Crassula Capital is an Investment Solution

Crassula Capital is a Partnership investment whose goal is to maximize profits with minimal risk. The partner of Crassula Capital means the investor who owns the Token named “Crassula Capital Token” (hereafter “Crass”) during the initial offer (ICO), and also for the purchase of Crass on the secondary market. Crass grants the Partners the same rights during all of Crass’s ownership, commences at the time of purchase and until the sale (settlement) of Crass.Have you ever invested in a business? who will be the insurer if your investment loses? how you will recover yourself if you have lost.


questions like this always haunt investors at any time will make an investment because there are not many institutions of investment especially in the world of crypto currency.
this time I will discuss about a platform that will solve the problem.

Crassula Capital grants the Partners the same rights during all of Crass’s ownership, commences at the time of purchase and until the sale (settlement) of Crass.
Investor participation in ICO means:

agreement with the terms and conditions of the offer agreement of Crassula Capital (hereinafter referred to as “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”), submission of ICO Crassula Capital application, payment to Crass.

To participate in ICO, investors (Partners) receive a Cashback, which is paid in Crypto Ethics at the end of ICO.


Capital Partners Crassula has the following rights:

– First. Partners are entitled to get shares / shares in Crassula Capital in proportion to the amount of its Crass and exercise this right during the period of ownership of Crass.
– Second. Partners are paid a distributed portion of the increase of NAB Capital Crassula every three months.
– Third. Partners may submit investment proposals to Crassula Capital for consideration. In case of investment approved by the Management team, the Crassula Capital fund will be invested accordingly.
– Fourth. Upon completion of ICO and Crass distribution, Partner receives a bonus (cashback) to participate in the bonus program.
– Fifth. Partners have the right to withdraw from Crassula Capital by selling Crass on the open market or following Crassula Capital’s repurchase program.


Control Compliance with Crassula Capital means a set of risk management tools in the framework:
– organizing internal activities;
– organizing investment activities.
Compliance control focuses on creating an easy-to-understand and effective mechanism for identifying risks at an early stage and responding in the necessary ways.
Therefore, within the framework of organizing internal activities, Crassula Capital developed the following internal documents:
– Company Code of Ethics, which is the basic policy that affects almost all aspects of the activity of Crassula Capital:
moral and ethical principles, standards of conduct, priorities of Crassula Capital and team roles;
– Money laundering policies, which prevent the penetration of criminal proceeds into the Crassula Capital project portfolio and prevent the financing of terrorism;
– A data privacy policy means not disclosing data about Partners and its transactions. The policy implies not only the formation of a common culture of data handling but also the principle of acceptance and feedback processing from Partners;
– trade control policies that govern trading operation control procedures, adherence to restrictions, stop-loss, take-profit and certain types of transaction restrictions depending on market conditions.
In the framework of its investment activity, Crassula Capital applies a set of measures for various types of investment objects, which complete the task of comprehensive analysis for the benefit of Partners in the following areas:
– Market research, product / service prospects proposed for investment;
– Potential business plans that answer questions about project profitability and returns;
– Roadmap of project implementation;
– Current financial statements in case of investments in the project at the implementation stage;
– Arrangements with affiliated persons;
– Technical reports, if the object of investment is a participant of the crypto currency market;
– Intangible assets, intellectual property: licenses, patents, trademarks, trade names and copyrights;
– Primary tangible assets if any: title documents for real estate and property, identification of real estate and assets;
– Contractual contracts, if there is a purchase / sale agreement, contract with employees and consultants, lease agreements, license agreements and franchise agreements, loan agreements, shareholder agreements, sponsorship agreements, employment agreements, agreements with senior management, collateral agreements or other agreements . ;
– Information about founders and teams; Court process.
We are aware of the fact that there is an invisible limit by which compliance function is not only an instrument to minimize risk but also limits the commercial component of Crassula Capital and we express our confidence to understand the configuration of the most harmonious compliance control function. , with a view of global practice and the internal expertise of the Crassula Capital Management team.


