Crassula Capital is an investment Partnership whose goal is to maximize profits with
minimal risks. It may happen that the old days of private money and armies (pirates) are coming back. And all the external signs are already visible. Moreover, with its appearance, the national currencies will completely disappear. Judging by the reaction of business and investment banks, this is their chance and the situation is close to its conclusion.

Nevertheless, despite the dramatic difference in interests and approaches, both private and state institutions have taken the path of legalizing their crypto-currencies. Investment Partnership “Crassula Capital” (Crassula Capital) is not bound by any obligations to either side of these revolutionary processes. It is ready to
work on a long term, consistently and efficiently in any direction and with all players of the crypto-currencies world. The main goal for Crassula Capital is to follow the chosen investment strategy, market conditions and price trends. Therefore, the purpose of the work of Crassula Capital is to increase the capitalization of Crassula Capital. Based on that, the main tasks of Crassula Capital, for the benefit of its Partners, are the following:

*Analysis of the investment potential of the crypto-currencies;
*Initial analysis of the investment potential of promising start-ups in the fintech field on the crypto-currency market;
*Risk analysis related to the crypto-currencies market regulation;
*Investment portfolio management, including:
*Conducting speculative transactions on the crypto-currency market;
*Investing in promising fintech companies;


Crass is distributed on the Ethereum platform in accordance with the ERC20 standard and stored on the Ethereum wallets that support this protocol. A complete list of wallets is available on the website of Crassula Capital, as well as in the personal account of the investor (Partner). Crass is determined up to 6 decimal points.
The smallest point is 0.000001 Crass. The “nominal” value of Crass on the ICO is fixed to the 100 USD. The Crass smart contract is placed on the official repository of Crassula Capital on GitHub. The publication of Crass smart contract is announced on 17 Jan 2018, one week before the ICO.

Benefits of partnership

Crassula Capital has more opportunities than a private investor, minimizes risks and transaction costs and builds an effective strategy for speculative trading and long-term investment.
The strategy of Crassula Capital is pragmatic and includes two investment plans: Base and Conservative. You can get acquainted with the investment strategy on the basis of which the investment partnership will work.



If you share our views and approaches, then our Partnership is for you.
Crassula Capital will become a bridge to the future for you and your capital, which we
call reality. It is a consent to the collective management of assets, which is more
reliable than the experience and intuition of one. If you have not become an adept of the world of crypto-currencies yet then think what the founders and holders of bitcoin and ethereum are certain in.
They lost confidence in the world of monies. What you see in everyday life is outdated
ideas and approaches that no one needs anymore. Neither the state, nor business
needs it. Only people sometimes hold on to old and habitual things to the very end, not realizing that the world has changed without their will, struggle or participation.


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