The CryptoKami platform is a decentralized backup system that is similar to the Ethereum platform, but is only for use by third parties in the financial sector. Organizations associated with the financial services sector can launch their ICO and work with open source software based on Cardano, a technology designed to create a new decentralized economy and democratize finance in emerging markets, using two inventions from the CryptoKami team. Actually, this is the CryptoKami platform itself, based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and KAMI tokens.


How CryptoKami Works


The work of the CryptoKami platform is the interaction of several mechanisms. The system acts as a central bank that distributes and regulates Kami tokens using a special mechanism, namely the “mandatory redundancy mechanism” working on the “Comreme” algorithm, another developer invention. In total, the CryptoKami issue is limited to 210 million KAMI tokens regulated by the above described mechanisms with the use of the “Regulatory contract”, a kind of analogue of smart contracts from the Ethereum protocol. Thus, the overall structure of the platform and its ecosystem consists briefly of the following mechanisms:


Cardano technology (Ouroboros POS algorithm) + mandatory redundancy mechanism + Comreme-algorithm (implementation of CryptoKami) + Regulatory Contract (implementation of CryptoKami) = third-generation block-platform of CryptoKami




The application of the decentralized financial system CryptoKami


The use of CryptoKami by third parties in the financial sector:




REPO transactions


cross-platform payments


payments in phyto (state) and crypto currency


The options for use for end-users are as follows:


investing in ICO CryptoKami


investing in start-ups and ICO of third parties


blue chip trading CryptoKami




CryptoKami platform banking services




REPO transactions


cross-platform payments


payments in phyto (state) and crypto currency


Algorithm CryptoKami


Because it is an open source platform, its processes are a bit different from those you might have previously learned. Instead of the processes used in the BTC and Ethereum protocol, CryptoKami is more focused on automatic control of crypto currency flows, while other platforms are mainly focused on transaction processing. Using a combination of CryptoKami technology and KAMI tokens, CryptoKami will work to maintain a regulated balance in the market.


Key Features of CryptoKami


A limited stock of tokens helps to optimize the automated algorithm through regulated contracts. This will increase the demand for KAMI tokens as a result of its use by third party financial institutions, ICO-projects, end-users, investors and other parties. Users will need to use KAMI to take full advantage of the platform, which in turn will further increase demand.


The CryptoKami Team


CryptoKami is based in Japan, Cyprus and is part of the “Global Developer Community”. The team behind CryptoKami is a professionals in the field of anticorruption technology, acting also as a financial institution based in Japan. However, the development team is anonymous. Anonymity in this case will help CryptoKami easier to overcome the various legal barriers between countries.




For more information about CryptoKami, read the following resources:














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