– Crassula Capital is a virtual system (not a legal entity) created for collective investment and that does register decentralized on the Blockchain platform.
– Crassula Capital is an innovative software solution that is not subject to regulations in any jurisdiction worldwide today.
– Current legislation or statutory regulations do not apply to both Crassula Capital and its activities.
Therefore, within the existing legislative framework, Crassula Capital and its activities can not be considered as securities and / or financial instruments.
– Crassula Capital is actively studying the legal aspects and will continue its activities to fully legalize and create a legal framework for the successful development of Crassula Capital.
– Crassula Capital establishes contacts and consults with regulators, institutions and officials around the world in jurisdictions where specific “Sandbox” regulations are made actively for Blockchain and crypto currency and where motivating legislation is used to develop e-commerce and infrastructure.
– In order to act within the legal framework and to comply fully with applicable law, Crassula Capital will choose the most profitable jurisdiction around the world for the development of its activities.
– To protect the interests of Partners and maintain their investment attractiveness, the Crassula Capital Management team will seek to establish legal structures such as Switzerland’s “Digital Investment Partnership with Limited Liability” or other jurisdictions.
– To apply the goals and strategies of Crassula Capital and to create the conditions necessary to work in the world market, all necessary legal steps will be taken, including the creation of corporate structures and the receipt of licenses and licenses.
– Crassula Capital may not provide assurance regarding the legality of Crassula Capital’s operations in certain jurisdictions due to the nature of retrospective regulatory acts, but will react and cooperate with their regulatory authorities and representatives as necessary.
Initial Crass Offering (ICO) was conducted to attract investors to Crassula Capital.


Investor participation in ICO means:

1. Agreement with the terms and conditions of the offer agreement of Crassula
2. Capital (hereinafter referred to as “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”),
3. The submission of ICO’s request for Crassula Capital,
4. Payment for Crass

To participate in ICO, investors (Partners) receive a Cashback, which is paid in Crypto Ethics at the end of ICO. In addition to bonus programs, gift advertising campaigns exist to promote ICO. It is designed for third party participation, including investors. No additional emissions from Crass are provided. The Crassula Capital Asset consists of crypto, tokens, cash and precious metals, as defined in the Crassula Capital Investment Strategy. Assets have market valuation. Asset market value is public information and can be easily verified by a third party. The Net Asset Value (NAB) of Crassula Capital is determined in US Dollars in accordance with the calculation of the NAV procedure.

Crassula Capital made initial sales of Crass to investors on the ICO Crassula Capital site

ICO runs within 51 calendar days where:

– January 18, 2018 is the first day of application acceptance and payment of Crass, ICO start date.
– March 10, 2018 is the last day of application receipt, date of completion of ICO.
During the ICO period, Crass’s single selling price was effective. One Crass cost $ 100.

Payment for Crass is done in crypto currency.

– The following crypto currency received for the payment of Crass: Bitcoin Cass, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dash, Zcash, Aragon and others.
– Bitcoin, Ethereum accepted for direct payments, other crypto currencies and tokens will be converted in online account with ShapeShift System.
– Crass is distributed at the completion of the ICO, based on the amount of funds submitted and subject to the minimum threshold for ICO. The last number is determined as 10,000 Crass.
– If less than 10,000 Crass are sold upon settlement of ICO, ICO will be considered invalid and all funds will be returned to the investor after deducting commission for the transaction.
– Increase in NAB (profit) Crassula Capital is calculated based on the results of the reporting period (quarterly), based on public data on the activity of Crassula Capital.

The advantages of distributing as follows:

– 50% stay in Crassula Capital assets, increase Crass value;
– 25% payable to partners Crassula Capital (owner of Crass);
– 25% goes to the Crassula Capital Management Team.


More Info:

– Website – White Paper – Presentation – ANN –


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