The need to offer a technical solution to the decentralized cryptocurrency financial services in a modern world must be stressed and adopted.

In a world where competition is akin to business, a cheaper, faster and better services always wins the race.

In view of the above premises, Credits platform wish to provide the machinery for actualization of the drawn logical ends.

Gone are the years when only newspaper simply put the print media and the electronic satelite network as operated by the radio and television were the only means of disseminating information. A big kudos to the internet technology where Facebook, twitter, YouTube, e-mail hold away to making the world a global village and business derivable in a twinkle of an eye.

Credits platform being a versatile decentralized financial system allows for the direct association, interactions and deliberation on a peer-to peer (p2p) principle. This principle allows for development of financial services such as: money transfer, currency and value exchange, crediting, loaning, funding and general credit transaction.

The mode of operation.

Credit cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are; there’s a constancy of exchange.

Consequence to the fact that the financial cryptocurrency business; such as

1. Network ledger

2. Network nodes

3. Synchronization of nodes

4. Consensus comparison

Network ledger defines a set of decentralized networking processes and request from third party system providing information date when requested. A common node (CN) verifies trust factor. Concurrently the last saved block synchronizes the entire common ledger of blocks in a system node.

In the process of such synchronization, only the block registered code is checked, downloaded and stored in RAM for further simplified access.

Credits platform (CP) has initiated a latest up-to-date data base ledger that caters for the recovery of any nursed or lost system node.


The initial system node has been fully configured to activate incoming variables and simultaneously automate the synchronization of nodes and restructuring of the ledger system for a verifiable data.

This explanation categorizes

v Ledger availability

v Modification of network nodes

v Co-ordination and linkage of all network

v Resistance to separation – a kind of anti-nodes checkmating system, where in case of any defect, only the strategic data point will be affected while others will proceed to the channelized framework recovery.

Fig 1.

The above illustration allows for performing an interactive calculation of the binomial functions with varying complexity.

The proof of capacity (POC) calculate the check sum of the values of the entire contents- the hash code.

The application of SHA-2 algorithm concept build and calculate the hash sum for the converted block mining. By this, it is near impossible to independently access, activate or process blocks and sum up the facts security.

Credit platform (CP) foresees the visual mission code (VMC) and pursue vigorously

v Consensus building and equipment

v Building and initiating ledger node

Consensus building allow for

i.           Search for the main network node

ii.         Processing the list of candidates, voting of nodes and different weight factors – trust factor

iii.       Adding transaction to the ledger with the timestamp and hash code of the block that shared the transaction

iv.        Sending the blocks transaction to all network codes. Once received, is signaled and recorded in the incoming mail registry.

To initiate the ledger

i.           The final participant and network subscriber generates a transaction using the credits platform software (CPS)

ii.         All transactions meets the initiated blockchain fundamental principles- kernel of validators keeps track of the user’s ledger version

Transaction process

These are: transactions system, consensus building, ledger entry structure.

The credits platform’s ledger structure permits – block size, search for transaction participants, and a multiple linkage of between sender and a receiver.

Data transmission channel

Communication is the enforcement link that keeps relationship going.

Data transmission channel send data in encrypted form whenever the transaction is concluded.

Technical empathy

Diffie – Hellman algorithm permit ambiguity of K and Y, to initial the symmetric encryption, Y = AX mod P, where A is a

Cryptocurrency constant. Y the exponent and x the discrete logarithm. This mathematical formula is used to evaluate the cryptocurrency divided within the participant subscribers.


Credits smart contract single out Credit as a decentralized business platform. The use of virtual machine (VM), and the allocation of a memory area that load the contract bytecode for processing and executing of all commands is acknowledge factor.

The smart contract terms are put in place to safe guard potential dividend and distribution lapses.

In the final analysis a contract is endorsed concluded when the two parties payments is endorsed and the timestamp POS crossed.

From the data sources, the final and the implementation plan is then executed.

Stage 1:   Pre-Alpha

–     Where FA: key designs implementation

Stage 2    Alpha

Pow (proof of work) is designed

Stage 3    Beta

–     MFA key optimum capacity

Stage 4/5

–     Release clause – to wallet


A fixed amount of 1000,000,000 credits will be issued. ERC20 standard tokens

Worth 20,000,000 shares of initial token sales will be shared per holding I ERC 20 standard token is equivalent to I credits monetary unit.

The analysis, execution and the general implementation of the financial stress absorption and encamped data base is a landmark achievement of credits platform.

  • The pre ICO have started. 1 Ether = 2000CS with minimium of 0.01ETH.
  • ICO Round 1 in Nov-Dec 2017
  • ICO Round 2 in 2Q 2018


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