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The emergence of cryptocurrency is no longer a real phenomenon. with introductions blockchain technology that puts forward the concept of decentralization making many startups innovate in various aspects.

Many of them are busy developing apps that replace traditional services which are centralized and arranged by a handful of parties such as deputies and stakeholders who monopolize the rules.

From all services in several human life segments that are trying to revolutionize. financial service is one of the most interesting topics today. by utilizing the advancement of blockchain technology hopefully will replace the traditional system encompass the product, wallet, exchange with the uncensorable environment by utilizing the utility within the decentralization ecosystem such as p2p lending and transfer service, cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized exchanges.

What is CryptalDash ?

CryptalDash is a robust crypto exchange and trading platform equipped with institutional grade matching engine and third-party crypto exchanges order routing capabilities. All under one dashboard, enabling a seamless trading experience. CryptalDash is in a position to offer the leading single-access interface and tools that will appeal to crypto-enthusiasts and institutional traders.

What is its Vision ?

from the vision, we can see what it wants to achieve and the output to be generated. here the vision become the base of CryptalDash to make better future and breakthrough in financial exchange service

– Access First:

Support the mass adoption of digital assets by making trading locally and across platforms an intuitive experience. This is achieved by offering a user-friendly, robust tool to trade, access, compare, and profit from digital assets.

– We Bring Real Added Value to the Users by Providing:

Institutional grade trading platform and state of the art matching engine, Aggregating retail, and institutional liquidity pools. Useful Application the will influence technology adoption rate. To support the decision-making process with data encryption and security using Artificial Intelligence. Users will benefit from an almost-perfect market, where fees will be low and money utilization optimized.

– Familiarity, Vulgarization, and Usability:

CryptalDash CryptalDash recognizes that while blockchain-enabled technologies offer obvious competitive advantages compared to traditional financial services, the available solutions still present major drawbacks when it comes to providing a multi-product platform—An important role that today’s traditional service providers play, as they offer a real, centralized, user-friendly experience.

What Is The Current problem nowadays

At this point in to conduct trading activities such as sell and buying cryptocurrency exchange must go through some platform which is not small there are several types of wallet you should have (BTC / eth wallet, exchange wallet) and of course must be switching between platform that could cause some problems such as probably of error or human error due to the many platforms that must be accessed simultaneously

CryptalDash not only enables the trading across platforms and Crypto Assets but also cross-platform which enables effective price and product discovery. CryptalDash has one of the most robust matching engines in the Crypto-Market space.

What is the solution that CryptalDash aims to resolve?

putting forward artificial intelligence in making decisions will make cryptaldash to be more effective, not only in making decisions but providing information about the price range against some cryptocurrency. all of which are summarized in one function and one purpose

Meet The Team

Every great project needs an even greater team. CryptalDash isn’t exceptions. CryptalDash Key team consist of eight people. All of them experienced professionals with a lot of offering for the development of the company. (starting from the left) They are CEO-Founder (AMINE LARHRIB), CTO-Founder (DUNCAN SYMMONS), Network expert and Security Advisory (PIETER JAN BAKHUIJZEN), Trading System Engineer (RUELL MAGPAYO), Lead Full Stack developer(RUEL MINDO), Business analyst (NINEBETH PADOJINOG), and CFTe: OTC Desk Trading Advisor(HANI BENYAHYA). you can kindly visit theirs personal linked in’s profile are provided in the CryptalDash website to know more concerning their track record and experiences.

CryptalDash’s Roadmap

Actually, The Roadmap is ranging from 2017 to the end of 2019. In 2017. CryptalDash Team concern to form the Fundamental base which relates to the paper and team building also matching engine, and user interface building.

In 2018. The team concern to held token sale and release several versions such as alpha and beta and starting to live to trade and in the end will integration with major institutional

In the end, on 2019 CryptalDash will rollout of major integration including dark pool, HFT surely target 1 million account benchmark

CryptalDash Coin

Here are details of CrpytalDash Coin. obviously, it is the token utility that runs all process within the system. it will run on Ethereum Platform and processed by smart contract. the detail is as follows below

Token/Coin Name: CRD

Token/Coin Symbol (max 10 characters): CRD

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Used blockchain: ETH

Soft Cap: 180,000,000 CRD

Hard Cap: 780,000,000 CRD

ICO price of token: 0.02USD

Start bonus: 50%

Payment Methods for ICO: Bitcoin,Ethereum,Bitcoin,Cash,Ripple,Dash,Litecoin,Monero,NEO,IOTA,NEM,Qtum,Ethereum Classic

Token Distribution

The token is minted will be distributed within several sections. here the details are During the Pre-token sale the token will issued are 180M, Phase 2 Pre-token sales are 100M, TOKEN SALE 500M, Advisors 50M, funding team 150M, 20M bounty program.

Further information:

I knew my review is far from completeness. there are many ideas relate to CryptalDash In your mind. For further information please take a look at their official website, as well as their official communication channels. Also, please feel freely post questions and feedback in the comment, so I can try to answer them. Thanks for reading!

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