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It is well known from statistic record that the number of cryptocurrency users grows by millions every month all over the world, but yet less than 1% of merchants accept payments in cryptocurrency. Crassula capital is here to fill the gap by making cryptocurrency usage easy and essential in everyday payments for goods and services, online and at retail point of sale. The major aim of the crassula platform is to make the lives of thousands of business owners and millions of people all over the world easier, giving them the freedom of paying with cryptocurrency. Crassula capital is a fully decentralized payments system, where transactions are processed in the most transparent and secure environment, eliminating fraud and charge backs. Crassula Capital is an investment partnership whose goal is to maximize profits with minimal risks. All transactions are processed in a private blockchain, with anchoring in a public blockchain; this makes them irrevocable, protecting against double-spending and unilateral changes. The platform has some features like crassula wallet, crassula pay. The crassula wallet is a secure and convenient tool kit that allows cryptocurrencies to be held, pay for goods and services, and send transfers and more. The crassula pay helps in accepting payments online and offline with the most popular digital currencies like Bitcoins, Litcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more. Current and potential beneficiaries include online shops and platforms, small and big retail shops, bakeries and coffee houses, garage sales and farmers markets. Crassula capital will empower any kind of business to accept payments from the fastest-growing community. Using blockchain technologies and digital currencies allows the implementation of fully-featured, user-friendly payments in 100% safe and transparent environment. important component of Crassula capital platform is a decentralized exchange, which supports issued tokens from participants. It also supports trading between cryptocurrencies. Crassula capital platform will create a network of counterparties working within open ledger private blockchain and having the netting transactions that appear in a decentralized system, transparent and secure. A partner of Crassula capital means an investor which becomes the owner of Token(s) named Crassula Capital Token called crass, during the initial crass offering (ICO), as well as in case of purchase of Crass on the secondary market. When an investor participates in the ICO, he or she receives bonuses, which are paid in the Ethereum cryptocurrency at the conclusion of the ICO. The assets of Crassula Capital consist of crypto-currencies, tokens, cash and precious metals. The Initial Crass Offering (ICO) is carried out in order to attract investors to Crassula Capital. Crass is distributed on the Ethereum platform in accordance with the ERC20 standard and stored on the Ethereum wallets that support this protocol. The initial crass offering of this platform will start on the 18th of January, 2018 and it will end on the 10th of March, 2018. During the entire ICO period one crass will be equivalent to 100 US Dollars. The following cryptocurrencies will be accepted as a means of payment for Crass during the ICO period: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dash, Zcash, Aragon. Bitcoin, Ethereum will be accepted for payment directly; other cryptocurrencies and tokens are to be converted in online account with Shape Shift System. Hurry now and partner with this life changing project. There is transparency is this platform in the sense that partners or investors can find all data about the operations of Crassula Capital, have access to account exchanges and transaction logs is provided by personal online account. The Crassula platform website will also publish quarterly reports on the value of net assets and the structure of the investment portfolio.



In addition, you will be in this partnership and to affect some investment decisions, in expressing their opinions and arguments. All the data on remittances of the project will be available to each partner the access to information for read operations on the stock exchanges platform, so you will always know about all the movements of portfolio capital through your personal account, which distinguishes this product from many others available that are sometimes hidden from its customers all these data.

I am an active investor in many cryptocurrencies and am just grateful this opportunity of great earnings, most of them already given by 1000-3000% profit for the year and also plan to use knowledge of the team of this wonderful project and to trust them. The blockchain technology opens up large expanses of earnings, investment absolutely every person with any amount of practice.

ICO project starts on 18 January 2018 and you can take part. Detailed information about the investment strategy can be found in this document Will accept the following cryptocurrencies:

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