What is CryptF coins ???

CryptF cryptocoins are blockchain based collective investment products. Coins are traded on a crypto-exchanges like any other cryptocoin and are available for anyone to purchase.

What makes CryptF coins different is the fact that they are backed by blue-chip stocks and bonds. Coin price is hard-wired to the current market value of the linked securities.

What commissions does CryptF charge???

Actual commissions depend on multiple factors and are recalculated daily but capped to 1.95% pa.


Everyday advances in blockchain technology and new national regulations may shift the market favourites overnight. The right direction is to diversify you crypto portfolio in various financial tools to minimize the risk exposure and increase the long term gain. We are putting our effort into creating a product that would bring stability to your crypto holdings rooting them in the real world economy.

Concept CryptF

We are creating an opportunity for every cryptocurrency holder to invest in the stocks of leading companies and bonds of developing countries. CryptF cryptocoins are blockchain based collective investment products/instruments. Coins will be tradeable on a crypto exchanges like any other crypto coin and are available for anyone to purchase.

What makes CryptF coins unique is the reliable backing by blue-chip stocks and bonds. Coin price is hard-wired to the current market value of the linked securities. CryptF coin enables you to invest into a segment of a market, represented by a fixed set of derivatives a coin is linked to. The investment portfolio is managed by CryptF making the whole experience completely hassle-free for coin holders.

Benefits CryptF

-Ability to participate in the global financial markets straight from your cryptowallet.
-Coin price is kept reliably tracked to corresponding shares or bonds index.
-Transparent portfolio.
-Low operational costs for investors.
-High liquidity of the coins. CryptF guarantees unconditional coin buyback from investors either directly or on crypto exchange.

Risks CryptF

Our cryptocoins are hard-wired to the prices of the corresponding indexes and stocks, therefore, coin prices will correlate with them. While prices can go down in the short term, general consensus among investors is steady long term growth.

The average yield of the American stock market is around 6–7% annually. The compound growth effect can be expected to double your capital in 11–12 years. If you buy CFIT coin you would invest in the most reliable companies in this segment. This includes Apple stock.

Security CryptF

CryptF coins are created via physical replication: all securities that are linked to a coin are purchased by CryptF. We plan to regularly undertake audits and issue broker verified reports to provide maximum transparency of CryptF securities accounts.

Dividends CryptF

All gains in dividends will be reinvested into more shares therefore value of the coins will be slightly higher than the associated index value.

The cryptf token is called CRFT TOKEN. It is based on blockchain – based smart contracts in ethereum. Tokens will only be issued during the ICO period and each buyer needs to use an ERC-20 compatible wallet. Tokens do not expire giving holders of tokens an opportunity to take part in quarterly revenue distributions. Earnings per token must be transferred to ETH using a CRFT smart contract and once ICO is completed, tokens can be traded on crypto exchanges. Unsold token must be discarded.
Token CRFT Name Total Issue Volume 90.000.000 token is the total volume issue
Soft Cap Rp 150.000 (ETH 500), the minimum required for the project to proceed.

CryptF has ICO programs done with the aim of increasing the number of available cryptocoins directly translated into revenue growth. Funds financed should be used to create infrastructure, develop our products, organize crypto exchange trading, and support coin liquidity.

We emit CPTF tokens. Tokens do not expire and allow owners to take part in the quarterly earnings distribution. Earnings per token are to be transferred to ETH using CPTF smart-contracts.
Once the ICO is over, tokens can be traded on crypto-exchanges. Unsold tokens are to be disposed of.
Token Name

Total Issue Volume
90,000,000 tokens is the total issue volume

Soft Cap
USD 150,000 (ETH 500), Minimum amount required for the project to proceed

Initial price of the token is 1 token = 0.001 ETH


70% of tokens are available for sale during ICO, 21% is the company reserve, 9% is the team pool
In addition to ICO, CryptF also preempts the Pre-ICO program, as for the schedule as follows:
• December 13, 2017, 1 pm UTC – December 26, 2017, 13:00 UTC
Offer size is limited to 15,000,000 (15 million) CRFT
ICO Round 1
• January 4, 2018, 1 pm UTC – January 24, 2018, 13:00 UTC
Offer size limited to 30,000,000 (30 million) CRFT
Round of ICO 2
• February 8, 2018, 1 pm UTC – February 21, 2018, 13:00 UTC
Offer size is limited to 6,000,000 (6 million) CRFT
Round of ICO 3
• March 1, 2018, 1 pm UTC – March 14, 2018, 13:00 UTC
Offer size limited to 12,000,000 (12 million) CRFT

This is a well-planned program attractive to investors so join us today. For more information about CryptF and to connect with other participants all over the world, please click on any of the provided links below.


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