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The Korona Ecosystem, is a complete integrated service in which packages shall be provided mutually for private and business customers. Users shall be provided with easy-to-use, transparent and licensed platforms that satisfy their complex needs: including among others wallet management, efficient payment technology, yet in addition fiat exchange. Moreover, users will receive supporting services like tax collection data support, client protection, commercial guarantees, as well as marketing or even market access support. The platform shall also provide marketable goods and services for purchases either online, or in real stores every day. At long last, it shall provide valuable money related benefits in type of cost and price reductions, and also in type of rewards after either spending or accepting tokens.

As a Swiss Foundation under transparent and reliable Swiss Law, with strong European roots the Korona Project market building action focuses clearly on the territory of the European Union. It will provide unique blockchain based solutions specifically for this region, however a considerable lot of the services and applications can be extended overseas. The regulatory framework in the EU is reasonable. Also, the area is very active in developing cryptobased payment systems and connected services – however by and large just for fractional market segments. The number of transactions grows quickly. Moreover, Korona Team knows about the regional market, culture, also with the regulatory and money related framework. With establishing a unique new ecosystem, the Team members wish to create value for ICO partners, yet in addition for every European citizen and to businesses active in or connected to this region.

E-commerce sales volumes and computerized payments are hitting new records worldwide, year over year. This trend is expected to continue uninterrupted. Parallel to that, the capitalization of the crypto economy is also setting record highs year over year. Yet still significance grows in the money related sector, the crypto-economy remains barely connected directly to the regional or global commerce activities and to the widely used customer targeted computerized payment systems. To evolve decentralized payment mechanism in e-commerce, and in general commerce and trading activities directly, a user friendly, effective and regulatory consistent crypto payment frameworks and complex ecosystems are needed.

In order to provide the necessary connection between e-commerce stores and cryptocurrency payments the Korona framework will include a computerized payment platform, that can be easily integrated into any third gathering online store platform available to this date. The newly developed Korona payment processor API is created because of speed and security. It incorporates all the protection and safety features of the real fiat based, customary payment systems, however it combines with extra benefits of decentralized blockchain based systems, and normally it performs with Korona tokens. the Korona Ecosystem will also include a new integrated e-commerce market platform, the Korona Market. Users will discover here a wide range of products and services from third gathering webstores that would otherwise not accept cryptocurrency payments. The Korona Market will work with an incorporated and automated drop shipping system, that will allow manufacturers and wholesalers to manage the genuine transfer of goods. Our drop shipping combined with the payment management scheme will allow buyers to use Korona tokens to buy a wide range of products and services. It will also provide merchants receivables in fiat money in case they don’t wish to accept tokens, without the involvement of third parties.Korona Market will offer simple e-commerce services for neighborhood citizens.

Korona Market further creates a route towards international markets for both smaller and larger businesses, even for start-ups, that are not yet widely known. This will allow Korona to assist nearby businesses to be competitive at an international level by removing their dependence on well-seasoned tech savvy staff, and the necessity of procuring a team of IT professionals to develop, keep up and scale a profitable international online presence. Yet, further benefits will arise to users with the capacity of discovering better and less expensive goods at an international level. This will eliminate hidden costs of multinational organization networks required to promote their retail, distribution and marketing efforts.


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