Today, such a niche as trading is quite extensive and includes a large number of people. Accordingly, the supply of various applications and platforms is growing. There are many projects that offer profitable and convenient terms of use.
CrypStock is the most high-tech crypto-exchange. It is a centralized exchange platform based on blocking technology, which makes it possible to make arbitrage transactions in an automatic mode. In addition, it provides profitability to holders of ICS tokens.
This project implies a standard crypto-exchange. Traders will be able to get the lowest purchase price and the highest price for crypto-currency transactions and a complex inter-exchange arbitrage system that works with several instruments at the same time, making profit for the owners of the tokens.
The developers of CrypStock, when creating this platform, provided for the use of only highly professional tools that enable ordinary traders to work with attractive prices for trading operations.
This multi-purpose system includes:
  • Crypto-metabis
  • Automatic arbitration system with several subsystems
  • ATM network of cryptomatics for input / output means
  • POS system for receiving crypto currency – in retail outlets
  • Secure crypts
CrypStock uses two types of tokens:
  • Token ICS (Interexchange Crypstock) is a crypto currency created for payment of commissions from operations on the exchange and services of the system. This type of token will allow you to profit from the operating activities of the exchange and all subsystems. The distribution of 30% of the profit between the owners of these tokens is provided.
  • Token HICS (Interexchange) – this token is only available to customers for more than $ 5,000. When you purchase this token for $ 5,000, the user receives $ 4,000 in ICS tokens and the equivalent of $ 1,000 in tokens from Heritage Token. Token HICS can be sold, exchanged, and also donated. He also provides his owner a permanent profit of 20%.
For clarity, you can consider the profitability of each type of token

Token distribution:

Total volume of released tokens:

  • ICS token – 500 000 000
  • HICS token – 50,000,000
  • The average bonus size is 14%
The cost of the token = 0.25 US dollars
Conditions for the preliminary and main stages of the sale:


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