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Credit is a decentralized credit analysis network that provides credit scores, transaction costs and credit markets supported by Ethereal, Intellectual and IPFS contracts, increasing transparency and reliability.
The introduction of credit markets is decentralized and provides links between creditors and borrowers living all over the world. It removes physical barriers and reduces traditional borrowing and administrative costs. Visit


At that time, the mandates were granted to maintain the risk profile of the Creator and offer better interest rates for the network. If the creator wants to quickly meet the loan request, he can place an order with previously reduced interest rates.

Token network card

Receivables include the ERC20 token, which functions as a currency, a management mechanism and a premium system with credit. The Credit will be able to set prices and receive payments for its services in the form of loans — the use of indicators. All credit participants must pay royalties for the use of the loan, which will be burned if the residual loan application can increase. , The total amount of loans burned on each transaction is directly proportional to the decrease in the offer.

It also depends on the exchange rate set by the network, which controls the inventory, market conditions and exchange rates at any time of payment. The fees for borrowers and lenders vary according to the level of the transaction, we estimate the value of 0.5%. All three parties can integrate the Credit Analytic Engine or from the outside
Credit Network for Banking creates credit risk by identifying future fraudulent transactions so that industry can make informed decisions. Although financial institutions are widely recognized as one of the most regulated sectors, they remain scammers. The consequences of this fraud are insignificant, leading to financial disasters for banks and customers. Although financial institutions are actively involved in reducing fraud and fraud costs, they still lack the true global intelligence of all known frauds and compromises.

According to the 2016 Nilson report, the loss of credit card cheats amounted to $ 2,015–2.8 billion. The United States, which is 162% more than the 2010 figure, has reached up to 8 billion dollars. United States of America. The losses for 2016 are expected to reach more than $ 24 billion and losses estimated at $ 31 billion by 2020.

Global credit intelligence is under the control of several credit bureaus, and it is often claimed that their scoring models are outdated, flawed and not portable as they are specific to a country or region. “More than one in five consumers have a ‘potentially significant error’ in their credit history making them riskier than they are, and consumers are turning to one of the top three credit bureaus for information on the problem eight million times a year.”

The recent Equifax hack revealed 140 million personalities and personal information to hackers and was labeled as the worst security hole in US history.
By 2016, there are more than 15 million victims of identity theft or fraud, while the total is stolen $ 16 billion.

Central information
Data is collected by a central credit bureau. It is a common misconception that this agency automatically exchanges information, which is not true. These entities are separate companies offering similar services for a fee.

Since credit scores are non-transferable, low-risk borrowers may be denied access to credit when moving abroad as they are forced to restore their credit worthiness from scratch.

Credito is Transparent
Today when you make any transaction through the banking system, you do not have access to the ledger. Ethereum network provides an immutable ledger, where every transaction is recorded and is always open for inspection. Any transaction that is deployed on Ethereum blockchain could be explored through block explorers. The transparent ledger removes the trust that normally one would need to have when making a transaction between two banking institutions. In a banking system, the sender has to trust the receiver and vice versa. One needs a receipt of payment to confirm payment. However, such receipt is not

Token distribution

In order to continue the development, Credit will perform a “TGE” Sales and Sales Fee once, with 50% tokens available for public sale. The starting date of the TGE will be announced soon and will offer a loan of 1 billion US dollars. As follows:

Employee distribution has a transition period of 12 months, 25% — every quarter, with 6 months of rock. An allocation proportional to the ownership of each employee on the day the token is sold.
With the distribution of Dana Credito, the transition period is 12 months.

Use of funds provided

Road map
The credit will expand in 6 phases and will set important milestones in each phase.

Stage1 : Accomplished
-Concept and Research.
-Credito Incorporation.
-High Speed Transaction Scoring System (5 Million Transactions per Second).
-Website Launch.

Stage 2 : Bootstrapping
-Credito Analytic Engine Development.
-Transaction scores modeling.
-Marketing partnerships with financial institutions

Stage 3 : Infrastructure and Scoring
-Credit Scores modeling.
-External API Development.
-Analytic Node Infrastructure.
-Credit Scores generation.
-Live Transaction Score generation.

Stage 4 : Smart Contract Development and Deployment
-Scoring and Leasing smart contract development.
-Smart contract Audits.
-Integration of smart contracts with Credito Analytic Engine and Node Infrastructure.
-Launch on Test net.
-Test net trial delivering live scores to the partners.

Stage 5 : Launch
-Main net Launch.
-Complete Decentralized Global Financial Intelligence available for partners.
-External Analytic node Operators joining the network.
-CreDApp Development and Deployment
-CreDApp User Registration

Stage 6 : End-to-End lending protocol on Main net
-CreDApp and Mobile App development
-Credito Smart Credit Agreement development and Audit
-CreDApp backend with Integration of Credito Smart Credit Agreement
-CreDApp on Test net and progression to Main net

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