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Credit is a financial facility that allows a person or business entity to borrow money to buy the product and repay it within the specified time period.
The provision of money or bills that can be based on a loan and lending agreement between the bank and another party that requires the borrower to implement with the amount of interest in return.

In day-to-day practice credit insurance is in the form of material manner. And as a security guarantee, the borrower will fulfill the obligations and submit the guarantee of both material and non-material. To get the credit must go through the procedures specified by the bank / financial institution. In order for the implementation of credit activities can run with healthy and decent. One of the financial industry that develops a security program in crediting an institution is CREDITO.

Credito is a decentralized credit intelligence network that provides credit scores, transaction value and loan markets supported by the Ethereal blockfain, Intelligent Contracts and IPFS, enhancing transparency and reliability.
Introducing a decentralized lending market and enabling linkages between lenders and borrowers residing anywhere in the world. This eliminates physical constraints and reduces traditional borrowing and management costs. Visit

1. Transparent
Utilize the transparency generated by the main notebook by way of borrowing and lending to prevent one party from rolling overextending on its own.
2. The Loan Agreement is an Intelligent Contract
The Credit Loan Agreement is by means of an agreement between the Lender and the Borrower, which is directly into a code line that brings increased transparency and. The codes and agreements contained a distributed and decentralized blockchain network. Agreement between unknown and unnamed parties. They make transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible.
3. Without Trust
Credito will avoid the risks associated with third parties, and also eliminate the need to trust the opposing party. When the borrower rises in the Credit network, the opponent can not manipulate or. Referring to the risk of an adversary or a third party is essential to avoid unfair and undesirable behavior.

During the creation of the order, CreDApp consults with Credito to get the Creator risk profile and suggest the best interest rate in the network. If the Creator wants the loan request to be met quickly, he can make an order with the interest rate previously deducted.
-Token Network Credit
Credits are the ERC20 tokens that serve as currency, governance mechanism and reward system with Credito. Credito will be able to set prices and receive payments for your services in the form of Credits
-Use of Token
All Credito participants need to pay usage fees on Credit that will be burned, as long as it has the potential to increase demand for Credit remaining. The total amount of Credit burned in each transaction is directly proportional to the decrease in supply. It also depends on the exchange rate set by the network, which will oversee the available supply, market conditions and inform the exchange rate contracts at each particular payment moment.
Borrower and lender costs will vary based on transaction rate, we estimate the cost to go up to 0.5%. All three parties may integrate Credito Analytic Engine or access it externally and process it.

Architecture of Analytical Machines Credito

Credito will be developed in 6 stages reaching major milestones at every stage.
Stage 1 Completed
-Concept and Research.
-Credito Incorporation.
-White paper.
-Proof of Concept – High Speed ​​Transaction Score System.
-Website Launch.
Registration, Verification, and Partnership Phase 2
-CreDApp front end Development
-User registration
-Automatic ID verification
-Work on partnership with financial institutions
Phase 3 Infrastructure and Intelligence Development
Development of External APIs.
-Analytic Node Infrastructure.
-Credito Scoring Engine Development.
-Gredit Score generation.
Transaction score modeling
Stage 4 Development and Development of Smart Contract
-Writing and Leasing smart contract development.
-Smart audit contract
-Integrated smart contract with Credito Analytic Engine and Node Infrastructure.
-Launch on Test net.
-Test test test gives value to life to partners.
Stage 5 Launch
-Other Launch cleaner.
– Complete Decentralization Credit Intelligence is available for couples.
The External Analytical Node Operator joins the network.
-Marketing and new partnerships.

Stage 6 Lending protocol from end to end in the main net
-CreDApp and Mobile App development
-Credito Smart Credit Agreement development and Audit
-CreDApp backend with Integration of Credit Credit Smart Credit Agreement
-CreDApp on net and progression test to Main net
A little review of the Project that CREDITO is working on to see if you can read it in the Whitepaper document or join the LINKs listed below for reference.

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