Dear reader, Just as my usual practice of bringing valuable and profitable information across your way, let me quickly give you information about this great innovation known as “CrypKart”. Please sit down and relax your nerves as you read. Also, I encourage you not only to read, but also to take an important step as part of this great innovation.


Crypkart is a worldwide Cryptocurrency Exchange. We believe in the future of Cryptos and the opportunity they carry. Crypkart was built to empower entrepreneurs to optimize their potential earnings.

What’s Their View?


CrypKart will KEEP to peer to peer + ordering a crypto trading platform (both rolled into one) list of multiple crypto currencies + providing the right business management and module to merchants.

What is their mission?

  1. To Be First Option For Traders Worldwide For Exchange With Cryptocurrencies
  2. To Promote and Provide Cryptocurrency Trading As A Loving And Official Official Career For Everyone.
  3. Build the best ecosystem and IT system for supporting traders and crypto trading eco-systems

Problems Against Crypkart


  • Powerful security maintenance, speed and easy security in mind
  • Designed by an advanced Ex-US bank tech architecture
  • Following the best practices in the industry
  • Security clearance by Cap Gemini
  • Security Assessment Team
  • Strong – Stable Tech Stable


  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Complete data encryption and regularly
  • Cyber security assessments.
  • Latest technological outline
  • Multi-layer firewall to manage
  • Multiple datacenters for redundancy
  • Watchdog rules to monitor exchange, activate and kill attacks.


  • Very fast customer support SLA
  • All disputes will take place within 12 hours and possibly be resolved within 24 hours
  • Community-based communication support
  • Direct support based on chat


  • Predetermined road map until the end of 2019
  • Strong rules
  • Registered in Europe (Estonia)
  • Founded by a strong legal and accounting team


  • BI (Business Intelligence) tools
  • Powerful reporting and charting
  • Helps you on all legs with your latest trading numbers


  • All the processes are centered on the businessman
  • Strengthening partnerships for merchants
  • Delegate trade securely and make money


  • Designed by real traders with a great trading experience of more than 1000 BTC and hundreds of Alt coins
  • Best tool for merchants
  • Tools for building a team for merchants
  • Slab based brokerage


CrypKart Exchange builds on the latest and most secure stack tech to speed up security and reliance. Our peer-to-peer engine is smart and works in favor of merchants. Since our core team is composed of many timely entrepreneurs – we’ve built features that are missing in some of the leading exchanges. The features listed below are straight from the WISH LIST of merchants.

  • First platform to support multiple currency crypts
  • Slab based commissions structure: trade more, save more
  • Team builder and trade management module: for power entrepreneurs – now expand your trading business
  • A dedicated Android and iOS app: for trading
  • Framework to launch ALTCoins
  • Account management and powerful analytics: building business intelligence
  • Multi-lingual: we are inclusive
  • The team, experience and expertise: when CrypKart is through merchants, for merchants and from merchants. Extensive experience in trading and trading platforms in the core.
  • CrypKart Partner Program – with hoards of business opportunities
  • CrypKoin: CrypKart’s own token with high usage chances
  • One of its kind – Both p2p and order reservation options are placed on one platform
  • Offline Presence for safe, secure cash transactions. We are coming to your city ..

The UI

CrypKart’s ROADMAP

What are Crypto Coins and Supported by CrypKart?

We plan to support a plethora of coins in both peer to peer and order bookings. While the ordering order will be connected between all the famous coins (and CrypKoin) – for peer to peer we will release the following as soon as possible.

More coins will be added over time. We will only provide coins with strong credibility, user base, liquidity and daily trading volume. If you have a coin that you want to list in CrypKart then write to us at .

For new coins (ICO’s) we plan to provide a complete launchpad facility> THE CRYPKART FIREPAD

While peer-to-peer exchange supports all the fiat currencies and other payment modes indirectly, CrypKart as an exchange will NEVER deal directly with fiat. We only work with Crypto and our own CrypKoins.


CrypKart Exchange has developed the latest and most secure stack tech to provide security and reliance speed. Our peer-to-peer engine is smart enough and works in favor of merchants. Because our core team consists of many seasoned entrepreneurs – we choose the features that are missing in some of the leading exchanges. The features listed below are straight from the WISH LIST of merchants.

  • Towards brokerage as payment of merchants
  • CrypKart FirePad: a user platform that will help ICO and Crypto projects launch.
  • White label services for our exchange – with the pool of the entrepreneur pool.
  • We plan to build a series of games like lucky7, teen patti, dice paper etc. that can be played using our token.
  • Trading pairs of other currencies against CKN in our exchange order order
  • Various bounties such as bounty bugs, referrals etc.
  • CryptoDust (minor changes) to the CKN conversion facility
  • As rewards for various community-based training (such as voting, social media promotions etc.)

In My Conclusion

Hello guys! I’m Crypto Jhin again and I’m here to share with you a new exciting exit launch today and it’s CrypKart it’s going to be one of the biggest changes in the future and it’s a great help to new merchants crypto like me with no experience because it focuses on fast, reliable, cheap and easy-to-use trading site so there is no doubt that this is a sure hit in today’s era this project covers all the legit cryptocurrency in one trading site with fully updated or feature and a very good customer service! So what are you waiting for? Why not try and get this item on your investment list! : ) CrypKart is definitely a big hit and really sure, These are the reasons I fully support this type of project! 🙂

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