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Are you someone who is doing business with crypto. If yes maybe what I will discuss this time will make you interested. This time I will discuss a most innovative Crypto currency exchange platform that was founded by crypto professionals. The platform is called Crypstock. Check it out well friend!

So what is Crypstock?

Inter-exchange trading system Crypstock is an innovative center-based innovation platform based on blockchain technology. This makes it possible to perform automatic artbitrage transactions, providing revenue for ICS token holders. This system includes a regular crypto exchange, in which a trader can get a better price on crypto transactions in the market and a complicated inter-exchange arbitration system, which works with several tools and is beneficial for the token holder.

These multi-purpose systems include:

-Cryption exchange

-Automatic arbitration system with multiple subsystems

-Circuit ATM terminal network for input and output of banknotes

-POS system to receive cryptocurrency at trading place

– A safe crypto purse

All of these tools help the development of cryptocurrency markets and ICS token holders to earn passive income, not even being a professional trader. 

Crypstock has 2 types of tokens to use:

  1. ICS Token

Tokens ICS allows to pay fees and use the service. This token is advantageous, since the system will pay 30% of the profit generated by all the CrypStock inter-exchange intercomputer exchange operations.

The role of ICS Token

Token ICS is a cryptocurrency of a project created to pay transaction fees at

exchange and pay for system services. This token is profitable. Tokens ICS allows to benefit from the operation of the exchange operations and all subsystems, considering all token holders. The Company will distribute 30% of the profits between the token holder in automatic mode. 70% will still ensure the efficiency of the exchange.

2.HiCS Token

 You get a HICS token for 20% of your token holder exceeding USD 5000 and it’s also profitable.However, holders of HICS tokens receive an extra distributed 20% profit, generated from all inter-automated exchange of CrypStock transaction subsystems. What factors make the token revenue increase. This system gives you the tools to make your own exchange transactions at the best prices, as well as the entire infrastructure to enter the crypto market and receive revenue.

The role of HICS Token

Only for purchases above $ 5000 USD

Purchases receive this type of token if they purchase more than USD 5000.

When contributing USD 5000, user gets USD 4000 in ICS token and the amount is equal to USD 1000 in token Heritage (HICS).

HICS tokens can be sold, exchanged or donated. HICS tokens provide a 20% lifetime advantage of the system. These profits will be distributed among holders of HICS tokens.

Income System

Cryptstock Smart Contract Scheme

Original Smart Contract

Token generation. This smart contract is used for all stages, including personal sales, pre-sales, crowdsale.

Heritage Smart contract

This smart contract controls the distribution and registry of all Heritage tokens.

Final Contract smart

The major smart contracts distribute the earnings that are among all the tokenholders.

Crypstock Exchange

The CrypStock system is created as a functional crypto exchange, which provides users / merchants with all necessary tools, including:

-Identification and Safety

-Order and Execution of the Transaction

-Service for Advance Users

Portfolio Assets Management

– Market Monitoring Service

Transactions are performed with a server program that processes stock information and transacts in real-time mode.

The system’s website includes management and monitoring modules, which provide:

* Management of installation and monitoring of arbitration transactions

* Management of inter-exchange transaction triggers

* Implementation (manual and automated) and monitoring of trade transaction blocks

* Statistical analysis of transactions on the exchange of connected

Effectiveness of Cryptostock

The effectiveness of Crypstock’s system technology lies in the incorporation of its own order book

with an order on a connected crypto exchange. This approach and the use of system accounts in other exchanges provide high liquidity of the currency traded, as well as the best prices in the market. The more transaction volume, the more profitable it is to be a merchant to execute it in CrypStock compared to other exchanges. Above the other hand, the original subsystems of algorithmic trading and market making generate additional revenue to the system, providing benefits to ICS token holders.

CrypStock’s multi-exchange trading system is fundamentally different from other systems that offer users the ability to transact on different exchanges of one account and arbitration transactions as a service.

  1. Account-specific buffer systems in many stock exchanges, owned by the CrypStock system and managed automatically by the software system or in semi-automatic mode.
  1. The combined order book, which includes orders from multiple exchanges and allows you to transact on different exchanges within the same system and as if in one exchange.

ATM Crypstock Crypto Terminal

To provide convenient cryptocurrency exchanges, recharge funds to personal  wallets and cash withdrawals, we developed our own terminal ATM terminal crypto  . Our office is developing a network of crypto terminals that already exist in some  countries and will work in test mode already in 2018. We are actively developing our own network of contributions and will share our earnings with contributors, including exchange earnings.

Crypstock ATM Franchise

We want to scale! That’s why we have developed a model franchise that will benefit contributors.Using the franchise model You can buy crypto terminals (for ICS tokens) and earn money for transaction fees.

-the terminals we receive and receive cryptocurrency 

– ATM terminal will have a wallet with all types of cryptocurrency in the stock. This is a trader account and you can get access to it from the crypto terminal.

Token Distribution


Sales Stage

Fund Distribution

Why this project deserves to be supported:

1.The Crypstock team are very amazing people experienced in their field. A team with experience will work hard for the success of this project in the future.

2.Crypstock is a project with high quality. crypstock incorporating intercrypt exchange cryptocurrency system brings features new features that are not owned by its competitors.

3.Crypstock will become the new asset management platform using the correct system at the new level. Of course everyone will enjoy the experience of using Crypstock platform.

After reading the above reviews you may still have questions regarding the development of the Crypstock project. Before deciding to participate with this project I hope you first learn the details of this project through the Crypstock website and read the details of the project in Crypstock’s white paper. You can ask with Crypstock team only through their official website or social media

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