CREDITO: Decentralized Global Financial Decisioning Platform.

According to a report by Nilson1, in the year 2016, the losses due to the forgery due to the credit card fraud has amounted to $21.8 billion in 2015. It has increased with a percentage of 162 from the 2010 figure which was $8 billion. The saddening part is that these losses from 2016 are already predicted to be over $24 billion, and these losses are expected to reach $31 billion by 2020. The total value of credit and debit card transactions was $31 trillion in 2015. The rapid increase in the frauds related to credit and debit cards has made the users more conscious and less confident.

Also, these increasing numbers prove a threat as well as a challenge to both the users and the authorities respectively.
Many efforts have been made by the made by banks, card issuers, and merchants made to get rid of the assaulters but despite the efforts, fraud continues to grow faster than the use of credit cards. Data breaches have resulted in more card details being leaked and misused, and the growth in online shopping has been a stimulus for these ecommerce frauds.


Credito is bringing to the table a decentralized crypto collateralized crypto lending marketplace. It will enhance interaction between lenders and borrowers, irrespective of the physical boundaries. This will aid in removing spatial constraints and will also lessen the traditional lending costs and management fees. The aim here is to create a better credit marketplace available today.

Credito is a decentralized global financial decisioning platform to help financial institutions to analyze the worthiness of the credit cards, of an individual or an entity. Credito Score is maintained by Credito, which helps in judging the profile of the credit card holders. It can also be given to people without a credit history or a bank account. Credito Transaction Scores help the institutions to identify and prevent financial fraud.

Credito brings financial inclusion to the “Credit Invisibles” by providing precise and reliable credit scores. Credito is developing a Global Financial Decisioning Platform. It will help the credit industry to ensure that the companies may identify fraudulent transactions as they happen, allowing the industry to take wise and safe decisions.

Why Credito?

  1. Safe, transparent and extensible system:
    Credito is built for the community. We value the community and will engage continually with data scientists, domain experts, academics, and security experts for peer review. They encourage testing, audits, and formal proofs of security, all with the aim of creating a platform whose robustness and security can support future innovations.
  2. Decentralization:
    Decentralization is not only the foundation of the tamperproof properties of blockchains, but the basis of their permissionless nature. By continuing to build decentralized systems, they aim to further enable permissionless development within Credito. They believe that decentralization is a crucial component for a globally thriving ecosystem with long-term sustainability.
  3. Modularity for simple and flexible system design:
    They appreciate the philosophy of building small tools which do one thing well. Simple components can be easily reasoned about and thus securely combined into larger systems. They believe that modularity not only enables upgradable systems, but facilitates decentralization.
    The platform will soon achieve new heights and will conquer the world of online security. Also, the use of blockchain technology gives it a novel touch.

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