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CrytpF is creating new set of cryptocoins, the first ever to be backed by stocks and bonds. We present an opportunity for all social classes to participate in the global financial markets. Bypassing geographical trading limitations, the need for a bank account, and expensive middle-men.
What makes CryptF coins different is the fact that they are supported by blue-chip stocks and bonds. The price of the coin is programmed with the current market value of the securities.
Everyday advances in blockchain technology and new national regulations may shift the market favourites overnight. The right direction is to diversify you crypto portfolio in various financial tools to minimize the risk exposure and increase the long term gain. We are putting our effort into creating a product that would bring stability to your crypto holdings rooting them in the real world economy.

The CryptF Concept

We create opportunities for each crypto holders to invest in leading companies and bonds in developing countries. CryptF cryptocoins are a blockchain based investment / instrument collective product. Coins will be traded on crypto exchanges like other crypto coins and are available for anyone to buy.
What makes CryptF coins unique is the reliable support of blue-chip stocks and bonds. The price of the coin is programmed with the current market value of the securities. CryptF coins allow you to invest into a market segment, which is shown by a set of fixed-coin derivatives associated with it. The investment portfolio is managed by CryptF so the whole experience is completely hassle free for coin holders.

Benefit of using CrytpF

– Operating costs are low for investors
– Coin prices are maintained reliably tracked on the appropriate stock index or bond.
– Participants can participate in global financial markets directly from your cryptowallet.
– Portfolio is transparent
– Cryptf coin has high liquidity.
– Cryptf guarantees repurchase of unconditional coins from investors either directly or on crypto exchange.
CPTF token
Token CPTF is created on a smart contract based in Ethereum blockchain. Tokens will be emitted only during the ICO period.
Every token buyer needs to use an ERC-20 compatible wallet. To buy CPTF tokens the buyer will need to transfer a supported cryptocurrency to the smart contract address. Smart-contract transfers CPTF tokens back to the buyer’s address. Any payments that would happen before or after ICO will be reversed and returned without any CPTF token being emitted.
Our token CPTF will participate in the companies’ profit redistribution and can be a future source of passive income. We believe that value of this token will grow over the time with positive correlation to the number of emitted cryptocoins.
It is based on Ethereum blockchain which is currently a standard blockchain protocol for the most leading ICOs.
CryptF Coins Advantages
ICO Stages
CPTF token sale is happening in 4 stages: Pre-ICO, ICO 1st round, ICO 2nd round and the final ICO 3rd round. Token volume is strictly limited to maintain a healthy revenue for each token holder and ensure CPTF tokens remain valuable on the crypto-exchanges.
Please note that anytime either prior to the pre-ICO starts or between the investment rounds you may reserve a desired number of tokens using the “Reserve Tokens” function in your account on the website.
Token reservation is awarded an extra 5% bonus!
ICO Process
Pre-ICO starts on the 13th of December. Funds can be transferred in BTC, BCC (Bitcoin Cash) or ETH. Addresses for the transactions will be published on this website. If you are using a non-ETH cryptocurrency it is necessary to create an account to authorize an address for the transaction and an Ethereum address to receive the CPTF tokens. It is not necessary for purchases to be made with Ethereum, as CPTF tokens will automatically be transferred to the Ethereum payee address.
  • February The initial idea, brainstorming, research.
  • March – April First prototype. Hopefully further research and work out the implementation details.
  • June Working on the website begins. Marketing plan. IC Plans technical plan July Plaform. Platform development begins.
  • August – September Expansion teams (developers, designers, marketing). Bounty program Personal website launch.
  • October – November public launch ICO Announcement Development of the ongoing platform.
  • December Pre-ICO.
  • January ICO Round 1.
  • February ICO Round 2.
  • March ICO Round 3. Merging laws. Floating CryptF token trading account (CRFT) on crypto exchange. Private beta of the coin trading platform.
  • April CFIT launch aircraft carrier. Start trading coins on websites and crypto exchanges. Hopefully Launch CFBND and CFGM coins.
  • June Financial Report. Distribution of earnings for Q1 2018 between holders of tokens.
  • July Analysis and launch of new coins, supported by stocks and bonds performing well. August Smart Shares Coin (SSC) launch (concept phase in September – October 2017). Bonus program for coin holders.
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