CRYPTF- The new cryptocoins device, which was first supported by stocks and bonds.

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Back again with me, this time I will discuss Cryptf

In the present time where technology is increasingly dominating the world, the more advanced and sophisticated. It also happens to the world of crypto currency. Looking at it certainly we need a sophisticated and advanced device. On this occasion we will introduce a new device, where the device is tied to shares in crypto and blockchain-based worlds.

This device is called CryptF. CryptF is a new cryptocoins device, which was first supported by stocks and bonds. This device presents an opportunity for all social classes to be able to participate in global financial markets. Through the limitations of geographic trade,the need for bank accounts, and expensive.
The relatively low crypto circulation causes sensitivity to price manipulation and subsequent volatility. This presents a very rapid opportunity. The growth of wealth increases the risk of substantial financial loss. Currently, there are only a few devices that can reduce that risk.
By looking at the problem, CryptF is probably the solution needed to solve the problem. In this case CryptF creates an opportunity for any holders of cryptocurrency to invest in the shares of leading companies and bonds of developing countries.

About Token.

We are emitting CRFT tokens. Tokens do not expire and allow owners to take part in quarterly revenue distributions. Earnings per token must be transferred to ETH using a CRFT smart contract.

Once ICO is completed, tokens can be traded on crypto exchanges. Unsold token must be discarded.

Token CRFT Name Total Issue Volume 90.000.000 token is the total volume issue
Soft Cap Rp 150.000 (ETH 500) The minimum required for the project to proceed.

Participate In ICO For Smart Investors
 We create easy-to-understand products that enable you to invest crypto into a reliable and profitable financial instrument.

You will be able to invest cryptocurrency by buying one of three CryptF coins. Additional  Cryptocoins will give you access to new shares and bonds as we expand.

Increased investment across ICO will accelerate the launch of the project while providing            the strategic marketing necessary for rapid coin growth. Increasing the number of coins
      will instantly translate into revenue growth
      Funds financed should be used to create infrastructure, product development,
      crypto exchange trading organizations, and support for coin liquidity.
 40% of the company’s profits will be distributed proportionally between the token holder every three months.
    The Company’s revenue consists of commission-based income from the purchase / sale transaction      of coins and commissions for coin and support services.
Details of CFIT token
 CFIT is a combination of five best-performing technology companies in the US market, with market capitalization, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet. The company’s market capitalization is around 2.4 trillion dollars in mid-2017 evaluation and growth
Details of the CFGM mark
CFGM is a combination of five internationally evolving game publishers
Details of CFBND token
CFBND consists of bonds of more than 15 developing countries. It is a liquid sovereign debt with high yield potential. They include many different currencies, and have a duration of maturity. The share of each country will not exceed 10%.

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