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Meet cryptocurrency buddy again on my simple blog. May we always be healthy always and easy to do our work today. I will still review the Altcoins project that will enter the crypto world. Because every day a lot of projects that will be our spotlight for my friend crypto. For the times I will discuss about a good project and in support of another great team.


 New Breakthroughs in Development Today’s technology is increasingly having significant developments with varying degrees on the ever increasing demand from time to time due to a variety of supporting factors as well as incentives that are constantly growing with the current level of technological developments growing at an innovation level with varying degrees on the quality and benefits of these technologies with a combination of combinations in order to create the best benefits for the present and future, and also have great development potential, with innovation increasingly leading to a change of good change, starting from level of understanding in technology, and then on the level of quality of the network that will progressively lead to an increasingly better level. then on a higher level of security, with development at a good level of integration, and being able to have on an increasingly better level of benefits, then with blockchain technology will bring the decentralization level more and better, will be even better, and more and more have a wide-ranging potential rate in the present and the future.

Here we will introduce new breakthroughs in the development of crypto-denominated technology which in an effort to improve the quality of crypto and also a better level of security to provide convenience to clients and also provide a better level of benefits and many benefits you get, namely the CRYPTASSIST Project.


One of the main problems in the cryptosphere is that over time, cryptocurrency has become more and more difficult for novices and even experts to understand and is not yet widely useable as a currency on a daily basis.

Cryptassist (CTA) will solve this problem by making cryptocurrency usable for everyone in everyday life.

” Users will be able to upload CTA and the top 50 cryptocurrencies onto a prepaid debit card which can be used anywhere in the world that Visa or MasterCard is accepted for online and offline purchases.”

The Cryptassist platform is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. Whether you are a beginner or an established crypto expert, Cryptassist will provide you with the required tools and information for you to succeed and the potential for even greater profits.

Cryptassist will have a variety of tools and will send personalized notifications to users who have unique profiles, objectives and investment strategies. Users will be able to use their CTA to access these tools and notifications as well as to upload onto their debit cards, along with the top 50 cryptocurrencies.


  • ” Top up your Cryptassist Debit Card with 50 cryptocurrencies”

One unique feature that Cryptassist will offer is the Debit Card. A debit card will be issued to users upon application that can be refilled with any cryptocurrency.- initially the top 50 coinsThe user’s cryptocurrency will be immediately converted into fiat and the card can be used as any other debit card.


  • ”The crypto game where the rewards are tangible – real crypto”

Cryptassist CryptoGo will be a fun augmented reality game to play and will help to bring crypto to the masses. The game manages airdrops for different coins. Coins will be dropped worldwide at random and specifically targeted locations. These locations will be announced in advance, not only to benefit these locations and venues due to increased traffic, but CryptoGo users that attend have the possibility of reaping real rewards, locating and capturing crypto.


  • One explorer for all your coins

The Cryptassist platform will include a Multi-Coin Block Explorer to save users valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to use multiple blockchain explorers to search for the transaction histories of multiple coins.


  • Trade with a 50% discount on trading fees

Cryptassist will develop its own fully licensed spot exchange. The exchange will offer users an unequalled trading experience and offer the ultimate user-friendly platform to cater to both established traders as well as first time users. The exchange is not exclusive for CTA trading, it is a full cryptocurrency exchange, functioning like any other. You will receive 50% discount when trading fees are paid for in CTA. We strive to deliver the fastest KYC and customer support on the market.


Trading solutions

 What traders need is a reliable tool that does the lengthy calculations for them and presents the data in a concise and organized manner. Fortunately for traders, Cryptassist is offering this tool, an all in one user-friendly application that is designed with the everyday cryptocurrency trader in mind.

Cryptassist is a mobile and web application designed to aid every digital currency trader, from new traders needing an introduction to the cryptocurrency world, to the most savvy and well-informed trader.


  • Name : Cryptassist
  • Symbol : CTA
  • ICO Price : 1 CTA = 0.38 USD
  • Total Token Supply : 88 million CTA
  • Public Sale Starts : Jul 31, 2018, 12 am GMT
  • Public Sale Ends : Sept 12, 2018, 12 pm GMT
  • Public Sale Hard Cap : $23.67 M USD
  • Bonus Today : 20 %




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