At present, when technology increasingly dominates the world, more sophisticated and sophisticated. This also happens with the world of crypto currency. If you look at it, we need a sophisticated and modern device. In this case, we will present a new device in which the device is tied to shares in cryptographic and block-oriented worlds.
Relatively low cryptographic circulation causes sensitivity to price manipulation and subsequent volatility. This gives a very quick opportunity. Growth of wealth increases the risk of significant financial losses. Currently, there are only a few devices that can reduce this risk.

What Is CryptF

CrypTF creates a new set of cryptocoins, which are first supported by stocks and bonds. We present opportunities for all social classes to participate in global financial markets. Past the limitations of geographic trade, the need for bank accounts, and expensive middle men.


We create opportunities for each crypto holders to invest in leading companies and bonds in developing countries. CryptF cryptocoins are a blockchain based investment / instrument collective product. Coins will be traded on crypto exchanges like other crypto coins and are available for anyone to buy. What makes CryptF coins unique is the reliable support of blue-chip stocks and bonds. The price of the coin is programmed with the current market value of the securities. CryptF coins allow you to invest into a market segment, which is shown by a set of fixed-coin derivatives associated with it. The investment portfolio is managed by CryptF so the whole experience is completely hassle free for coin holders.


  • Be able to participate in global financial markets directly from your kriptowallet.
  • Coin prices are maintained reliably tracked on the appropriate stock index or bond.
  • Transparent portfolio.
  • Operating costs are low for investors.
  • The high liquidity of the coin. CryptF guarantees repurchase of unconditional coins from investors either directly or on crypto exchange.


The CRFT keys are based on intellectual contracts based on blockbusters in Ethereum. Tokens will only be released during the ICO period. Each purchaser-marker must use a purse compatible with the ERC-20. To buy a CRFT token, customers need to transfer the supported cryptographic address to the smart contract. After this, the smart contract will transfer the CRFT tokens back to the buyer’s address. Any payment will be made before or after the ICO is canceled and returned without any CRFT tokens.
Participate in ICO for smart investors!
We create easy-to-understand products that enable you to invest crypto into a reliable and profitable financial instrument.
You will be able to invest cryptocurrency by buying one of three CryptF coins. Additional Cryptocoins will give you access to new shares and bonds as we expand.
CryptF also organizes ICO programs. This is done with the aim of increasing the number of available cryptocoins directly translated into revenue growth. Funds financed should be used to create infrastructure, develop our products, organize crypto exchange trading, and support coin liquidity.
In addition to ICO, CryptF also preempts the Pre-ICO program, as for the schedule as follows:
December 13, 2017, 1 pm UTC – December 26, 2017, 13:00 UTC
Offer size is limited to 15,000,000 (15 million) CRFT
About token
We are emitting CRFT tokens. Tokens do not expire and allow owners to take part in quarterly revenue distributions. Earnings per token must be transferred to ETH using a CRFT smart contract.
CRFT Name Token
Total Issue Volume 90.000.000 token is the total volume of issues
Soft Cap Rp 150.000 (ETH 500)
The minimum required for the project to proceed
Is the Token Set?
Yes, unsold token is discarded
The starting price
ETH 0.001 per token
Token Distribution
70% of tokens are available for sale during ICO, 21% are company reserves, 9% are pool teams
Translation Campaign – 10%

Searching for Japanese, Korean, Russian translators


Only professional translators are allowed.
Use of google translate is not allowed.

Send links to your previous works. We will pick translator based on his previous work.
A translator can only be assigned with one language translation.
Account level must be Jr. Member or higher.


40 stakes per completed ANN
1 stake/post in your translated ANN
80 stakes per completed Whitepaper translation
100 Stakes per website translation

Translate Spreadsheet

Language Translator ANN Thread Whitepaper
Chinese Energy_girl
Indonesian dihari
Vietnamese Watanabe1505
Filipino elegant_joylin
Italian cryptotum88
Turkish Cean
Romanian majestymage
Polish dwminer1


Twitter campaign -10%

Twitter Sign Up Form

Twitter Spreadsheet


–  Have a minimum of 300 followers
–  Share Cryptf content at least once a week

Every member can prepare a post with their own content and link to CryptF website.

Weekly stakes for the participants:

Followers – stakes
300-500 = 1 stake
500-800 = 2 stakes
800-1200 = 3 stakes
1200–2000 = 4 stakes
2000- 5000 = 5 stakes
5000–10000 = 6 stakes
10000+ = 7 stakes


Facebook Bounty Campaign – 10%

Facebook Sign Up Form

Facebook Spreadsheet


– Follow and like the CryptF Facebook page
– Facebook account must have at least 200 friends.
– Minimum Jr. Members account levels.
– Write at least 3 posts a week about CryptF using the tag #cryptf
– List your posts and reposts in the bounty campaign thread every week.

Bounty stakes for facebook:

7 stakes per week for people who follow the instructions.


Blog / Media Campaign – 30%

Blog / Media Campaing Sign Up Form

Blog / Media Spreadsheet

Create an article, video, publication or review of the CryptF project.


– Articles must be longer than 2500 characters. Articles below 2500 characters will not be accepted.
– Videos must be at least 1:00 minute long. Videos under 1:00 minute will not be accepted.
– Articles must have 2 links to the official project website and a link to the whitepaper.
– In the description of a video, you must have one link to the official website, one link to the white paper.

We will review each creative piece and reward 10, 20, or 30 stakes depending on the views of the video and the overall quality of the blog/video.


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