CREST TOKEN offers you a crypto currency passive income opportunity

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The advertisement market place is basically the leading world in getting people aware of what is happening and the level of product availability they can access. it leads to marketing campaigns and reaching out feasibility for the people. This has taken a new turn as digital approaches has been now inclusive. it is a world of digital marketing campaign. Hence, aside using the social media, the eruption of the blockchain now has erupted the emergence of the cresttoken crypto currency platform for users. The platform establishes the very niche needed for online digital marketing and standardization in general.


-What is Crest token.

The crest token is basically a smart advertisement (ad) campaign token which is also coupled with crest digiad platform which runs on the crest token platform. it establishes the very pre-degree of a niche in the smart ad digital marketplace. it represents exclusively the very functionality of online marketing construct and artificial intelligence framework for running marketing and advertisement campaigns in turn generating and creating and income pool for the crest token community. This establishes the very fact of why the platform was established in the first place for crypto currency traders, users and miners in the market.

-Why Crest token.

The crest token establishes simply, a way for making passive income through online digital marketing and digital advertising as well. it represents the a process well crafted by the crest team with years of experience in managing the cryptocurrency dynamics and the massive multi-billion dollar online marketing and digital currency market for the users in general. it is a win-win for the users, especially in the present cryptocurrency space.

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The reason for been part of the crest token project is not just about why or what the crest token project represents. But, interestingly what it also brings to the table as user functionalities and features. This makes the place a unique framework in achieving the set out objectives of the crest token community.

▪What makes us unique from the rest.
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The crest token is designed with firstly a business model that is totally independent of the cryptocurrency market. Secondly, it also has the unique features of a well developed framework(platform) at its ICO closing. Daily email and social media correspondence, a well functional lower and higher ICO cap range, liberal bounty program, no withholding of user bitcoins and a designed buyback options provision for the users in the crest token community. Furthermore, Crest token has clear openness in terms of ICO fund allocations.

Token Allocation .
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The Token Allocation of cresttoken is detailed in two diagramatic representations of token sale information and also Use of proceeds. The framework diagrams are detailed below.

-Crest token Sale details.
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According to the homepage outlined token sale. its details are as follows ” Token sale (Our token will be an ERC20 token). Ticker on the blockchain crypto market is represented as CSTT. Pre-ICO is presently Ongoing. The Main ICO Date is to be announced for users.Token Price is ranged at $0.25/CSTT – $1.85/CSTT with a Pre-Sale ICO Tokens value of 1,000,000 and main ICO Tokens value of 6,400,000. The Total Tokens Supply is valued at 12,500,000. Crest token Min/Max Personal Cap is valued at 20 / 1500 CSTT which is solely dependent or(depending on round). The Crest token community accepts (ETH and BTC)”(,2018).

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The crest token roadmap is detailed below as it can be viewed in the diagram under it.

” OCT 2017(Research / Model Development Starts)

DEC 2017(ICO Development Starts)

MAY 2018(Pre-Sale ICO Starts)

JUL 2018(Main ICO Starts)

AUG 2018(Staking Platform Opens)

AUG 2018(Internal exchange Opens Campaign Platform Opens First External Exchange Opens Platform Marketing Campaign Starts)

SEP 2018(More External Exchage Opens)

OCT 2018Stage 2 Plans Begins”(,2018)

-How members generate returns from crest token.

This section can be viewed on the homepage at

Ann thread
Bounty thread

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