeds within 51 calendar days where :

  • January 23, 2018 is the first day of receipt of applications and payment for Crass, ICO beginning date.
  • March 15, 2018 is the last day for receipt of applications, ICO completion date

During the entire ICO period the single selling price of Crass is effective. One Crass costs 100 US Dollars.

Payment for Crass is conducted in crypto-currencies. The following crypto-currencies are accepted for payment for Crass:

Bitcoin, Ethereum are accepted for payment directly, other crypto currencies and tokens are to be converted in online account with ShapeShift System ( During payment.

the payment is recalculated from the crypto-currency into US Dollars at the weighted average exchange rate according to the data available with
Standard requirements apply to all ICO investors of Crassula Capital, regardless of the amount and time of participation in the ICO. The Management team may participate in the ICO on the common grounds. To participate in the ICO the investor is obliged to :
  • Register/log-in in personal account at the website http://с, At the time of registration, unique addresses of wallets are created in the Bitcoin and Ethereum system. 
  • Confirm the agreement of Crassula Capital offer (TERMS AND CONDITIONS).
  • Credit the payment funds, the crypto-currency, to your personal wallet at Crassula Capital. 
  • The maximum amount is not limited, tokens can be purchased additionally during the ICO. 
  • After the ICO is complete you can withdraw tokens on any Ethereum address.

In this regard, acceptance of the offer, submission of an application, crediting of the means of payment and payment of Crass goes through the investor’s personal account.

Emission of Crass 
Crass are distributed at the completion of the ICO, based on the amount of funds raised and subject to the minimum threshold for ICO. The amount of the last one is determined as 10,000 Crass.
In case where, upon completion of the ICO, 10,000 Crass or more are sold out, the Crass are credited to the accounts of investors in their personal accounts; investors become partners of Crassula Capital and the ICO is recognized as having taken place.
In case where less than 10,000 Crass are sold at the completion of the ICO, the ICO will be considered invalid and all funds will be returned to investors after deduction of commissions for transactions.

Links to the fees &

Key parameters of the ICO

Distribution of Crass.


100% of Crass output after ICO are transferred to the Investor (Crassula Capital Partner) accounts. Crass are distributed in accordance with investors applications the next day after the ICO completion.


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