CryptF: Cryptocurrency supported by Shares and Bonds for Investors


The existence of crypto-economy is still in a state of development with assets valued at about 150 billion dollars. The relatively low circulation leads to prone to price manipulation and the presence of fluctuating values.

CrytpF creates the first cryptocurrency supported by stocks and bonds. CryptF presents an opportunity for all social classes to participate in global financial markets, through the limitations of geographic trade, the need for bank accounts, and costly third parties.


CryptF is very interested in investing in leading stocks of companies and leading bonds in developing countries. CryptF cryptocoins are an investment product / collective instrument based on blockchain. Coins will be traded on crypto exchanges like other crypto coins and are available for anyone to buy. What makes CryptF coins unique is the reliable support of blue-chip stocks and bonds. The price of the coin is programmed with the market value of the related securities. CryptF coins allow you to invest into a market segment, which is shown by a set of fixed-coin derivatives associated with it. The investment portfolio is managed by CryptF so the whole experience is completely hassle free for coin holders.

The benefits of CryptF

  1. the ability to participate in global financial markets directly from your kriptowallet.
  2. The price of the coins is well stored, and traced to the appropriate stock or index of transactions.
  3. Transparent.
  4. Operational costs for investors.
  5. The high liquidity of the coin. CryptF guarantees an unconditional buyback of coins from investors either directly or on the crypto

Benefits of CrypTF
*Ability to participate in the global financial markets straight from your cryptowallet.
*Coin price is kept reliably tracked to corresponding shares or bonds index.
*Transparent portfolio.
*Low operational costs for investors.
*High liquidity of the coins. CryptF guarantees unconditional coin buyback from investors either directly or on crypto exchange.

Modern Way To Diversify
CryptF presents a set of cryptocoins backed by blue-chip stocks and bonds. Each coin is hard-wired to specified securities and is guaranteed to cost the same. Buying and selling CryptF coins is the most simple and affordable alternative to trading on a traditional stock exchange.

Details of CFIT token
CFIT is a combination of five best-performing technology companies in the US market, with market capitalization, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet. The company’s market capitalization is around 2.4 trillion dollars in mid-2017 evaluation and growth.

Details of CFBND token
CFBND consists of bonds of more than 15 developing countries. It is a liquid sovereign debt with high yield potential. They include many different currencies, and have a duration of maturity. The share of each country will not exceed 10%.

Details of the CFGM mark
CFGM is a combination of five internationally evolving game publishers

We emit CPTF tokens. Tokens do not expire and allow owners to take part in the quarterly earnings distribution. Earnings per token are to be transferred to ETH using CPTF smart-contracts.
Once the ICO is over, tokens can be traded on crypto-exchanges. Unsold tokens are to be disposed of.

Token Name
Total Issue Volume
90,000,000 tokens is the total issue volume
Soft Cap
USD 150,000 (ETH 500), Minimum amount required for the project to proceed
Initial price of the token is 1 token = 0.001 ETH

Token Distribution
70% of tokens are available for sale during ICO, 21% is the company reserve, 9% is the team pool



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